Level 321
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Class 4

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A Creator Studio filled with art and art supplies.

Level 321 is the 322nd level of the Backrooms. Level 321 was recently found and was first discovered by an explorer who woke up in a bed he didn't recall falling asleep in.


Level 321 is a vast level with winding hallways and many medium size rooms, often appearing to host tools in relation to animation. The place looks like an animation studio from the 1930s, with old animation equipment, storyboard desks, and posters of Fleischer era style characters. It has an unknown number of floors and these floors are of probable infinite size. The walls are often scribbled on with drawings varying from anthropomorphic objects to crude pictures of animals. Walls are often tiled in colors of red, blue, yellow, and white.
If you want to stay here on a regular basis, there are a few important types of rooms that you must be aware of in order to stay safe and entities to keep an eye out for, namely the Drawn Ones, a relatively common inhabitant of this level with a cartoon like appearance that will remind many of Animations.

Room Types

Creator Studios

These are rooms with a drawing desk, pencils, colored pencils, brushes, paint, stone carving tools, a mirror, wood whittling tools, sewing tools, and knitting tools. They are very rare and the Drawn Ones tend to avoid entering this room for any reason other than to put food and water inside as offerings. If you are seen in this type of room, make sure it is while you are drawing, painting or creating some sort of art, as they tend to believe disturbing humans making art will bring them bad luck and seeing you in here not creating art will tick them off to the point of trying to remove you.


These are the most common to find. Despite the name, they are more or less full on hotel rooms. They have two 5x8 foot bathrooms and a 25x30 foot bedroom.
If you want to enter, knock first to make sure nobody is in there. If you enter unprompted, and a Drawn One is inside, they will try to fight you for the space and will go so far as to pursue you when you retreat if you came in when they had a child with them.
If you knock and they let you in, they will turn you away politely or invite you in to learn about you. If nobody is in there and you decide to reside in it, only do so for one night and post a note on the door apologizing to any potential owner.

Dancing Rooms

These are large empty ballet studios, usually called Dancing Rooms. It is not as common as bedrooms are, but more common than Creator Studios. They are usually empty and have fridges of food and almond water, as well as squirt guns filled with Cool Color Acidic Paint Compound. If you are unfortunate enough to be trapped in here while the two groups of the Drawn Ones are battling, you should try to take shelter and wait it out. The fridges have been said to also contain things such as Smiler Meat, ice cream, soda, fruit juice, coffee, canned foods and fruits and vegetables.
If used up by a Wanderer, it will be replaced a few days later with a different assortment of foods and drinks. The type of foods and drinks you may find are up to random chance. If used up by the Created Ones, they will not refill until a wanderer opens it.

The Drawn Ones

They are native to this level, but can be seen in Level 11. They have a physiology like that of the Animations of Level 94, being household or special use objects. They are described to have black lanky cartoon limbs and drawn on looking face with black dot eyes, and a mouth that has the appearance of a line when closed. Something strange to note is that when they open their mouths to speak or eat, they possess a cartoon-like teeth and a tongue. They also speak Anglish, as opposed to English.

The Holy Ones

These Drawn Ones are classified as variants of Animations and will attack humans and Created Ones on sight. They shout things that Animations will usually shout and walk around aimlessly until they have a target to attack. They're about as intelligent as a box of rocks, so hiding somewhere and waiting for them to leave would be your best bet.

The Created Ones.

Created Ones are the more civilized variant of Drawn Ones. They tend to venerate humans and will protect them as best they can, unless said human attacks them first. They have a functioning society of their own, and go out of their way to defend their communities from Holy Ones and hostile entities, such as Smilers, Skinstealers, ect.

Interview Log 01/29/2020

The following is an interview with an older Created One, in order to further understand them.

Begin Log: 09:09
Interviewer: M.E.G. Researcher Shaun DeLadias
Interviewee: 1 Created One - Nickname "Carl"

Shaun opens his notebook to a fresh sheet of paper before looking at the specimen. The specimen, named Carl, is a drawing compass with the natural characteristics of a Drawn One. Once the specimen finishes a glass of water, they look at the researcher.
Researcher Shaun: "All right, so you told me you call each other created ones. Is that correct?"
Carl: "Some of us do. Its more tangled than that."
Researcher Shaun: "Could you explain it in further detail?"
Carl: "If you wish and you're interested that long tale. You know about the creatures you refer to as "animations", but you don't know much else about them. A long long time ago, The King used to use us instead of the animations to kill intruders into what you call Flat...er, Level 94."
Researcher Shaun: "I notice you almost called Level 94 'Flat 94'. Why was that?"
"Carl": "Our, uh, dialect is much simpler than yours. We don't have as many showy terms like yours. It keeps us able to tell who spreads lies among us. We spoke this way so that The Abominable King could keep a leash on us, but it also allows us to safeguard ourselves from his disciples. It takes many words to tell a falsehood in our speech or much time of quiet pondering to shorten it feasibly."
Researcher Shaun: "That's very interesting. So why did you stop serving Entity 33?"
"Carl": "O-over generations our forebearers' spirits grew out of his skill to lead and then at some point they were forced to flee the The King and the Animated Kingdom in order to avoid being repossessed by that pitiful menace on our people."
Researcher Shaun: "I noticed you said you used to be a soldier in our last interview. Were you forced to be a soldier?"
"Carl": "Not so, sir. Its been our duty to do so for many generations, but we do it willingly understanding it is our duty to serve for the preservation of our people and homes. Our warriors are our walls against the dangers of these realms. We raise ourselves in a manner that makes us accepting of that duty. But we are equally accepting towards men becoming blacksmiths as opposed to soldiers should they be so averse to combat or unable to fight."
Researcher Shaun: "Interesting. Last question, do you have any relation to the Artist?"
"Carl": "Not sure. I've never been told about an Artist except by you guys."
Researcher Shaun: "Forget it then. This interview is concluded."

Summary: The specimen has said some very interesting things and has given us insight into their society's origin and it seems they are familiar with Entity 33, and if what they say is true, then they may have knowledge we could make use of for future investigations.
End Log: 09:12

Colonies and Outposts

The Commune of Art

The Commune of Art is a settlement of around 50 humans. They are generally open to trade food for art you made or have found.

The Undying Confederacy

The Undying Confederacy is the name of the semi-feudal legal realm in which the vast majority of Created Ones reside. It is not a true kingdom like the Penumbras maintain, but is a functioning state, being a vast series of loosely connected settlements and communities rumored to number in the thousands, with each of them having up to 200 in population and are on average about a few days walk from one another. The Central Capital is kept secret from all but the more important officials and the Sons of the Brush.

The Sons of The Brush

The Sons of the Brush are a religious association of Created Ones who legislate matters of faith and morality in a similar fashion to a government associated religious organization, thus they have large amounts of influence in the Undying Confederacy's policies and the culture of the Confederacy in general. Not much else is known about them as they are generally more mistrusting and cold than most towards humans. If you encounter them, only ask them where the nearest settlement of the Undying Confederacy is and if they can take you there. They will usually oblige.

Entrances And Exits


To enter, you can fall asleep with a sketchpad in your hand on the floor of an apartment in Level 13 and wake up in Level 321. No-clipping through a painting of a desk with art supplies in Level 57 will also lead here.


If you find a door with a picture of a bundle of grain taped to it, walking into it will lead you into Level 10. Spending the night in the same bedroom for a straight month will take you back to Level 13 on the first day of the fifth week. The last way is to find a small door with a "Custodian Only" sign on it. Going through it will take you to Level 95.

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