Level 22
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Class 3

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"Yellow support beams and dust, what a mess"


"As you go deeper it gets cleaner but more silent and tense than ever"


"A distorted, digital face on the camera lens when photographing the entity"

Level 22 is the 23rd Level of The Backrooms, It appears to be an abandoned parking building that goes on for 450,000 km (279,617 miles) on each floor. This level is considered as a Mythic ​​​​​​level and may not exist at all. But The Backrooms are very complex, therefore this level is likely to exist.

The photo to the right is the only photo that exists of Level 22 and is taken by an Anonymous explorer.


This Level is almost unexplored because it's so difficult to access. Level 22 is described to be an abandoned parking building with yellow support beams, lots of ash and dust from broken objects, and occasional destroyed cars. These cars can be found after walking approximately 350 meters (1148 feet) from from the entrance of Level 22.

Some of these cars can be accessed, but whatever you do, don't enter one of the cars. An unknown entity will appear in the backseat of the car. This entity distorts reality, and laws of physics when in contact with another person. And will distort all carbon life around it, to the brink of death. Matter will be torn to pieces and you will be dead soon. It's unknown why the entity only shows up when you enter the car.

After the discovery of Level 283 some wanderers have reported that they have entered the level by stepping into a small "Clown Car" that's parked like any other car in Level 22. These small multi-colored cars with no backseats have been tested to be devoid of Level 22's entity.

Level 22 only has one confirmed entity, but there could be more entities lurking on this Level. It's 450,000 km on each floor after all.

Entrances And Exits:

To Enter, Entering Level 22 is very difficult also. But it is believed that if you get taken away by a passive Anethika it will bring you to Level 22. Passive Anethikas are taller than normal Anethikas and will not attack you if you don't provoke them. About 1 in 10,000 Anethika are passive. You should never take the risk of finding a passive Anethika because they are very dangerous if not passive. Some people end up here just by chance when exploring Level 3 and encountering an Anethika. The only other way of entering Level 22 is through exiting Level 20, however, there is an equal chance that you will simply end up at Level 6 when attempting to access Level 22 through this method. Leaving Level 22 is incredibly difficult. After leaving Level 22 you presumably go to Level 23, Although this is not confirmed,It's very likely that this is true. To Exit, you need to descend 22 stairways. Each floor has a stairway that lead downwards into the unknown. Each of the stairways descend about 2km (1,2 miles) downwards and they are all scattered across the middle of Level 22. Each stairway is about 200m wide (656 feet) and have small lights on the side of the stairway that shine at about 50 lumens (the brightness of a low end flashlight). The small multi-colored cars that lack backseats in Level 22 will teleport the driver to Level 283's lounges, where the driver will find themself sitting in a boothchair.

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