Level 32
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Level 32 is a large amusement park about 200 meters across from edge to edge. it has only been explored by U/Therealmaplesyrup.


Level 32 is an amusement park with a size of 200 meters from edge to edge. You enter the Level outside its entrance. An InfoMan is at the entrance booth. The booth will be underneath a large archway with the words "Entertainland" in large light up letters. Entering the amusement park will be the same as entering the conservatory in Level 30. Ask about the entry fee, and enter the raffle. Food trucks will "sell" food and fried Almond Water for free. All rides will be free as you will have a strange wristband you do not remember having. This is the "free pass" wristband.

There will be carnival games that have prizes such as Deathmoth plushies, first aid kits, and even night-vision goggles. All people there other than other explorers and InfoMan will be docile Facelings.

All rides are safe, except for the roller coaster with the sign above it that says "Mr. Bones' wild ride!" with a skeleton with a top hat above it. This coaster is reportedly infinite, but it is not proven, as the ride is closed down and broken, and impossible to enter.

Colonies And Outposts

There are no known Colonies or Outpost on this level.

Entrances And Exits:

To Enter, you must find a Plushie of an Entity in Level 11, and then find a carnival, and enter it with the Plushie. To Exit, simply leave the amusement park and walk in any direction away from the entrance to go to Level 11.

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