Level 28
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Level 28 is the 29th floor of The Backrooms and is similar to Level 27 but does have major differences.


On Level 28 it has the same walls, floor, and roof but has no lights. It is overtaken by mold, almond water is in the carpets making it moist, and a leaking of almond water in the roof. You may find gas masks and flashlights here randomly. They have no protection to the black mold that thrives here though so be cautious.

The air here is thin with mostly toxic gases. It's not clear where these toxic gases has lingered here and where it's came from but we do know that you should not breathe it. After 10 minutes of inhalation you will start to see hallucinations. After 30 minutes of inhalation your death will be inevitable within 20 minutes.

Its unclear of where you are but it is believed to be somewhere in the depths of the ocean around you. You may hear something lurking around this level. It's most likely one of the monsters in this almond water ocean surrounding you, or it may be one of the entities searching for you. If the floor, wall, or roof collapses in this level from exhaustion please immediately find a way out of the level before almond water fills it. They have no known way to stop this once happened so further exploration may be eventually impossible and left with 'The Water Beasts'.

Then comes the heat. The heat increases 2° F every 10 days and it's probably caused by the ocean.

Colonies And Outposts

If you try to form a colony or survive here it will be impossible for many reasons.

The normal survivability time is around 30 minutes to a day from what I've explained all above you can tell you might not survive long.


They have Entities that are extremely dangerous.

The different Entities could be Anethikas, Crawlers, Facelings, Candlestriders, Hounds, Smilers, Skin-Stealers. If one of these Entities see you, they will notify The High Queen which is in The Hive and will send Entities to look for you. This is because you've traveled too far into The Backrooms and must be found to stop providing any information to anyone. If you see an Entity, you better find a way out before they find you.

The entities in the ocean havent been named but may be later. We call them 'The Water Beasts' for now.

Entrances And Exits:

They have a small chance that you will enter Level 1, Level 2, Level 4 or Level 8 by entering a dark wall. But it is most likely you will enter higher levels beyond Level 28.

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