Level 322

~ Level 322 - Unrecognized Landscape ~

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Class 4E - Environmental

  • Unsafe
  • Unsecure
  • Moderate Non-Entity Hazards

~ Description ~


A direct picture of a wall on Level 322.

Level 322 consists of an unknown amount of segmented rooms and hallways, which share a few similarities to Level 0. The two levels are similar in layout, with Level 322 being non-linear space.1 Like Level 0, Level 322 is entirely devoid of objects within its rooms and hallways. However, the two levels contain noticeable differences. One example would be that Level 322 consists of numerous different colours within the walls and ceilings, along with the hallways being much longer. The average length of a hallway on this level is 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) in length. The floor on Level 322 seems to be made out of marble, but it is always a jet-black colour.

The walls on Level 322 are 13.5 meters (44.3 feet) in height. Closer examination by the M.E.G. has revealed that the walls are comprised of steel frameworks. These frameworks support thousands of smaller, random, 3D geometric solids that vary in volume. The shapes themselves are made entirely of LED lights that change colours every half-second, with each of the shapes being a random colour. The reason and source for this consistent colour change remain unknown. The framework also has an integrated stepping motor which makes the shapes move forwards, backwards, or sideways at random intervals. These shapes will create a pattern of 3D pixels with hundreds of colours. This will create a "Datamosh" effect where the shapes form various visual artifacts. These same mechanisms can also be observed in the ceilings of this level. The origins of these contraptions remain entirely unknown.

~ Addendum ~

Level 322 is entirely devoid of entities. However, that does not mean that this level is completely safe. The previously mentioned walls are able to shift into unrecognizable patterns, along with flashing colours, which can cause seizures. If a wanderer stays in Level 322 for a long enough time, they will start to display erratic behaviors, along with slurred speech and low intelligence. This condition has been named the Mosh Infection (M.I.). This process for the infection is not fully understood, but the symptoms are as follows:

3-5 Hours after entry:

Three to five hours after entry into Level 322, the affected person(s) will start to feel disoriented. They start to feel confused about who they are, as well as displaying lower intelligence. They also start to display a slight change in personality and mood. For example, if the affected person(s) were in a happy, upbeat mood, they will start to be in a saddened or aggressive mood.

5-12 Hours after entry:

Five to twelve hours after entry, the affected person(s) will start to have noticeably slurred speech. They will have a poor pronunciation of words, as well as mumbled speech. At this point, they will have experienced a major change in personality.

12-36 Hours after entry:

After 12 to 36 hours, the wanderer(s) will have major headaches. They will have developed pale skin, as well as possible fainting. They will also have developed major cognitive impairment at this point.

36+ Hours after entry:

36 or more hours after entry into Level 322, the affected person(s) will have a possibility of developing seizures from the changing colours of the walls. They will also have displayed noticeably erratic behaviors and movements. They will now have the Mosh Infection.

Medical Advice for Mosh Infection (M.I.)

  • Individual wanderers cannot transmit the infection to other wanderers.
  • If you are sensitive to flashing colours or rapidly moving objects, do not enter Level 322.
  • Try looking at the ground if you end up on this level.
  • If you have any type of face covering, try covering your eyes with them if you see moving shapes and flashing colours.
  • Try closing your eyes as much as possible on Level 322.

As of 06/24/2019, with the combined efforts of numerous M.E.G. operatives, The Veroka Farmers2, and the B.N.T.G., a liquid concoction made out of Almond Water, 1/2 of a Royal Ration, Veroka Juice, and molten Greasy Marshmallows was found to be an extremely effective cure against the Mosh Infection. This liquid can be found in bottles inside vending machines on Level 0, Level 1, Level 4, Level 6.1, Level 11, Level 36, and Level 109. This concoction has been designated MEG-OOI-00223 for the time being.

~ Level 322 Logs ~

~ Bases, Outposts, and Communities ~

It is impossible to establish any bases, outposts, or communities on Level 322 due to the harsh conditions.

~ Entrances And Exits ~


  • Level 322 can be entered by no-clipping through the floor in front of a green water cooler on Level 4.
  • This is unconfirmed, but touching a medium-sized cube on Level 12 that seems to show coloured static can teleport you here.


  • Fainting on this level can teleport you to Level 109.
  • Touching any shape that is any shade of green on this level can transport you to either Level 0 or Level 1. Shapes will change colours, so this only works when a shape is a shade of green.

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