Level 222
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Class 4

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The entrance of Level 222.

Level 222 is the 223rd Level of the Backrooms. This Level has large clusters of firesalt, an explosive crystalline structure found within the level.


Level 222 is a seemingly infinite level of dirt and stone caves. These sometimes include large cavities submerged in water along with other vast, expansive areas. However, these cave systems are unique because they house the largest amount of firesalt in The Backrooms. This level has large clusters of Firesalt crystals scattered throughout it. Each of these formations contain about two tons of firesalt. Crystalline variants of other fluids like Almond Water and Liquid Pain can be found in smaller clusters, typically around the firesalt clusters.

When exploring this Level, it is recommended to have a pickaxe, headlight, and a gas mask on hand.

The stone and dirt at this level have odd properties. The rocks and dirt, however, are incredibly fragile. They can be equated to glass in terms of brittleness. These rocks, however, seem to grow immune to anything that happens to them as time progresses. Given the mass amounts of firesalt, almost all the material is fire-resistant and blast-resistant.

This stone appears to have a mind of its own, blocking off areas and sealing up as if there was nothing there to begin with. Occasionally, the stone can “eat” someone. The surrounding stone will stretch out randomly and move back into the wall. These stretches have been theorized to move toward incoming sound waves. The people that get sucked into the walls can be saved if removed quickly enough.

The crystals however, should be approached with caution. They are more volatile than standard firesalt crystals. The danger of this Level is increased by Entity 155 and large masses of Entity 75 and Entity 169. Other standard entities have been documented here as well.

Normal objects don't manifest within Level 222; the only objects that appear in Level 222 are crystallized by default.

Colonies And Outposts

The Miners

The Miners are a collective group of the B.N.T.G and The M.E.G. They have a variety of tools supplied to them. The Miners are one of the most profitable colonies in the Backrooms. They are seen throughout this Level and are equipped with saws, pickaxes, and matchlock pistols. The small tented areas around the level belong to them and have mortar and pestles among other equipment.

Entrances And Exits:


This Level can be entered through any “cave-type” level by no clipping into specific firesalt veins. It can also be occasionally accessed through Level 9.1 from various bunker doors.


Any lake or pond can be dived into to get to Level 7. A small tunnel near the entrance leads to Level -4.1.

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