Level 226.1
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Class 5

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Level 226.1 is a sub level in between Level 226 and Level 227, as appears to be level 226 with a "feast" populated by facelings, and is extremely dangerous.


Level 226.1 appears to be mostly identical to Level 226 in appearance, with one difference is that the surrounding void is now dark in color. In addition to the dark coloring, the fecal matter also appears to contain urine as well, lowering the viscosity to the point where traversing through it is viable. The table now has two benches that are adjacent to it and they carry the same theme as well, however it is unclear how the food has been effected given the level properties. The only way of entering the level leads up to arriving under this table, partially submerged in feces. The feces is clearly much more vile without the food to cover for the smell since it seems to be actively consumed. Due to the large amounts of toxic gasses that envelop the extreme smell, anyone who does not leave the surface will suffocate after about 15 minutes. The increase in gasses the deeper you go will also cause you to suffocate much faster.

Exposure to the level at the surface of the pool will result in death after about 15 minutes. Walking on the fecal matter to escape is impossible due to the lack density, so the only way of traversing is to swim through it. The exit will remain in the same location as this level's counterpart, and is impossible to viably reach if it is over 15 minutes away. The facelings appear to be incapable of hearing whatever happens under the table and will not look under it, however if they see you, which is possible outside the underside of the table, they will run to you and they will kill you. This requires you to be just enough submerged in the feces to render your movements hard to notice, about 6 feet down, and not so deep that you suffocate from the smell of the matter. If spotted, there is no course of action that can be done to prevent from being killed unless you are already about to exit through the door.

Colonies And Outposts

Given the situation at hand, a colony or outpost on this level is impossible.

Entrances And Exits:


It is only possible to enter this level by falling asleep under the table in Level 226


There are two exits from this level. The first involves swimming to the original entrance door to Level 226, leading back to Level 226. Exiting through the door is only possible if you happen to be less than 15 minutes of swimming travel time away from the door, to note the end of the table is about 8-9 minutes away. The other method of escaping is to swim into the depths of the feces and end up back in Level 226 by swimming back up to under the table of Level 226. Swimming into the feces is the only possible escape if at least 15 minutes away from the door and the stench will kill anyone that takes longer than 5 minutes to achieve this task.

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