Level 321
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Class 4

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A Creator Studio filled with art and art supplies.

Level 321 is the 322nd level of the Backrooms. Level 321 was recently found and was first discovered by an explorer who woke up in a bed he didn't recall falling asleep in.


Level 321 is a vast level with winding hallways and many medium size rooms, often appearing to host tools in relation to animation. The place looks like an animation studio from the 1930s, with old animation equipment, storyboard desks, and posters of Fleischer era style characters.
Strangely, it also happens to be littered with Cromwell Era swords, guns, shields, and other tools of war.
It has an unknown number of floors and these floors are of probable infinite size. The walls are often scribbled on with drawings varying from anthropomorphic objects to crude pictures of animals. Walls are often tiled in colors of red, blue, yellow, and white.

Room Types:

Creator Studios

These are rooms with a drawing desk, pencils, colored pencils, brushes, paint, stone carving tools, a mirror, wood whittling tools, sewing tools, and knitting tools. Painting or drawing most things has no real result. You've just made an art piece. They're inconsequential.
However, and it must be stressed there is one case in which that is not the case. If a human attempts to draw or paint an instance of Entity 115, also known as an Artikeli, the moment they finish the drawing or finish writing any additional characteristics they want the Artikeli to have, they will spawn a new instance of the entity that will generally treat them like a parent. These will come out as children unless you write that to not be the case.


Gardens are a 20x20 room with gardening tools, seeds, water, and other gardening related stuff. Most Created Ones are found here mainly for the fact that there needs to be food grown here.


These are the most common to find and are more or less full on hotel rooms. They have two 15x8 foot bathrooms and a 10x20 foot bedroom.

Bases, Outposts and Communities


Jarlford is the densely populated capital of the Regency at a population of 100,000, surrounded by small towns and villages, and is the beating heart of Artikeli civilization. The Regency has a land area of approximately 4 million km2 (1.5 million square miles) within Level 321 (known to the Artikeli as “the lands of Art”) and the vast majority of Created Ones live here, with a population of approximately around six million of them within this vast area as a whole.

Entrances And Exits:


To enter, you can fall asleep with a sketchpad in your hand on the floor of an apartment in Level 13 and wake up in Level 321. No-clipping through a painting of a desk with art supplies in Level 57 will also lead here.


If you find a door with a picture of a bundle of grain taped to it, walking into it will lead you into Level 184. Spending the night in the same bedroom for a straight month will take you back to Level 13 on the first day of the fifth week.

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