Level 275
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Class 4

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Level 275 is the 276th Level of the Backrooms. It was discovered on 10/14/20, Level 275 is a seemingly abandoned swimming pool.


Level 275 is a very small level, like a hangar. The inside building is much smaller than the outside building, and the walls are indestructible. This level is in a state of disrepair. There are many pieces of trash here, dust is everywhere, and there are multiple mounds of dirt. There are two vending machines, they are broken, but they still accept money. It is unknown where the money goes. The support beams have rust, and small leaks come from pipes. The liquid that comes out of the pipes is similar to the liquid found in Level 1 and Level 2. There are two sets of bleachers on the side of the building, each facing the pool. On the bleachers is a sticky red substance, therefore it is not recommended to sit on the bleachers. Above the doorway entrance is a symbol that seems like it is from a Satanic Cult, it looks like it had been painted with spray paint. This symbol can be seen in very random places, such as the walls, lights, and even the ceiling. In the middle of the space is a standard 8-lane, 25-yard pool. In contrast to the abandoned place, the pool has water in it, and the pool is refurbished; the concrete is smooth, and the floor of the pool is tiled. There is no bottom of the pool, and every 20 feet, there is a pool light, however, after 100 feet, the pool will be so dark that any light will be virtually useless. The main problem is the temperature of the pool, the temperature of the pool is 60 degrees Fahrenheit, this is a problem considering most heated Frontroom pools are usually 80 degrees, so it is recommended to bring heavy wear, as clothes do not get wet.

Once reaching the entrance of the building, which appears as an aqua-colored hangar, the Wanderer will feel a strong urge to go into the pool and swim, regardless if they know how to swim at all. The only way to go back is to swim around 1800 yards. After the Wanderer swims 4 laps in the pool or 100 yards, the Wanderer will unknowingly get out of the pool, no matter how tired they are. They will be greeted with a single Faceling, under the Level 11 effect. The Faceling will give the Wanderer an 8-ounce bottle filled with Almond Water after 2 minutes of rest, the Wanderer will then again feel the urge to swim. This seems silly, but after the manifestation begins, this will be needed. This process repeats until the Wanderer swims a total of 1800 yards, in which two exits appear (see Exits)

The event

The event starts a soon as the wanderer gets into the pool. This event has three stages. If the Wanderer dies, or "drowns", the event stops.

Stage one

This stage is a normal stage, the pool will be at said temperature for the first 600 yards of the swim.

Stage two

This stage begins changing what is in the pool. The water will become very muddy, and fish will begin appearing. Hallucinations created by the fumes from the water will begin, showing muddy hands trying to grab the Wanderer, however, this will have no effect on the Wanderer. This stage lasts most of the event, totally for 900 yards.

Stage three

This is the most hostile part of the event. As soon as this starts, the muddy water will be replaced with blood; bones and body parts will float to the surface, and audio hallucinations will begin, screams will be heard, the sound of chopping will be heard, and rarely, the sound of a woodcutter and a chainsaw could be heard. Hands will try to grab at you, but will not do anything. However, if the Wanderer is too does not finish one lap in a minute, a spike will come up and impale the Wanderer, then drag the spike with the body down. This part will last for the last 300 yards of the event.

When done with the swim, which is 1800 yards, there will be two exits, the one is in front of you in which you come out from, and the one behind you. The TRUE EXIT is the exit BEHIND YOU. The exit in front of you takes you to Level Fun, which is 100% suicide, you can distinguish the two as you will hear clown music when nearing that entrance. Survival Tip: If you manage to get to this exit when in Level Fun, go in here, the partygoers will always turn back when you reach this level.


Colonies And Outposts

There are no groups on this Level, due to the hostile event.

Entrances And Exits:


  • Level 11: waking 5 miles due west of the M.E.G base will get you to a grove of trees with a double paved road, following it will lead you to an aqua-colored hangar-shaped building. Go in to get to Level 275.


  • By finishing the pool race, true exit takes you back to Level 11
  • Taking the fake exit after the race takes you to Level Fun

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