Level 327 - "Joint Operation"
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Class 2

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Level 327 is the 328th level of The Backrooms. This level manifests itself as the second floor of a two-story house, with rooms that contain mostly beds, connected by hallways lit by morning light. The exact depth and size of which is still unknown. This level was discovered by a team dispatched by the M.E.G, and is currently inhabited by M.E.G personnel as of 10/22/2022.



First ever reported picture of this level, taken on 28/08/2015 from an anonymous wanderer.

Level 327 takes the form of a contemporary home's second floor, containing multiple unending narrow hallways with rooms adjacent on each side. Additionally, stairways can also be found that may lead to different sections of the level with bright windows and wider hallways.

The design of the interior remains identical, maintaining consistency throughout the continuation of the level. The walls of both the rooms and hallways are made of cement and painted a shade of faded white that extends to the ceiling. In the hallways, the faded walls have a singular line of quartz running through them horizontally as part of their design. The floor is lined with standard-sized white ceramic tiles that reflect the natural light that penetrates through the walls.

The walls are made of solid concrete, but light from the exterior is able to permeate through them, giving them a distinct glow.

The ceiling has light fixtures, but it is undetermined whether they are functional, as there are no light switches to be found. It is also possible to encounter several security cameras attached to the ceiling in some of the hallways; majority of those encountered by wanderers appear to be deactivated.

Majority of the information from the brief synopsis above was provided by a group of wanderers who managed to have escaped the level. Due to the scarce information the database had on this level, the organization acted accordingly and decided to establish its existence. According to the group of wanderer's testimony, several of their companions had gone missing within the level.

After some deliberation, a compass point operative was assigned to lead a team of selected M.E.G. personnel to properly document and confirm the level’s existence. Encrypted here are the data entries of the team assigned to locate and secure the said level.

ADDENDUM I : August 28, 2019

Special operation #1530 has been deemed successful in accomplishing its objectives. Although the entry points are unstable, the exit point is in a fixed position. An efficient entry and exit system has now been developed. Due to the absence of entities, and according to the accounts of the members of this special operation, the site is deemed eligible for phase II.

Under the authority of the Council of Overseers, this operation is now terminated.

-2nd Lieutenant Marco Pomerantz, Head Operative, Frontline Explorer Division, MEG Operative Corps.

ADDENDUM II : September 1, 2019

The promotion of 2nd lieutenant Marco Pomerantz, Compass Point operative of the M.E.G. Operative Corps to 1st lieutenant has been granted effective immediately.

-The Council of Overseers


There is no presence of entities on Level 327, but it remained unsafe due to the lack of consumable resources required for sustaining basic physiological needs, which are essential for survivability. Food, water and Almond Water are absent in this level, which results to a majority of unconfirmed casualties of wanderers in this level to be due to starvation or terminal dehydration.

The exact estimate of people that have died in this level is unconfirmed as no bodies have been discovered. Several personal affects of individuals were found within the rooms, some of them covered in blood.

Additional Information:


"More mugs."


"Hey Kim, dragons are a good omen, right?"

There are some anomalies that exist within this level, most notably its deafening silent ambience. The time of day does not change. The level does not have a day/night cycle and is stuck at approximately somewhere between 06:30 to 08:00 AM. Despite the thickness of the cement walls light is able to penetrate through them providing every room and hallway this early morning brightness. Occasionally, a light breeze of air may be felt passing through the same thick cement walls where ventilation is impossible. The breeze only occurs in the hallways, so it is unlikely to come from the windows from some of the rooms. The level is lacking of other integral aspects, such as sound. It is mostly eerily quiet, with the only sounds being made from the footsteps of other wanderers, and the occasional gust of the sea breeze. The exact cause for this is unknown.

Additionally, light filters in through some of the windows that can be found in some of the rooms. The exterior of these windows are visible; it could be described as being positioned on the second floor of a house in a normal neighborhood that cannot be interacted with, as the ground at the bottom is unstable.

According to the recovered data logs, two operatives fell out the window. It was later discovered that upon doing so will send any object or living entity back into a random room on Level 327. In this instance, the operative noclipped midair, entering a room through the ceiling, causing him to experience the force of gravity, leaving the operative to have sustained mild injuries. It is advised to be careful around rooms with these windows.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

M.E.G Outpost: "Breakfast Club"

  • This outpost consist of a 20 M.E.G. personnel currently stationed, all of them from different divisions. The expedition into Level 327 was classified as a joint-special operation. This is done after Compass Point Operatives discover levels that are safe and habitable, or have potential to become so.
  • The operatives registered their outpost as "breakfast club" because of every meal taken in this level is consumed in the presence of perpetual rays of light.
  • The outpost is located in the 25th sector of level, which can be accessed by following the trails of green tape, which indicate safe routes to get there.
  • A supply depot that connects other outposts.
  • Friendly to wanderers and other allied groups.
  • Frequently visited by M.E.G. operatives passing through.
  • Trades exclusively with M.E.G. operatives and non-affiliated wanderers.

Entrances and Exits

The entrances are difficult to find, but they may be found by crawling under beds that have light radiating from underneath them. Level 162 is the most common route, although it is frequently used by M.E.G. personnel. Although prior to the joint-special operation, there have also been some reports of the entrances showing up in level 64.

Leaving level 327 has proven to be difficult, as the exit points tend to shift every few hours. Although it is still possible to encounter a shifting exit point, one would need to leave the same way they entered the level, which is by crawling underneath a bed.

The only fixed exit point has been discovered and is currently controlled by M.E.G., its location is far from the outpost, thus escort runs led by the breakfast club are a common occurrence.

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