Level 33.3 - "Dusty Mall Depths"
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Class 5e - Environmental

  • Hazardous Environmental
  • Unsecure
  • Polluted

Picture of the main hall in the dark mall of Level 33.3

Level 33.3 is a sub-level of Level 33.
Level 33.3 Level 33.3 is a part of a bigger mall which has low gravity and is infested with hazardous dust.


Level 33.3 resembles an abandoned mall in Croatia. One can find shops such as "Spar" and "Mueller" but also smaller markets such as a fish market, a meat market or a supermarket. The mall overall seems to be in a good shape in contrast to the one in level 33.

This level is divided into different sections:

The first section is the main hall which contains the most shops and staircases that lead to different parts of the level. Wanderers can get to every other section from this section. Dust particles have a moderate concentration in this section. About 56% of this section’s air is filled with the dust. Gravity is very low here, giving wanderers the ability to leap through the air.

The second section encompasses the second floor, on which many smaller shops, offices and travel agencies can be found alongside access to maintenance halls and toilets. A round staircase can also be accessed on this floor. It is unknown where the staircase leads. There are rumors that the staircase is infinite. The dust content in this section is surprisingly low. It is thought that the dust only constitutes about 23% of this section’s air. The gravity is the lowest in this section. The gravity is similar to the Frontroom’s space in this section.


A picture taken of a staircase in the mall, leading to an exit.

The third section of this level is the underground floor. This floor contains a parking garage and a small market that sells electronics. This section has the highest dust concentration, with 93% of the air being composed of dust. The underground floor is so polluted that wanderers have trouble seeing in this section. It is also highly recommended to wear full body protection and have a fully functional mask. It is also recommend to carry an oxygen bottle because of the low oxygen content. Wanderers who have a mask but no oxygen bottle are only able to stay in this section for about 10 minutes before the filter on their mask is full. With a full oxygen bottle, it is suspected that common wanderers can stay about 30 minutes in this section. The gravity in this section is almost normal, making it possible to move almost unimpeded.

The fourth and final section is a small outdoors section that contains a coffee shop and small markets operated by Facelings. It is also thought that there is a roof section but this is unconfirmed and no entrance to this section has been found. There are rumors that the roof leads to Level 11.3. The dust still exists in this part of the level, though it is unknown how it stays within this section without dispersing entirely. Still, this is the least polluted section of the level due to the dust being less confined. Gravity works completely normally here, making it possible to walk normally to the coffee shops and the exit. In this section, a lack of oxygen is no problem. Even though 10% of the air is comprised of dust in this section, the air is identical to the Frontrooms.


Gravity works differently in this level for unknown reasons. Gravity is significantly reduced in this level, allowing wanderers to leap about. However, it still seems to be harder to move when compared to an environment with similarly reduced gravity. For comparison, it has been noted that moving through the air in this level is harder than swimming. The gravity also forces wanderers to keep moving, as otherwise they will turn in the air erratically which can cause headaches, dizziness, loss of breath, and, eventually, death. By contrast, entities seem to be pulled down harder by the gravity, meaning they are unable to jump. Despite this, the entities are able to move at their usual speed. The gravity depends on the section of the level, sometimes it acts normally, sometimes it acts like being in space, and sometimes it acts more unusually.

The Dust

This level has a peculiar, thick dust that hangs in the air.


Inhaling this dust can lead to internal bleeding, asphyxiation, and, in certain cases, the wanderer themselves turning into dust.

The History

It is uncertain, where these dust particles came from. However, it is rumored that a wanderer first encountered the dust in a shop called “G3t y0ur ph0n3 h3r3” which sells mobile devices. Upon purchasing a phone from the shop, the wanderer opened the phone and dust spilled forth endlessly, killing the wander. After this, the level’s dust content steadily rose, with the lower sections being the first to be claimed by the oppressive dust. Unfortunately, these rumors have not been confirmed by the M.E.G. and investigations into the alleged source of this dust have been deemed too dangerous.


To stay in this level for any prolonged period of time, one needs a special filter (in the form of a mask). The M.E.G. Department of Engineering created these masks to make exploration possible. However, these masks are still in their developmental stage and are only prototypes, meaning they only offer so much safety. If operatives are planning an exploration mission, they have to request these masks from the Department of Engineering Headquarters.

Acts on Entities

Entities seem to be slightly affected by the dust too. A M.E.G. coroner noticed that a Skin-Stealer collapsed after 200 hours within the level. After an autopsy, the coroner found out that the entity was filled with dust, making it unable to move. However, despite the dust and the autopsy, the entity still showed signs of life and was brought back to the level. After being in Level 33.3 for 48 hours, the skin-stealer stood back up and walked away, acting as it normally would.

Research/Attemps to heal

The M.E.G. Department of Physical Health formed a team to research ways to cure the dust’s symptoms. A corpse was recovered and examined by Supervisory Researcher Phil A. who examind the corpse. Upon reaching the lungs, he attempted to remove the dust entirely. However, he found that the dust was exceptionally hard to remove. Eventually, the dust was able to be removed with a pressure of 2 bars. After its removal, the dust was able to fly through the air again normally. Additionally, tests were conducted after this and found these results:

- The dust is only hard to remove from organic matter. On inorganic material, such as metal or stone, the dust is as easy to remove as normal dust.

- The dust spreads like bacteria, with each particle splitting in a matter of milliseconds. A particularly cold or hot environment seems to slow this effect, while at room temperature this effect is the most potent.

- The dust cannot be destroyed by any conventional methods. Attempts to freeze it failed and burning it only made it more dangerous, as it absorbed the heat and glowed like metal.

- The dust seems to have a “planned” route through the body. It first spreads through the lungs, then through the blood to the heart, and finally, it travels from the heart to the brain. After the brain is completely turned to dust, the wanderers' whole body begins to turn to dust.


The only entity that can be commonly seen are Facelings, which operate the mall’s many shops. They do not seem to be affected by the dust or the lack of gravity. Skin-stealers can also rarely be seen within the level. It is suspected that there are more entities in this level.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Because of its dangerous environment, there are no known groups in this level.


A picture of the hallway in the back of the mall.

Entrances And Exits


  • If a wanderer enters a darker area in Level 33, they will end up in this level.
  • If a wanderer is monophobic in Level 666, they have a chance to enter this level.


  • If one finds a long hallway in the back of the mall, there is a chance to be brought to Level 3.
  • Finding a door with “MALL MANAGEMENT” on it will lead one to Level 4.
  • Finding a door with “SECURITY” on it will lead one to Level 81.
  • Finding and entering a door with a long ramp to its left will lead one to Level 1.
  • If one finds a door with an exit sign above it, they will be sent to Level 11.3 upon entrance.
  • If one finds a staircase and follows it they will end up in Level 5.
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