Level 313
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“It shall be known that the calming, yet mad greenhouse is an ocean of infinite, shallowed beauty; the bouquets and the chromatic façade overshadow the darkness beneath it.”

— Unknown, 1956



Exit: 4/5
Very Difficult to Exit

Environment: 2/5
Some Environmental Risk

Entities: 2/5
Some Hostile Presence

The oldest known image taken within Level 313. The photograph was captured c. 1934, indicating the level has altered its environment over its 80+ year history.


Level 313 is entirely comprised of interconnected, linear corridors with architecture similar to that of conservatories, more precisely a greenhouse which seems to function as a location to host special events, as one may expect an abundance of furniture in Level 313. Common appliances such as chairs, tables, and pots with vegetation found in the Frontrooms, including occasional LED lights hanging on the exposed, steel rods, beneath the gable roof are found easily within this level. The flooring consists of a straight stone pathway positioned in the middle, with smaller pathways that connect with it; there is a high possibility to trip, as the surface seems to be rocky. Separation in between corridors may occur occasionally, divided by walls constructed out of glass panes or wood planks; the presence of these borders may also imply the occupancy of a nearby engine room, producing faint noises which presumably originate from these inaccessible areas.

Level 313's overall edifice is seemingly afloat amongst an empty, obscure sky; however, no such support that prevents the structure from collapsing has ever been observed. Such conditions may simply prohibit any views of the foundation; yet, on several occasions, the fog within the sky may steadily diminish. This means that if the occurrence of such abnormality does not exist, it may allow these supports to be seen. Instances of wanderers observing the pillars remain divisive; entire theses and explorations have been concocted to simply confirm the existence of these supports. In keeping with the aforementioned instances, the results heavily contradict each other. Besides, there exist various cases of wanderers witnessing a multitude of landscapes, most commonly an ocean or a desert lying underneath the structure. It is supposed to be a mere illusion, though it is theorized the phenomenon may imply a whole separate region beneath the halls of Level 313.

In this level, one will come across separate, similarly enclosed areas with an increased concentration of plants which are unlike most regions within Level 313. They are extremely infrequent, heedless of their hypothesized purpose as a public greenhouse. The presence of these areas is usually indicated by the abundance of tables and shelves brimming with flower bouquets and pots, alongside a variety of photographs and murals plastered or hung over the roof and walls. It appears these areas are flower shops―whether operational or not―as labels, welcome signs, and price tags are present within these areas, albeit they are mostly left out to be blank, having no text altogether or even blurred/pixelated by unknown means.

It should be noted the vegetation, including the totality of foods within Level 313 such as the plates on the tables containing half-eaten meals should not be consumed by any means necessary. They contain incredibly high amounts of an unknown compound that has been known to be deadly if not attended. The grey liquid, upon consumption, will immediately cause minor bodily pains and difficulties such as headaches and dizziness. However, in a matter of only a few minutes, the wanderer’s lungs will abruptly cease to function and kill them near-instantly. As of now, this enigmatic toxin has been unable to be replicated, even when using different items from the rest of the Backrooms.


The day-and-night cycle in Level 313 is arbitrary, possessing no noticeable pattern; an orange tint within the sky signifies nightfall, and an instantaneous fading of this hue denotes the sunrise. Both the weather and climate within the level never fail to be consistent throughout the year, remaining at an average temperature of 15-20 degrees C° regardless of the time of the day. Rainfall in Level 313 is an hourly phenomenon, and occasionally, storms may occur within each particular week. The substance the rain is made out of has a scent similar to liquid silence; however, it cannot be confirmed the said substance is precisely liquid silence, as no consumption of the rain has ever been attempted due to the rarity of holes that may allow one to collect them, in addition to the walls of Level 313 which are constructed out indestructible glass.

