Level 27
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Class 5

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The known photo of Level 27 featuring wooden walls and doors. This photo was taken by u/TheUltimm* .

Level 27 is the 28th level in The Backrooms. This level is a point in The Backrooms where the air begins to feel thin, and where things start to glitch. Level 27 has no reality distortion, like Level 1.5. The photo on the right is the only known photo taken in Level 27.


The only known person to have entered this level is u/TheUltimm. He posted a picture of Level 27, and has called this level "The Woodroom Level". He has said he entered from Level 0 by tearing off the carpet and through unspecified means, proceeded to break through the floor, falling into Level 27 as a result. (The chances of entering through Level 0 's roof is roughly a 1 - 50 chance.)

Level 27 is thought to be infinite, with infinite rooms and doors. The doors lead to either halls, (which every hallway has 5 - 10 doors) or a room (which has 2 - 11 doors). Rooms are very rare to find.

If you're about to open a door, be extremely cautious. Before opening a door, put your ear to it to make sure nothing is waiting on the other side. Dullers, female Deathmoths, Smilers, child Facelings, and Hounds lurk in this level and could be anywhere, so use caution when traversing it's halls. And if the lights flicker or go out, bringing a light source is strongly advised because entity activity increases while in the dark. When the lights go out they may stay that way for up to an hour, the least amount of time is thought to be 10 minutes but this is unconfirmed. But, out of everything previously mentioned the absolute most important rule is, always watch your back. u/TheUltimm said he had an encounter with a Deathmoth that attacked him from behind. If the lights stay out for too long (roughly an hour), this will mean you're entering Level 28. The possibility of entering Level 28 slowly increasing the closer to the two hour mark you get, at which point there is no way back and entering Level 28 is inevitable. The size of Level 27 is unknown.

Colonies And Outposts

There are no known Colonies or Outpost on this level.

Entrances And Exits:

To Enter, you will randomly encounter flickering lights in a fast pace, and then a wooden door will appear, this door will lock behind you, Levels that have this are Level 2, Level 5, Level 13 and Level 20 so far. To Exit, the only known way to leave is to open a door that will lead you all the way back into Level 0, Level 31, and rarely Level 4.

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