Level 282
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A bedroom found in Level 281.

Level 282 is the 283rd Level of the Backrooms. It was discovered in 2018.


Level 282 is an example of an area in the Backrooms that is extremely personal to the wanderer that enters it. For most people, it is a house or apartment building that generates new rooms and hallways as you explore deeper into it. The architecture, layout, and decor of the living space will vaguely replicate that of your own home from your memories. Images taken of Level 282 will look completely different from person to person.1

A reason many are drawn to enter Level 282 is that it can house physical objects from your memories, which can have deep sentimental value. Some wanderers have reported finding a favorite childhood toy or an article of clothing. However, this is highly discouraged due to the population of Memory Facelings.

Memory Facelings:

The rooms generated by Level 282 are rarely populated by a rare sub-species of Faceling called Memory Facelings. These Entities are created by the Memory Worm in a process similar to birthing/defecation, which recycles consumed human remains into new Entities. Memory Facelings will take on the appearance of a loved one/significant person from a nearby wanderer's memories (lacking a face, naturally). According to reports they, "act exactly how you would expect them to act, completely naturally. Even without a mouth, you can hear them talking in your mind. You know what they're saying". Most people who encounter one are tricked into following them into another room, and never seen again. How they sustain themselves is currently unknown.

Entrances And Exits:


Level 282 can be accessed via The Hub. Its entrance door will have an aura of familiarity to it.


While the layout of Level 282 is randomly generated, it has some consistencies. Outdoor areas will lead into Level 10, and going through windows will lead into Level 188. The easiest way to leave is coming straight through the door (or area) you came in through.

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