Moreover, it appears that entering Level 313 with the company of another person is virtually impossible, as all discovered exits have been attested to consistently fail when utilized with a separate group/individual. Whilst it is not known if the anomaly alters the position in which an exit is present to intentionally prevent wanderers from ever returning, or merely an attempt to retain its solitary nature; certainly, every expedition shall be individualistic. Nevertheless, it should be noted one is more hypothetically to enter Level 313 inadvertently, only occurring during specific situations such as an accidental noclip, an overwhelming compulsion/unwanted desire to enter an area which may lead to Level 313, or simply a chase involving them and an entity which ends in a hit to the wall and losing consciousness, followed by an awakening in Level 313.

Vitrum Madness

Winds blast over picturesque corridors; monotonous furniture stuck in time, for it to repeat boundlessly behind;

Outlooking the translucent walls, a limitless, deceptive view of lush terrain blankets the foggy nullity,

Shall one even glimpse slightly, with faith long gone, perhaps the mind would entwine;

Falling behind the dead silence, one fades into the beyond, the obscurity will remain until eternity.

Having an insignificant existence, far too familiar for us humans whom are a plague within the infinite beauty;

Those who succumbed remain forgotten eternally, far away from home, lost beyond the planes of existence.

No sight of death inside, pristine corridors shown upon us; yet, we sense a feeling of the bloody;

Alteration commences, recognizing dissipates; may the greenhouse glamorize in consistency.

Though alone, whilst upon an appearance of a new civilization, the greenhouse shall be awoken;

Thus, anew, the cycle continues.

Level 313's moniker: "Vitrum Madness"―a term familiarized with the level after its discovery―represents a psychological phenomenon that transpires only in Level 313. This phenomenon is dictated by probability, although the state of the person's mind may be an additional factor due to its subconscious essence. Documentation of this phenomenon is especially lacking due to its psychological nature, meaning it is only visible to one unlucky individual; it can be said it is merely a hallucination specific to one person, but its consistency in appearing within an individual's visions in Level 313 cannot be ignored. Shall one come upon this phenomenon, it is instructed to escape the area at which the phenomenon is present; it should be noted consuming almond water may not take its usual effects, and there is no certainty the substance can halt/prevent the phenomenon from occurring within the wanderer.

This psychological phenomenon often emerges as an expansive, thriving environment; the exact description of the landscape is vague as per the shortage of information due to most wanderers encountering the said phenomenon within Level 313 are considered to be deceased or missing. The environment would appear in a wanderer's vision during the point whereupon the wanderer gazes at one of the glass walls; the said environment is situated behind these walls, thus preventing the wanderer from gaining access to the landscape beyond the border. It is supposed the vision may trigger an unknown psychological breakdown or some sort; perhaps the utter extensiveness of the environment in these visions may additionally stimulate an inner phobia amongst wanderers. A likely contender of the said phobia may be megalophobia, though the inevitable psychological breakdown cannot transpire due to a mere irrational fear which only triggers a sense of paranoia, not adequate to entirely trigger a nervous breakdown.

Supporting Information

A Personal Outlook


Abstrusity―a component far too familiar within the minds of explorers―is the concept that determines the sheer complexity and ambiguous nature of the Backrooms' physical embodiment(s). It can be said that this dimension is just a collection of locations buried under memories that are much more fruitful than those that are integrated into one's sentience lie above; these are hiding what is beneath: places that never were, and never will. The reminiscences of these places are destined to be forgotten, only partially remembered when seen by the eyes. Perhaps, the abstract essence of the Backrooms originates from a lost memory so disfigured, the mind has to interfere, causing a metaphysical alteration within a space; hence, the intrinsic features of what makes a space a physical embodiment of the Backrooms, namely solitude, anguish, and liminality.

The greenhouse is amongst one of the Backrooms' physical embodiments; it is connected with other physical embodiments, either physically or emotionally linked within memories. In a physical sense, the greenhouse can be said to be connected with others: the madness of mono-yellow of the Lobby; the shadowy realm of the Concrete Halls; and the ceramic corridors and calming nature of the Poolrooms. A characteristic found among them is their remoteness, not to mention the sheer magnitude of size most may possess. Though their monumental scale is noteworthy, they are certainly merely minuscule, deserted islands. They are one of the infinite quantity of other islands that are distinctive, yet similar that are sited within an ocean of innumerable sizes―waiting for an unlucky, naive fisherman to be stranded among one of them.


