Level 28
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Class 5

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Level 28 is the 29th level of The Backrooms similar to Level 27 with notable differences.


Level 28 lacks any light sources. It is overtaken by mold. Almond water keeps dripping from the ceiling making the carpet moist. Under no circumstances should this water be consumed due to the spores and mold it may contain. Gas masks and flashlights can be found scattered across the level, however due to the mold infesting them, the gas masks offer no protection and neither the gas masks nor flashlights should be handled.

The mold releases large amounts of toxic gases into the air. The composition is currently unknown. After 10 minutes of inhalation, the gas starts impacting a survivor's neural system causing hallucinations. After 30 minutes of inhalation, the damage caused to the vital organs of the survivor becomes irreparable and death typically occurs within 20 minutes.

Gas masks brought from other levels can be used to filter out toxic gases in the level. Wearing hazmat suits or other protective equipment is also recommended. Upon leaving the level, proper washing and disinfection of any equipment that may have come into contact with the mold or its spores is required to prevent the infestation of other levels, as well as health hazards that come from the gasses the mold produces.

The level appears to be situated below a large body of almond water. Survivors report noises coming from above them, presumably made by entities in the water. The water drips combined with the mold cause degradation of the roof, sometimes leading to a collapse. Should this occur, almond water will start flooding the level. Entities may also enter. Due to the infrequency of such encounters, little is known about these entities and their properties, and as such combat should be avoided unless necessary. Should a collapse occur, leaving the level is necessary. Should a survivor remain after a collapse, they run the risk of being killed by one of the entities. Further breaches keep occurring as long as there is at least one survivor in the level further increasing the risk of infestation.

Once all survivors have left or been killed, all breaches are sealed and any entities which entered through them can no longer be found. The nature of their disappearance is unknown.

Colonies And Outposts

Due to the nature of Level 28 there are no known permanent colonies on the level.

Occasionally scientists from The M.E.G can be found waiting for a breach in order to study the entities found in the water.


Entities can be sparsely found wandering through the hallways. These include Anethikas, Crawlers, Facelings, Hounds, Smilers and Skin-Stealers.

The entities in the ocean have yet to be classified. Most survivors refer to them as the "Water Beasts".

Entrances And Exits:

You can enter the level from Level 27 by walking through the level until the lights go out for approximately two hours or by entering a black mold infested wall in lower levels.

Walking into a dark wall can lead you to Level 1, Level 2, Level 4, Level 8 or levels beyond Level 28.

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