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Immediately upon no-clipping into this gloomy forest by mistake, an overpowering stench almost made me faint. Animal eyes and fangs appeared in the foliage before me. The brawny form of a werewolf stepped forward, its fur losing the chameleonic appearance and returning to natural gray. I envisioned my demise. The living flesh ripped from my bones. Eviscerated. Without warning, the beast fell to the ground as if under a great weight, and I passed out, waking safe and sound in the M.E.G. outpost "Sanctuary."

Hanna Kaminski, aspiring writer, freelance messenger and delivery service



Level 234 escape portal
M.E.G. Archives

This is a top priority message. Glitches in no-clipping have resulted in a disproportionate number being sent to a particular location on Level 234. Wanderers that find themselves along this desolate trail in a dark forest must head quickly and quietly toward the visible outline of the luminous square. The portal will blink red as they approach. When the square glows green again, they can hurry through it and follow the lighted tunnel to a safer place on the surface level.

The friendly and courteous staff at the Major Explorer Group outpost "Sanctuary" are waiting for lost wanderers there. They will perform first-aid (if necessary), make supplies available, and direct the travelers to safety.

This Is a Newly Discovered Level

Preliminary findings are not positive.

Wanderers describe Level 234 as "a jigsaw puzzle of ecosystems glued together with liminal overload" or an "emotional minefield." Even experienced Backrooms travelers call this place "horribly wrong." The paranoia of "being watched" is crippling. A few missteps can set off a powerful explosion of negativity and helplessness, instantly surpassing the trauma caused by the Sightless Seers of Level 365. Feelings "BOOM!" in the mind like mental ordnance. The eruption of emotional magma contains toxic levels of fear, sadness, guilt, disgust, and loneliness. Other states of mind defy description and treatment.

In addition to these mental assaults, a number of bodies that were clearly victims of nonhuman attacks and damaged beyond recognition have been recovered.

Topographically speaking, the terrain is relatively flat, with thorny fields, deserts, ruined forests, and very shallow lakes (less than three meters deep) taking turns ruling the surface. Landscapes are painted with both an angelic and a demonic brush, sometimes overlapping.

There are also scattered domes, tens of meters in diameter, made of heavy glass with movement barely visible on the inside. The glass is impossibly thick and wickedly unclear. Something is moving in there, but that is all that can be determined. According to one wanderer, striking the dome brings "instant karma." He was escorted to the ground by an invisible force and could not move until released.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

The Major Explorer Group operates outpost "Sanctuary" on Level 234 outside of the dangerous region. Nine specialists, working rotating shifts, can provide lost wanderers with food and provisions, minor medical treatment, temporary rest, and relative safety.

Exclusive Entities

The entities documented thus far are unique and seem exclusive to this level. They include a canid with incredible powers of camouflage, a razor-toothed avian carnivore, and a timid amphibious humanoid. Wanderers are advised to avoid entities here at all costs. Until more information becomes available, wanderers are also warned not to engage other wanderers discovered on this level until further notice.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Escape this level immediately to stay alive.
  • Move quickly and quietly. Stealth is your friend.
  • Find the nearest portal. They appear as luminous squares.
  • Wait for the portal to blink red and glow green again before entering.


  • Stand still without good reason. Keep moving!
  • Make unnecessary noise.
  • Try to explore the level.
  • Befriend other wanderers found here.

Entrances and Exits


Wanderers can only enter the dangerous region of this level by no-clipping.


Portals provide the only escape from the dangerous section of this level. Once outside of the hazardous region, lost wanderers can be directed to physical exits to other levels by the staff at outpost "Sanctuary." The perimeter of Level 234 is encompassed by a thick, but harmless, mist.

Among the physical exits, there are four rope constructions:

Climbing up a rope connected to the top of a tree will no-clip you to Level 369.

Climb down the long rope ladder and drop to Level 710. You should be able to see the community at Harbinger Lake in the distance. The ladder will disappear when you let go.

Follow the shaky rope bridge through the fog and emerge on Level 414. Seek out the Everspring Atrium. Like the ladder, the bridge will vanish when you step off.

Use the rope ferry and pull yourself along across the water on a small, floating platform to Level 422. There is a pattern developing here. Step off the platform and it is gone.

Wanderers are strongly encouraged to report any other exits that they might discover.

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