These spaces provoke a subconscious fear within everyone which developed throughout childhood―it is the fear of being eternally confined inside of a space with no knowledge of anyone towards your whereabouts. Shall one encounter a transitional space in normal reality, they are finite and temporary in a physical manner; it is the memories that cause them to be eternal. While a certain memory within a single individual cannot be perpetual as they fade away when the person perishes―the inherent characteristics of the Backrooms prove otherwise. In whatever manner these spaces remain everlasting, the memories of these spaces must remain likewise; given that persons may bear memories that are correlated with one another, perhaps a space within the memory shall persist to survive for long enough, the Backrooms would state its permanency within its compounds, evolving to become one of its physical embodiments.

Without a doubt, the greenhouse qualifies as one of these "islands"; it possesses the features of all attributes of a physical embodiment: an essence of seclusion within the space and the simple, yet a facade that is the environment, which represents the cheeriness and liveliness of the space that simultaneously gives a desolated atmosphere. The first indication of the tranquility can be encountered as soon one enters the mad greenhouse―the endless background noise of rainfall and the monotonous hum of old, almost subdued machines running within warping and filling the mind. A portal leading to the outside that is uncertain, possibly much treacherous is beyond reachable to be dreamed of―the space purposefully erasing memories of the souls lucky to escape. One is compelled to be trapped within its interiors for perhaps an eternity, secluded beyond the bounds of reality.

To put it concisely, the mad greenhouse is one of the many symbols of perplexity within The Backrooms, perhaps one that is the beginning of complete abstrusity. Further explorers venturing further from this specific space shall foresee more distinctive and obscure, as the segments of the memories they are within may be fuzzier. They are not too broad, only tapping into the innermost or specific subconscious emotions and fears, whilst also having the premier characteristic of the Backrooms' physical embodiments at large. The mad greenhouse―the starting point in which the islands of the Backrooms transition from spaces of solitude to the manifestation that is nothing but nonsensical, a space that is the uttermost causer of emotional and mental terror―shall remain eternal and dormant as it is.

It is a space like any other, though it is unique in a way that is not physical, nor does the psychological trauma provokes anything to be described as "never-before-seen". It is a space that marks the beginning of something pivotal, something explorers seek within the Backrooms, something that is anything but dull halls, something that finally frees the explorer from eternal and internal sorrow. The fisherman who is secluded on the island may return home to his family, or be trapped for eternity, awaiting an opportunity that is nothing but futile; an individual―represented as the fisherman―has to decide whether he is a lost cause, or a soul devoted enough, shall time passes, escape from the damned dimension is possible.

- Prof. Sherwood D. Holmes 05/31/1997


There exists a single species/entity which is present in Level 313, though not in a quantity that may be equal to levels within the first nine levels of the Backrooms. As to not disturb the solitude of the level, these entities are rather uncommon to encounter, only appearing within specific time intervals which are inconsistent at best. It should be mentioned the discovery of the said entity transpired within recent years, as they mostly attaining a low profile, avoiding wanderers which may be within its vicinity.

The said species is that of Phyllodoce vitrum, an exotic variant of the Phyllodoce genus which exclusively exists within Level 313. Contrastive to their genus, it appears to be an amphibian, though they appear to predominantly linger inside the soil within pots that exist in the level, only surfacing to feast on the toxin-infused plants they are seemingly impervious to the said toxin. Their inconspicuous behavior is putatively caused by the sheer solitude of the level which hardly ever be disturbed; thus, there is no motive to encounter/suspect the presence of other nearby living creatures. It is estimated the total population of the species within Level 313 is around half of a thousand, although results are divisive at best, generally ranging from a population of 75-1000 that are present in the level. Even so, the number could arguably be astronomically greater than the numbers stated by the previous assessments.

