Level 266
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Class 3e - Environmental

  • Unsafe
  • Unsecure
  • Non-Entity Hazards

A picture of Level 266's trees.


Level 266 is a giant floating mass of roots, all of which stem from relatively small gray trees. The forest in the level's center resembles the taigas of The Frontrooms; however, its trees have been stripped of their leaves and partially of their branches, with some being cut down at irregular heights. Outside of the woodland, the level's surface becomes increasingly inclined downwards as the distance from the center increases, until the roots grow directly downward at a 90 degree angle. The roots appear to stretch downwards infinitely after this.

The level is permanently coated in a thick layer of fog. Due to the high humidity and the constant temperature of 36°C, wanderers are prone to feeling extreme lethargy. Because of this, it is recommended to bring Almond Water to increase awareness.

This level connects Level 166 and Level 11 and is popular among wanderers due to it being a less time-consuming alternative to Level 69. In the past, many wanderers have attempted to harvest the water from the fog by attaching nets to the trees. These water-harvesting practices have fallen out of use ages ago, but the abandoned nets can still be utilized as guides to recognize when one is moving too far out of the safe area.

The Roots:

This level's roots have unnatural characteristics that can be found nowhere else in the Backrooms. Besides being unnaturally large in relation to the trees themselves, they have the ability to slowly contort themselves where force is applied to them. While said movement is harmless on its own, the roots can open up holes as wide as 5m, which serve as the main threat of the level. The holes allow some visibility of the level's underground, which is composed of roots that are constantly shifting.


A photo of the level's outer ring.

When something is placed inside one of the holes, all of the roots will quickly close in on the object. After they close down, the object will become irretrievable due to the force exerted by the roots, even if the object is only partially enveloped. After a short period of time, the roots will abruptly pull the object through the ground, forcing it down regardless of size.

Objects can be seen moving with the shifting roots through the holes, including the twitching bodies of dead wanderers; this characteristic gave rise to the myth that those who are underground are still alive, despite the fact that this is physically impossible. Consequentially, a multitude of wanderers have attempted to rescue others who were dragged underground, dying in the process. To reiterate: anything, or anyone, that was caught is lost. Recovering them is an extremely dangerous and fruitless process, and should not be attempted under any circumstances.


On 04/07/21, multiple photos and other, miscellaneous items were found scattered in a small area. They were found in the level's outer ring, in a previously unexplored section. For the sake of preservation, they can be seen below:


A golden locket.


When this object was discovered, the glass in the right socket was found to be shattered.




These images, unlike the others, were discovered within the locket.

It is advised to turn over any additional images found to the nearest M.E.G. outposts.

Alert from the M.E.G. (04/13/21)

Despite multiple warnings to avoid doing so, this page has been routinely utilized for organized expeditions to this level, leading to a massive spike in the number of deaths throughout the past week. This page has been locked from being edited until further notice.


  • In Level 166, there is a curved pathway in what seems to be a park. Walking down this path will forcefully no-clip the wanderer through the ground, taking them to Level 266.


  • A run-down elevator can sometimes be seen in Level 266. Entering will cause the doors to close and the elevator to slowly descend. It will then teleport away from the level, appearing in one of Level 11's apartment buildings.
  • A rusty wall mirror can be found near the level's center; no-clipping into it will lead to Level 148.

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