Level 300
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A possible photo of Level 300 taken in 1940

Level 300 is the 301st Level of the Backrooms. It was discovered on ?/?/1940. It takes the appearance of a building in Constantinople built in 323 AD.


Level 300 takes the appearance of a building built in 323 AD. The building is almost square because it is 76×71 meters in size. The building has four massive pillars which form the central square. The pillars are connected by arcs and form hemispherical triangles. They create a crown on which the dome rests.
This level was originally thought to be the smallest, but it was later disproven. Some doors that should lead to the exit of Level 300, actually lead to another building, that looks similar but has a different structure and interior.
Entities can be found in this level, but they are infrequent. Occasionally, you may find a knight wearing a steel suit. The knight brandishes a sword. The knight is the only threat that can be found in the level.
Inside this level, you can find chests, that contain, swords, armor, almond water, rarely lamps, and strangely, Wifi Routers.
You can also find a trapdoor in this level that will lead to a basement lit up by torches, and inside, a chest containing a crowbar can be found. The basement floor is made up of damp sand, and the walls are made out of stone bricks.

Climbing up the stairs of the level, you can find more rooms. You can also find bedrooms that might have clothes laying on the bed. Climbing to the highest point, and looking out of the window, you will see the knight looking directly into your soul. While doing this, you can hear voices saying your name.
In the second floor, you can see bathrooms, that have storage compartments. They do not usually have anything inside, but when they do, it's usually almond water or a crowbar.
If you stand directly in the middle of the building and look up, you may see a text that says "323 AD" which is why it is known that this building is from 323 AD. Repeating those words will make a door appear, and that door will lead to an attic, with a level key. The key contains text, which says "β", so it is thought that this key leads to Level β. There is also a small chance of finding a key with the text Level 423 written on it. It is thought that opening a locked door in the level will lead to Level 423. Locked doors can be found very rarely in the basement of the level, which is where the key could be used. It is recommended not to open the door because it is unknown what awaits on the other side.


A team of four men were recently sent to explore Level 300 and explain it more in-depth. Strangely, they saw that the level would shift between being in colour, and being black and white every time they entered. They also noted that they could break through the basement floor, mainly because it was made of sand. Underneath the floor, they found the bones of the 1946 explorer, that explored the backrooms alone for 25 years.
The explorers found out that the Wifi routers were actually there before they normally existed, which means that the backrooms can predict the future. This might mean that more futuristic objects could be found later on, in separate levels.
Another thing they found was that there is a pool area that will appear on the first floor. The pool is very rare and stretches 1 kilometer deep. Nobody has ever reached the bottom.
Breaking the wall in the basement opens an entrance to an open coffin that contains a sword, nicknamed The Blade of the Dead. The sword is more powerful than the knight's sword, and taking it will start an earthquake. The earthquake will last 1 hour, and if you survive, you can keep the sword.
Using a compass in this level will cause strange effects. The compass will start spinning very fast.
Fighting the knight was deemed impossible after it was noted that the knight could teleport out of its armor. The armor would evaporate 5 seconds after the knight teleported.

Exploration Log

This log was recorded shortly after an anonymous Reddit user entered the level.

Log 1

Day 1 Hour 0

where am I? What is this? Am I in sh4dy gr3y? Oh god, I gotta get out of here. Does anyone read me? Hello? Dammit, no signal!

Day 1 Hour 3

is anyone there yet? Come on!! At least this level is safe… I haven't spotted any hostile entities yet.

Day 1 Hour 7

Hello?? I just escaped this knight; he almost killed me. Can anyone reply to me??

Day 2 Hour 29

Anybody there yet? Yay, I'm all alone. This is great. Almost like that one level, as well as Level 1.5.

Day 2 Hour 34

Still waiting.

Signal received! Hello?

Finally! It's about time.

We are busier than you think, it takes more than a day for a reply!

I got stuck in this black and white level with this very hostile knight.

Any clues on what it is? We don't have too many similar levels in our database.

Well it says 323 AD on the roof.

Hmm, we don't have anything similar in our database. You seem to have discovered a new level.

does that mean I could be stuck here forever??

Possibly so, but that is a rare chance. How did you enter?

I went through a window in that house level

Level 53?


I don't know where you are, but there is most definitely an exit somewhere. We know that Level 1.5 has an exit too, but most people would have died before exiting. Is the knight the only entity there?

The only one I have seen so far.

Okay, you will most likely find an exit before your death, we will send someone to Level 53 to find you—Good Luck in your journey.

Thanks, I hope I can make it out

Colonies And Outposts

There are no known Colonies or Outposts on this level, but there could easily be one, because this level is a good source of resources, and doesn't pose too much danger to humans.

Additional Content

A note written in 1946 was found in this Level, that read as follows:

I found an entrance to this level out of nowhere and was stuck here for a few days. I decided to leave a message for anyone that enters after me. This note contains information about this Level. No one has ever explored this Level before me, so I'll start by saying I entered this Level in 1946. I entered by travelling 1,000 miles in This really long desert road Level. There's an entity here, that has metal armor, and a sword. He is pretty dangerous, so I would recommend avoiding him. He is also the only threat in this Level, so this place is overall pretty safe. There are a lot of chests, and they all have some valuable items. There's also this strange black box with lights on it in here, and I'm not sure what it is. The box has text that says info, WLAN, and power / DSL. I do not know what any of this means, and I hope someone else could figure it out for me. Next, there is a basement that can be accessed with a trap door. Inside is just a long hallway that leads to a chest that contains a crowbar, which is useful for entering Level 27. That is all that I found, and I hope whoever is reading this can find a way out.

Entrances And Exits:


To enter this level, you must walk 1,000 miles in Level 50. You can also enter this Level by no clipping through a window in Level 53
Another method is to no-clip through a tree in Level 47.


To exit, you must enter a basement chest and lock yourself inside. This will lead to Level 37
Another way to exit is by going as high as you can, and jumping off an edge. This method leads to Level 10, or Level -5.
There is also a possibility of exiting by going into the locked Level 423 door, or, entering the Level β door.
Lastly, you could exit by no clipping through the pool. This leads to Level 8.1

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