Level 330
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Class P

  • Unsecure
  • Hazardous Transformation

A photo of one of the entryways to Level 330, located in Level 57.

Level 330 is the 331st Level of the Backrooms. Visually, it takes the form of an animated child's painting.


The level itself takes on a unique effect that makes the surrounding area look as if it was hand-painted, and as if 2D objects are standees within a 3D space, which also affects entities that one may come across while traversing this level. However, the wanderer will see their own body and other wanderers' bodies as normal. Wanderers are only able to view the world around them to a certain distance, as the colour fades out into a blank canvas past a certain point. Due to this, it is impossible to theorise or measure the scale of this level.

The longer one stays within the level, the chances of them finding a way out will increase. However, it is recommended one searches for an exit at all times. While the level is relatively safe, containing only Facelings and Wretches, wanderers are advised not to stay for longer than two hours. The longer they stay, the more they risk irreversibly transforming through a process known as the 'Inking Process'.

Inking Process Transformation Phases

Phase Hours Passed Effect
Phase One One Hour Wanderer begins to leave footprints made out of paint behind them, usually the colour of the underside of their shoe.
Phase Two Two Hours Wanderer will begin to take on the visual effect of the level, with their body being stylised by brush strokes.
Phase Three Three Hours Skin and clothes of wanderer will begin to drip paint. Escape is impossible at this point, as attempting to exit or no-clip will result in the wanderer's body splattering into paint on the surface they were attempting to no-clip through, killing them.
Phase Four Four Hours Wanderer will become locked in place, unable to move along the 3D plane. The wanderer can still move the rest of their body in the 2D plane in this phase, however their body will begin to undergo drastic changes, rapidly morphing into a stylised version of themselves. How a wanderer looks will depend on their own artistic ability, and whether they continue to live past this point.
Phase Five Five Hours The body of the wanderer will become permanently frozen in place. If their artsyle is not realistic enough for internal organs to fit, the wanderer will have died by the time this process is complete, but if the wanderer's style has realistic proportions, they maintain full sentience.

Due to final stage of the inking process, wanderers consider it a kindness to die in this process, rather than be frozen in place until the end of time. The Inking Process can be reverted should the wanderer find an exit before the third hour begins, and their body will turn back to normal after a few hours.

Discovery Logs

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Due to the nature of this level, no bases or outposts have been made on this level.

Entrances And Exits


The only way to enter this level is through a painting with a moving image on the canvas, usually depicting a house on green grass, with a blue sky and yellow sun. These paintings can usually be found in any levels that have an art gallery or museum involved, such as Level 57 or Level 321. There has been reports of the painting appearing in Level 5, but this has yet to be confirmed.


Jumping into a lake can lead you to one of the following:

You will enter the new level covered in blue paint if you choose this method.

Entering any door connected to a building can lead you to one of the following:

Doors not connected to a building will lead you to a random level, including negative levels.

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