Level 219

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Class 5?

  • Unsafe
  • Unsecure
  • Entity Infestation?

A picture of an unknown room in Level 219.


Level 219 a hotel of 100 floors consisting of of many curtains and rooms with corridors leading to other curtains. The curtains can open to various other rooms and corridors. Some of the rooms/corridors are owned by entities and/or wanderers. Only some rooms are detailed, as the corridors are the same and it will not be necessary to document them. It is recommended to observe all rooms before entering; the reason for this is that many other rooms are not documented and some may present hazards.

The Elevator

Owner: None.

The elevator door is a gray curtain and can lead to other corridors, rarely a room. The number of buttons is from 1 to 100. If a wanderer is using the elevator, it is not advisable to enter the curtain as one can risk falling and dying.

The Corridors

Owner: None.

The Corridors have rooms on the sides. Although they are not quite large, their size is unknown.

The Bedroom

Owner: Some may be public and some may be occupied.

This room appears to be a normal room with yellow walls and floors and has a hum similar to that of Level 0. The humming is produced by the lamp that is on the ceiling of the room. At the edge of this room there is a bed with a window beside it. It is not recommended to sleep in bed as one may be attacked through that window. It is also possible to use Wi-Fi in the room. If a wanderer has a cell phone, somewhere in the room there may be a charger compatible with their cell phone. On the bedside, there is a broken clock and a lamp which no one has been able to find the off button for. Under the bed there will be a monster under it. This monster could be an entity or a person one is most afraid of. It is not recommended to look or put your hand under the bed; otherwise, the wanderer will be pulled under the bed and most likely killed.

The Games Room

Owner: Public.

This area is considered one of the safest rooms in Level 219. The Games Room appears to be a room with a blue LED light. Tthis light prevents one from noticing the color of the walls and floor. This room is unbearably hot and appears to have a desk and a game cabinet. Wi-Fi is additionally present in the Games Room. The area also has a computer, a purple arcade with games from Level 40 and a television with a PlayStation 3 connected to it. The computer appears to have chess, checkers, and solitaire games installed. The video game connected to the television is working perfectly and has four games: GTA 5, Mortal Kombat, Battlefield 3 and Dead Space 3.

Also, there is a ladder with red led on one side of the room. This is an exit leading to Level 5.1.


Owner: Unkown.

The train can be accessed through a red curtain and it has benches and windows on the sides. However, unlike the Bedroom, this area does not have instances of Entity 2. The train appears to be moving, but outside the window, the only thing that can be seen is a mountain or a looping station. In the driver’s room is another red curtain; if opened, it will lead back to the seats and windows again, suggesting that the train is infinite.

When spending a few moments on the train, the wanderer present may experience headaches, hallucinations and possibly nausea and shortness of breath. The hallucinations could be people sitting in his seat with their face out of focus and whispers in their mind. If the wanderer rides the train with the aforementioned symptoms, it will make the situation worse, causing them to pass out.

Dark Room

Owner: Smilers.

It is recommended to close the curtain quickly if this room is seen, as, it is infested with smilers. This room, as the name suggests, is very dark, and it also seems to be quite small. Due to the room’s danger and apparent lack of notable objects, documentation is limited.

Pet Room

Owner: A hound.

This room has a hound on a leash, with a dog house and food/water bowl accompanying it.One can find a hound inside this room; it is not recommended to interact with it at risk of being attacked. Just like the Dark Room, it is quite small. This room also has several toys for animals, likely for the hound . Many of these toys are broken, but one should not touch them, as it seems that the hound can sense when its toys are being touched, even when it is sleeping.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

M.E.G - Help Floor

  • The group has 19 members and has a leader named Michael.
  • It is located on the first floor of the hotel.
  • One of the members can lead the wanderer to the level's exit.
  • The members of this base will lend food and water to wanderers.

Entrances And Exits



  • Finding a hallway with an “exit” sign on the ceiling with a curtain below it will lead to Level 13 or rarely will lead to the level one entered Level 219 from.
  • Going down the stairs in the Games Room will lead to Level 5.1.

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