Though their discreet behavior is a prominent characteristic of the species, they could potentially transition into an aggressive state if significantly harmed (i.e. throwing, cutting, and pesticides). An accident that causes them to be damaged would not trigger their aggressive state, however; they may possess adequate intelligence to comprehend the concept of mistakes, though they would attempt to intimidate one regardless. The physical appearance of the worms would not mutate when progressing into an aggressive behavior; hence, there is no certainty of telling whether they are in their usual state or not. Additionally, it is unproblematic to capture one on sight by transferring them in a container―it is suspected the entity does not have a sense of touch, as it cannot determine a surface's texture transformation.

For the duration of their state of aggression, they mainly remain tranquil, oddly staying in a motionless-esque look, often persisting to be in silence. Their state of immobility is an indication to retreat from the stationary entity as the alteration of their body would start within a few seconds following the state of tranquility. Subsequently, a sudden growth in size and mass of their physique would commence which is ensuingly followed by a pursuit of the culprit; they will remain to run down the wanderer up to the time that it conclusively captures the said offender. It should be furtherly noted that if the damage caused is minor, the growth of their body's mass would still transpire, though they would merely attempt to frighten the wanderer without capturing them.

It is an undetermined cause of what befalls the wanderer when captured by the entity as the number of survivors are inadequate to attain information concerning the species, not to mention the destitution of signs of life within Level 313 additionally culminates in a complete impracticability to find out the anatomy and how the entity catches one. A traditional method of immobilizing is to lock the victim with a gigantic mouth, lined with sharp, long teeth, howbeit worms classified under the genus of Phyllodoce does not bear a visible mouth. Suffocation may perhaps be the entity's endeavor to decimate prey, as the exterior section of their bodies is covered in scales which increases the friction to prevent any likelihood to abscond.

The exact source of the entity is unknown, though it is hypothesized a worm of an indecisive species which belonged to the Phyllodoce genus one way or another appears in Level 313, eventually adapting to the environment which causes an alteration in species, eradicating any presence of the previous species that may have populated the level. Regardless, their point of origination could possibly be the Frontrooms; yet, the similarities amongst the typical genus which exists in normal reality perhaps coincidentally correspond with the Phyllodoce vitrum within Level 313, inducing a misapprehension of the point of origination between these two, separate organisms.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

As of now, there are no known established communities within Level 313. Locations settled by past outposts have been noticed to possess no clues/indications of human settlements ever being present within the area, including abandoned outposts that have never been encountered. Understanding the anomaly is difficult, whilst most hypothesize the sheer size and unpredictability of Level 313 may cause perfectly identical copy(s) of a said location to exist within, and the quantity of these replicas that increases the chance of enabling wanderers to randomly come upon them.

Entrances and Exits

Level 313 is regarded as a major roadblock for persons who desire to traverse levels beyond it; current known exits are heavily inconsistent and predominantly infrequent. Any attempts to locate more exits are encouraged, howbeit it should be known that noclipping cannot be performed normally in this level1, meaning one may not utilize such endeavor when attempting to exit the level.


  • One may encounter doorways on occasion within Level 0 constructed out of glass which leads one to this level;
  • Entering a room labeled "greenhouse" in Level 26 may lead one to Level 313;
  • A sudden appearance of a bridge within Level 134 indicates an exit to Level 313, either on land or within the bounds of the oceans;
  • A greenhouse may be positioned haphazardly in Level 159, which if entered, will lead one to this level;
  • Noclipping anywhere within the interiors of a skyscraper in Level 172 possessing an abundance of glass or windows will invariably lead one to this level;
  • Swimming through the waters of Level 180 for an unguaranteed distance may promptly transport one to Level 313;
  • An unnaturally extensive hallway in Level 800 may transition to the environment of a greenhouse, which would lead one to this level.


  • Wanderers may end up in Induced Fear under unknown conditions, as no endeavor has been found to consistently work;
  • A sudden loss of consciousness may signify an awaiting exit to Level 474 or Level 911, following many cases of wanderers who had gone through the same situation.

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