Level 29
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Picture of Level 29. Note the painting leads to Level 11 .


Picture of Level 29 when the lights are out. The light in the picture was made from an unknown source. There is an entity in this picture .

Level 29 is the 30th level of the Backrooms. Air is thin and glitched out at this Level. It has a unique transportation unlike all the others.


The beginning of this level is very boring. You start off in a plain room. In order to leave the room there are four paintings. Each one leads to a new room. Some of these paintings lead to other levels. The rooms are very modern and paintings to other levels make it look different. Almond water here is very often found in modern glass cups. This level is 12.6 million square miles. Be sure to look closely to the paintings as they can lead to a blank room with an entity or death. This is a trap and you may die in these rooms. It is recommended to get out of this level as soon as possible. This floor has many entities but they are not encountered very often unless its an entity painting. Entities found here are skin-stealers, smilers, windows, hounds, facelings, candlestriders, howlers, crawlers, clumps, deathmoths, anethikas, and transporters are found here. The light here is mostly from windows or light switches. Never directly stare at a window or get close to them otherwise all light will go out and you will need a flashlight. Once this happens the rate of entity paintings will increase and flashlights are scattered around this place. So are gas masks. There is a lot of mold once the lights go out and the modern like look turns to an abandoned look. No one has survived when this happens because it is thought exiting to other levels when this happens is impossible.

The wall type here shows the danger level of that room. Bricks mean that the room is very dangerous and is recommended to leave these rooms immediately. Plain wallpaper with any color means that is is normal and encounters with entities happen around every 10-30 minutes. Concrete is the final wall type found here. It means that you are near a brick wall. No entities wander around these wall types but they may accidentally wander here.

The level has many floors. The highest floor reached was floor 10. The higher the floor is, the more entity paintings you will encounter. Also the amount of brick wall and mold increases. In order to reach the next floor you need to find the staircase that leads to the next floor. The higher the floor, the farther it is.

Colonies And Outposts

It is impossible to have a colony here due to the air and mold.

Entrances And Exits:

The only known way to get here is from no clipping into a door in Level 28.
Some paintings lead to other Levels. They are thought to lead to any level but Level 0 is the most common.

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