Level 25
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Class 3

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It's a haven— it's so… just, genuinely great.

Level 25 is the 26th Level of the Backrooms. It's like… a paradise. This place is fucking great!


It looks like a nice, warm and pleasantly noisy arcade. Peaceful lighting, machines that you could swear having played before, once upon a dream. The games aren't anything I can recognize, but they're fun and easy to get used to nonetheless. Why was I writing this again?


It's the machines! The arcade machines, they're fucking wonderful!. There's a few Facelings, sure, but all they really do is play the games, just like the rest of us. The games— it's almost like they get into your head. In the best kind of way! I could never get tired of this place, honestly, it just feels like… where I'm supposed to be.

Ah! The game I'm playing, right, wanted to talk about that. It's really nothing fancy, some old, pixelated spaceship game that reeks of my childhood. I'm gonna get the high score soon, don't care how long it takes! I've been gone so long, but once I finish this game I know it'll be worth it.

How long have I been gone? Weeks… months? Years? I'm so hungry. Maybe once I get the high score I'll get tickets and get candy from the prize counter. It'd probably be easier to play if I slept but there's no way in hell you're stopping this soon, just look how close you are to that high score! Just a few more tries, just a few. You've got this, I'll help you. Besides, you don't wanna just abandon me here, do you? Is that what you were planning? You might not be able to see me from there but I'm human, just like you. Please, don't just leave me. Does this help? I made the reaction time faster, are you happy now? Ready to keep playing?

They move sometimes, on their own. They adapt to make it easier for you to play, I think?

Sometimes it feels like they're breathing.

It's suffocating to live like this sometimes. It's nice to have some attention, though. We were stuck there, collecting dust because no one cared enough to pay us any attention. Then, one day, something shifted.

Something broke.

We're appreciated here.

So, so many starved people in need of a memory from before. A childhood game, bliss.

We give them what they want.

Entrances And Exits:


I— where'd everyone else go? How'd I get here? I… I came in from 18, right?
The fuck happened to the page? The group? Where's my group? How'd I fall asleep that fast, what the f


The door's over in the front, or you can head into the maintenance closet. We've got a few machines in disrepair that could really use a bit of food to begin making fixes.

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