Level 23
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Class 1

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The main area of Level 23.


Some windows at a higher level of the factory.

Level 23 is the 24th level of the Backrooms, which takes the form of an overgrown abandoned factory.


Level 23 was discovered by an unknown wanderer, after imagining an abandoned factory in Level 18. This Level has been measured to be at least 300k miles, although it could be larger. Almond water is not found at this level. The factory seemed to at some point be operational, as several mechanisms are still functional. It seemed to produce firearms.

Pheromones from the mold, as well as sulfuric acid in the air, make exploring deep into the level extremely dangerous without a gas mask. The plant life that has overgrown the factory is mostly moss and vines.

Colonies And Outposts

The Outcasts

A group of 17 141 people that have taken almost all remaining weaponry and bullets left in the factory. They have also taken control of all remaining operational equipment, and are attempting to create more guns. They are extremely hostile and not open to trading. Apparently former members of the B.N.T.G.

Entrances And Exits:

To Enter, you'll need to imagine an abandoned factory in Level 18, To Exit, simply no-clip out of the Level (although you may end up in a negative level).

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