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"Welcome" sign to Liminal Forest

The Liminal Forest, also known as Nostalgic Park and Happy Land, is a Backrooms theme park on the threshold of human consciousness. It is a place, but not a space. Located between here and there, it is open between yesterday and tomorrow. The park supersedes time and space. Admission is always FREE.

This park uses a pay-as-you-go system. Riding rides, purchasing food and beverages, or participating in one of the many Midway-style games and attractions costs visitors one (1) ticket each. A single ticket sells for one visitor memory and is purchased in strips of ten. (These memories are chosen at the discretion of park management and all transactions are final.) Tickets can also be earned or won in a number of ways.

Liminal Forest will ALWAYS be about the tickets!

The level exists in foggy, eternal night and the theme park is a welcome beacon of fun and excitement in the heart of an endless and forlorn forest. Visitors seem to enter Liminal Forest alone, at first. As they explore, other tourists wink in and out of peripheral vision, almost there, but not quite. Muted carnival sounds, voices, and music float through the air without direction or purpose. The helpful staff at Liminal Forest appears to be comprised of persons, living and dead, recalled from the visitor's past. All visitors are reminded that appearances can be deceiving, and the management of the park makes no claims about the identity of the staff.

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Featured Rides and Attractions:

T-minus 10
"Launching Loo" is the wildest thrill ride in Liminal Forest. Because no markings reveal its secret, the true nature of this adventure is hidden until liftoff. Nicknamed "Thunderbox," this blue porta-potty begins its "countdown" whenever the door is locked from the inside. Ten seconds later, it's up, up, and away! Taking this unexpected ride earns the visitor a one-time payoff of ten (10) tickets.


T-minus 10

Sky Coaster
Our popular roller coaster has no need for rails. Visitors are securely restrained in cars that soar high into the air and perform the wildest of maneuvers. Steep drops, sharp turns, and multiple inversions are all absolutely necessary for the visitor to avoid being eaten by the hungry Air Sharks that swim through the ominous skies above the park. Surviving this thrilling ride earns the visitor eight (8) tickets. No limit.

Home Sweet Home
This is a dark "fun house" ride where visitors travel in guided vehicles along a path determined by their past and possible future, through an array of illuminated scenes which may include painful memories, animation, and recorded dialogue, as well as other special effects. Completing this ride earns the visitor two (2) tickets. No limit.


Memory Chamber

Memory Chamber
This is where you trade in your tickets for fabulous memories!

A memory here transcends the actual experience. You can "pause" and "rewind" each memory to your heart's content. Savor all five senses of the "experience," over and over, for as long as you would like. "Revisit" loved ones and sentimental locations. Relive your victories and "Glory Days." For enough tickets, custom "recollections," made to your specifications, can be created just for you.

The memory is yours to enjoy until you discard it or leave the Memory Chamber. There is no limit.

Ride ALL the rides for the best Liminal Forest experience!


The food stands at Liminal Forest serve a delicious variety of treats and beverages identical to those found in the Frontrooms. They offer snack items like cotton candy, pretzels, funnel cake, and french fries. Meal items include pizza and hot dogs. Beverage choices consists of "cola" and flavored sparkling "waters." No limit.

Try ALL the food for the best Liminal Forest experience!

Featured Games:

Spin the wheel
The wheel is divided into equal segments separated by pins. These segments are associated with a number of tickets won. The wheel is spun by park staff and the winning segment is indicated by a pointer. Some segments win no tickets. Most break even by winning a single ticket. Fewer segments win five, ten, or twenty tickets. Two spots on the wheel win fifty tickets. No limit.

This is the ULTIMATE arcade attraction that can't be found anywhere else in the Backrooms! If the park staff is unable to accurately guess your weight, you win an immediate exit to the Frontrooms location of your choice. One play per visit.

Play ALL the games for the best Liminal Forest experience!

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

There are no Bases, Outposts, and Communities on this level.

Entrances and Exits


Touching a distorting fun house mirror on Level 365 when you hear ambient carnival music can no-clip you here.

Any photo, painting, or conversation about carnivals or amusement parks can trigger a no-clip to this level. The effect is not as random as you think.

Ennui or despair can help them find and no-clip you here.


Beating GUESS YOUR WEIGHT wins an exit to the Frontrooms?

Being devoured by an Air Shark sends you to the level of your choice. The effect is random.

Cheating at games or disruptive behavior will send you to Level 148.

When you tire of Liminal Forest, simply speak to any of our friendly staff and they will no-clip you to a safe level.

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