Level 303
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Level 303 seen from an elevated perspective.


Level 303 is an ocean-like expansion of water, believed to stretch over an infinite area. While research determined it to be regular water with low levels of salinity, the water in this level appears to be in a solid state while retaining most of the liquid phase properties, making walking upon it possible.1 The solid phase of this peculiar type of water appears to be most similar to sedimentary rocks. Exposing this instance of water to extreme heat or extreme cold does not trigger any phase change.2

Level 303 only has permanent daylight, and given the position of the sun, the time of day appears to be near evening. The sky of this level is mostly covered with stationary low hanging clouds, which obscure much of the sunlight, although there are a few spots that enjoy the sun's rays. In these spots of light, it appears that the sunlight has the ability to revert the water to its liquid phase.3 This water has a recorded temperature of 22°C or 71.6°F, and diving into it reportedly gives wanderers a feeling of "calmness". Diving deeper than 4 meters will teleport the wanderer to what is known as the Underwater Oases.


Photograph from a random Underwater Oasis.

Underwater Oases

The Underwater Oases are best described as similar to the Frontrooms tropical islands, mimicking the flora and fauna almost perfectly. A notable difference is that the fauna has an oddly friendly behavior towards humans, almost to a domesticated level.4 Said wildlife includes jaguars, ocelots, lemurs, sloths, forest deer, and various species of parrots. Flora consists of common tropical plants, ranging from coconut palm trees, banana plants, and papaya trees to orchids and ferns. A noteworthy characteristic is that the process through which plants produce fruits is extremely accelerated, with the papayas, for example, only taking 10 minutes to replenish. The shortest recorded time for a fruit to replenish is 4 minutes for bananas, while the longest is 35 minutes for coconuts. All around the oases, small ponds of almond water can be found, which is safe to drink.

The recorded temperature is a constant 26°C or 78.8°F, with very mild gusts of wind, while the weather and time remain constant throughout the entire level. Wanderers describe feeling "like in a dream state" upon entering these oases. The sound of constant oceanic waves is also prevalent in the oases, aiding the "dream" feeling, though the source of the sound has not yet been identified, as wherever the sun's rays end, barriers of solid water are found. 

Wanderers have expressed great awe when describing these oases, even calling them "Eden Gardens" or "Heaven". Some have reached a point where they don't even feel this level is real, claiming it to be an illusion. Due to the lack of harmful entities and the general hospitality of this level, many choose to permanently reside here.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is the largest community found on this level, with over 300 permanent residents. Using the various resources scattered among this level, this community was able to create stable housing for every resident, maintain a secure source of food, and establish connections with other communities due to the relative ease of exiting this level and accessing other safe levels. They are friendly and open to trading, and they are also known to invite wanderers to reside in their community.

Oasis Cielo

The second-largest group has around 100 inhabitants. This community is known for their breeding of tropical wildlife similar to that found in the Frontrooms, most prominent being parrots. These animals are trained to scout and alarm wanderers of dangers; however, they cannot be taken into levels that force the wanderer to be alone. While the community is open to trading, these animals are extremely expensive, and currently very few can afford to buy one.

Entrances and Exits


  • Diving and re-emerging in deeper portions of water on Level 134 has a chance to take the wanderer to this Level.
  • Jumping from the Cargo ship from Level 291 into the water and re-emerging will transport the wanderer here.
  • Diving and re-emerging on Level 422 has a low chance of bringing the wanderer to this Level.
  • Finding an oasis on Level 169 will transport the wanderer to a random oasis on this Level.


  • Walking great distances has a chance of encountering an Aircraft Carrier; boarding said carrier will take the wanderer to Level 103.
  • No-clipping through the solid water outside the oases has a 50/50 chance to take the wanderer to either Level 149 or Level 945.
  • No-clipping through the solid water barrier while inside an oasis will always take the wanderer to a safe level.
  • Standing on an out-of-place lifeguard seat in Oasis Cielo will transport the wanderer to Level 353.

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