Level 30
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The only known image of Level 30 .

Level 30 is a large conservatory approximately 1 mile across in any given direction from the center to the edge. It has only been explored by Therealmaplesyrup.


Level 30 is the 31st level of the backrooms in the form of a large bird conservatory. It is reportedly home to a seemingly infinite assortment of birds, from penguins to macaws to Jerry and even some sightings of dodos. One enters the level outside the conservatory. Leaving this area will result in being transported to Level 11. Checking one's pockets in this level will result in finding a brochure they won't remember picking up. Opening it and reading it reveals the conservatory is called the "Walton conservatory". Entering the conservatory will reveal an information booth with a man dubbed "Infoman" and a gift shop.

Infoman will answer many questions, but asking any he doesn't understand will make him say "sorry, i don't know."

Asking how/where they found all the birds will result in Infoman saying "I just kept walking and found them".

Asking how much it costs to enter will result in Infoman telling one it is 20 of a foreign currency one haven't ever possessed any of in one's life. then Infoman will say "aww, down on cash? Don't worry, enter the raffle for a chance to win a free entry ticket! offer ends in a week!" the raffle will never end, and it will always "end in a week".

Entering the raffle will immediately cause you to win. you are then free to enter. trying to enter without winning the raffle (one will never have the money to pay the entry fee) will cause Infoman to act as a Skin-Stealer.

Almond Water flows from streams in seemingly infinite amounts and sunflower seeds are found inside a small staff only area that must be broken into to access.

The only entity found in this Level is "Jerry". "Jerry" is almost always found in this Level, but reportedly is not dangerous.

Colonies And Outposts

There are no known Colonies or Outpost on this level.

Entrances And Exits:

To Enter, seemingly find a Conservatory Building in Level 11 To Exit, leave the conservatory and walk in any direction away from the conservatory to return to Level 11.

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