Level 290 Extended Film Log
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This page catalogues logs of films seen in Level 290. Wanderers are encouraged to add their own interviews to this page.

Title: Unknown1

Original Summary: The original plot of this episode is unknown, but the general plot of the TV follows that of an episodic sitcom starring facelings and leaning into many of the common cliches associated with such shows.

Notable Changes: Although all of the dialogue for this episode was reported to be unnatural guttera sounds produced by the faceling "actors", the viewer reported being able to instinctively understand the plot of the episode through an unknown mechanism.

The episode opened with its signature blank title-screen and instrumental theme song, then transitioning into the first scene. The rest of the episode follows two young facelings as they go on a search for a rare cryptid known as the "Baby Train". After a number of gags where they believe themselves to have found the aforementioned Baby Train, only for it to be revealed that it was just a neighborhood cat or a normal train, they give up and go home, declaring the Baby Train to be only a myth. The last shot zooms in on the background to show a small train with a human baby's face on it driving around just out of their view.

Throughout the show, there are a number of laugh tracks that often start in inappropriate times, and continue for as long as 18 minutes, sometimes devolving into fits of coughing or cries for help.

Title: The Dark

Original Summary: A 23 minute horror movie about an odd phenomenon where the lights in the casts house will randomly turn off, and when turned back on,one of the 12 cast members will disappear.

Notable Changes: Every time the movie is finished ,a new cast will replace the old one. The entirety of the "script" will also be changed once the movie is finished. There is a possibility that the movie is not scripted, as many people watching feel it's unscripted due to the fact that all fear has an uncanny feel as if it were real. It is not confirmed if it is scripted or not.

There have been reports of shadowy humanoid entities appearing in the background of the film. These humanoids will appear for a few seconds before leaving and regularly go undetected. Smilers have been seen in the background of the film as well and will disappear almost instantly.

A wanderer once said that they had seen one of their family members in the film. He said that she looked paranoid for the near entirety of the film before being the last one to disappear. The credits then rolled and the wanderer said that he had seen her name on it.This was reported the M.E.G. that confirmed that she disappeared on the exact day that the wanderer had seen the film.

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