Level 300
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An example of a boardwalk in Level 300.

Level 300 is the 301st level of the Backrooms. It was discovered on 29/11/2012 by a small group of wanderers.


Level 300 is mainly composed of an incalculable number of boardwalks, hovering several feet above a bright forest and winding rivers. It takes place on a presumed infinite plain.

Level 300 has a fully working day-night cycle, identical to the one in the Frontrooms. However, there have been no recorded moons or celestial bodies after dark, resulting in pitch-black darkness being present throughout all of the level during the night. The temperature of the level varies between 20 °C and 27 °C (68 °F to 81 °F), and the climate is slightly windy and cloudy.

Level 300 is rather scarce on entities. However, due to the current lack of research, there are possibilities of other lurking entities that are yet undocumented. Entity 155 instances live in the Rainbow Waterfalls and surrounding areas, though there are not many of them left. Entity 43, or Wormlings, usually hide under rocks in the Rainbow Waterfalls, although some have been documented crawling on the boardwalks as well. If the nests of Wormlings are located, it is best advised to eliminate them. A singular instance of a Death Rat, or Entity 24, was reported by a wanderer in the Boardwalks. Non-entity living beings include bacteria and small insects from the Frontrooms on most of the rocks in the Rainbow Waterfalls.

The Boardwalks

There is an incalculable number of boardwalks (boarded paths or bridges) on Level 300. Most of these boardwalks are dead ends, typically interrupted by common hills. Wooden bridges of Level 300 are always straight, and never veer off. After further research, it was confirmed that these wooden paths are atomically precise, meaning that they do not turn even by a fraction of a degree. Though possible to be broken, the planks that make up these boardwalks are abnormally strong — a single plank can hold roughly eight hundred kilograms, with these planks themselves hovering at most twenty feet above ground level.

These boardwalks intersect with each other approximately every twenty kilometers. The boardwalks, along with the further mentioned area named the Rainbow Waterfalls, are considered the only safe places on this level.

The Forest and the River

The Forest of Level 300 is considered to be the most dangerous part of the level; this is the purpose behind the boardwalks being present throughout the level. The ground, the trees, and their branches which are almost always near the boardwalks are actually non-corporeal, the wanderers' hands can pass through them without any difficulty. However, solid ground areas that are above the level of the boardwalks, for example, hills, are fully corporeal and can't be passed through.

Upon discovery, Level 300 was initially believed to be comprised of an unknown number of rivers. However, further examinations have shown it to be made of just one. It is assumed to be at least five million kilometers long. No headwater or mouth of the river have been found yet because of the assumed infinity of Level 300.

An overwhelming majority of wanderers who have visited the level have attempted to climb over the bridges to examine the forest or the river. Unfortunately, in all of these cases, this has led to their sudden disappearance. It is theorized that there is no actual ground on Level 300, and that all of the wanderers have fallen into an endless abyss instead of no-clipping into different levels as no one has ever heard from them again.

The Rainbow Waterfalls


The Rainbow Waterfalls of Level 300.

The Rainbow Waterfalls is a name given to a certain area of Level 300 which has a noticeable effect of giving almost all natural objects (trees, plants, human skin, etc.) different colors of the rainbow. These colors are unnaturally bright and vivid, and they constantly change with mesmerizing patterns. The length of a cycle lasts anywhere from 15 seconds to several hours; what causes this effect is currently unknown.

Wanderers have reported increased happiness when exploring this part of the level. It was confirmed that the leaves of the colorful trees are fully edible and have a strong marmalade flavor.1 Eating them even further increases the happiness of the wanderer, though be cautious, as eating more than four in a serving results in an overdose on the rainbow leaves and a sudden cardiac arrest. A singular rainbow leave can make you well-fed for half a day. To avoid this effect, it is recommended to grind them in a bowl or mix them in a blender, as drinking the leaves does not give any effects. The leaves can also have multiple different tastes.2

All of their tastes seem to depend on their color when the wanderer bites/consumes them. The table of all the tastes of the rainbow leaves is presented below:
Color Taste Can be compared to:
Red Slightly spicy, has a long aftertaste. Pepper
Orange Slightly sweet and sour, has a short aftertaste. Orange
Yellow Very sour, has a long aftertaste. Apple cider vinegar
Green No taste.
Blue Very minty, has a short aftertaste. Mint
Violet Very fruity, has a short aftertaste. Blueberry

The Rainbow Waterfalls is the only stable part of Level 300 where anyone can freely walk on the ground without the danger of falling into the abyss. Large boulders, strong mineral rocks, huge trees, and cliffs make up the landscape of the Rainbow Waterfalls. The water is recorded to be impure, however, it can be consumed if untreated.

During the day, waterfalls function as normal, due to them not being affected by the "rainbow effect" of Level 300. However, when the sun fully sets and no light is visible, the waterfalls begin to glow in all colors of the rainbow, forming an extraordinary view. During this state, the water from the waterfalls seems to flow at least ten times faster than usual, which means that an abundance of water vapor is dispersed into the air, making the entire area also glow in a different array of colors whilst emanating a slight marmalade smell.


Another picture of the Rainbow Waterfalls during late dawn. Notice the colorful glow, there is an exit right behind it.

This is the only period of time when the wanderer can exit Level 300; those who were able to exit stated that there is a kilometer-long cave behind the waterfalls that gradually progresses into Level 173. Little to no light gets into the cave, and wanderers need to be careful not to trip over or hit the walls. The cave is also quite narrow, and as you pass farther through, one may find themselves having to crawl and squeeze themselves into tight spaces as the size of the cave decreases. The process of leaving this level is unjustly difficult due to the fact that it is nearly impossible to pass through the waterfalls because of the extremely strong water flow — broken bones and other injuries have been dealt by people trying to pass through it. It seems as though up to three seconds under the current of the waterfall is strong enough to cause permanent damage.

The boardwalks slightly change their details the closer you are to the Rainbow Waterfalls. The planks usually become thinner, and the railings of the boardwalks become noticeably thicker. Despite this, no exact path has been confirmed to lead exactly to the Rainbow Waterfalls.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

The Waterfalls Residents:

  • It is the only known community on Level 300.
  • There are approximately 4-8 members in this group.
  • Decided to stay in the Rainbow Waterfalls of Level 300 because of the presence of all the needed resources to support life.
  • Open to trade, and will let you join them. They are unarmed.
  • They have built three small huts on the cliffs quite deep in the area. The huts are small and not well-furnished, but quite cozy. There is also a small guest house nearby — all newcomers can stay in there for as long as they want.
  • Give helpful pieces of advice to newcomers, and usually show the only way to exit if the wanderer asks.

Entrances And Exits:


There are currently only three known ways to enter this level.

  • Some paths of Level 39 might have a few random planks lying on their sides, standing on them occasionally no-clips you to Level 300.
  • No-clipping through the trees in Level 140 might drop you onto a boardwalk of Level 300.
  • Entering through some holes in the walls of Level 797 leads to Level 300.


There is currently only one known way to exit this level.

  • Venturing into one of the waterfalls of Level 300 brings you to a long cave that leads to Level 173. It is to be noted that exiting this level is near impossible. Unless the wanderer finds their way to the Rainbow Waterfalls, they are most likely going to die of thirst or starvation.

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