Level 216
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The Interdimensional Museum of Backrooms History

The Interdimensional Museum of Backrooms History has been operating free to the public since its inception in the year 1932. Here, adults and children alike can learn and gain a better understanding of The Backrooms which we all inhabit! Thanks to partnerships between various organizations and people, we at the I.M.B.H. have been able to collect an array of exhibits for the public’s viewing pleasure.

Operating Hours:
Monday-Wednesday — 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Thursday-Friday — 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday-Sunday — 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Class Educational

  • Safe & Secure
  • Constant Friendly Presence
  • Contained Threats

The “Interdimensional Museum of Backrooms History” (abbreviated as the I.M.B.H.) is the 217th level of The Backrooms and can be accessed easily through a specific door found in The Hub. The main concourse of this level is made up of four separate sections and three floors. Additionally, all the wings can be accessed in some way or another via the levels of the main concourse, and side stairways and elevators to the upper floor. Further directions can be found in directories or given by museum staff and guides.


An image looking into a section of Level 216's Concourse.

Thanks to cooperation between groups such as The M.E.G., B.N.T.G., Eyes of Argos, Eternal Repository, and other groups1, we at the Museum of Backrooms History have been able to accumulate a vast collection of artifacts and exhibits donated at the behest of various peoples. Those who wish to access archives and resources pertaining to The Backrooms are permitted to do so within the halls of this facility. Security is guaranteed by the [MULTILATERAL PEACE AGREEMENT OF 1950] by multiple Groups who have made contributions to The I.M.B.H.

Today's Exhibits Include…

The Main Floor Exhibits:

  • A display of the largest ever taxidermized Smiler “Jimmothy” (Found in the main concourse, permanently on display).
  • “The Castellos Collection” (West Wing, permanent exhibit), dedicated to models, preserved and living specimens, and taxidermies of the very entities and creatures who inhabit our Backrooms!
  • “Art of Trade” (East Wing, permanent exhibit), Brought to us by the B.N.T.G.™ is a display of artifacts showing off the types of items used for trade throughout human history in The Backrooms.
  • “Amongst The Weeds” (North Wing, available for viewing until 28/12/24), A showcase of all knowledge on the history of The Masked Maidens’ skills in deception.

Second Floor Exhibits:

  • “Amongst the Gods” (Northwest Wing, available for viewing until 1/1/24), is dedicated to teaching guests about The Pantheon and its members.
  • “The Ground we Walk” (Northeast Wing, permanent exhibit), a place where guests can view samples of materials and objects from a vast array of levels both hazardous and safe.
  • “Bayanihan” (Southwest Wing, permanent exhibit), a study of customs surrounding death and remembrance, shared with us by The Kalag Institute.
  • “Justice for All” (Southeast Wing, available for viewing until 28/4/23), is a showcase of how The Eyes of Argos have dealt justice through the ages.

Basement Exhibits:

  • “The Langellier Auditoriums” (West side doors) is where visitors and guests can see documentaries, see live reports, and hear from guest speakers.
  • “The A. River Collection” (East side doors), a place where guests can visit various objects from a variety of levels on display.
  • “The Valentine Archives” (Northern doors and elevators), the primary storage for all documentation and artifacts within the I.M.B.H. (for access, please contact a guide).

A gift shop and other pop-up interactive exhibits can also be found around the main concourse, as well as a café in the basement for any refreshments or food a wanderer might need. For more information, employees and staff at the main help desk around the concourse are available for questions. It is recommended that larger groups schedule a tour beforehand to avoid crowding within the wings and floors of the level. No groups larger than twenty-five (25) persons are permitted for tours. If a visiting group is larger than twenty-five persons, please speak to staff about scheduling multiple tours.
Those wishing to access The Valentine Archives must provide credentials and reasoning as to why they wish to access the archives, and what they are planning on seeing. Catalogs on available collections can be requested.

Details on Exhibits:

The Langellier Auditoriums (information and Hours)

The Langellier Auditoriums, named after the self-proclaimed “Backrooms Bard” Caspian Langellier is a set of two auditoriums within the basement level of the I.M.B.H. Here, we at the museum host a variety of speakers and screen documentaries. As with the museum itself, the auditorium is free of charge, and any guest is permitted to see any screenings or presentations! For more information on current shows, contact staff at the main help desk.

Current Show Schedule (Mon.-Wed.):

Screening of “Wonders of Architecture” by Dr. Braun, 10:30 AM-12:00 PM (Auditorium A).
Entity Specimen Presentation by Museum Staff, 12:15 PM-1:30 PM (Auditorium B).
Screening of “History of Level 11 by Dr. Bin-Salman, 2:00 PM-3:30 PM (Auditorium A).
“Up Close With History!” for families, presented by Museum Staff, 3:45 PM-4:50 PM (Auditorium B).

Current Show Schedule (Thurs.-Fri.):

Screening of “Entities in The Wild” by Dr. G., 10:30 Am-12:00 PM (Auditorium A).
Children’s Learning Session presented by Museum Staff, 12:30 PM-1:30 PM (Auditorium B).
Screening of “Human Adaptations” by B. Williams, 2:00 PM-3:00 PM (Auditorium A).
Entity Petting Zoo hosted in part by Dr. Monsignor, 3:15 PM-4:50 PM (Auditorium B).

Weekend Show Schedule:

“Meet The Doctor!” hosted by various M.E.G. members, 12:30 PM-1:30 PM (Auditorium B).
Screening of “Entities in The Wild” by Dr. G., 1:30 PM-3:00 PM (Auditorium A).
Entity Specimen Presentation by Museum Staff, 3:15 PM-4:50 PM (Auditorium B).

Upcoming Special Shows:

  • In-person interview with Doctor William Goldstein.
  • Presentation on Death in Culture by Sr. Archivist Gani of The Kalag Institute.
  • Q&A featuring The Keymaster.
  • Retelling of M.E.G.’s origins featuring Overseers Kat and Andrew.
  • Talk about Leo Castellos’ new book on Backrooms studies, hosted by Mr. Castellos himself.
  • Online reading of poetry with Lady Blanche.
  • Showcase of objects hosted by Spec.

The Valentine Archives


One of many rooms within The Valentine Archives.

The secondary purpose of The Interdimensional Museum of Backrooms History is to store a catalog of records and other artifacts for public study and research. Many of the documents found within The Valentine Archives are donated by various major and minor groups within The Backrooms. This ranges from books to paper logs, digital works, audio cassettes, video recordings, physical items, and anything else donated which serves a historical purpose.

Access to The Valentine Archives is limited to those allowed access via a request to the museum staff and administrators; though in recent times due to tensions, access is harder to achieve. However, the archives can be accessed via multiple sets of locked doors or two code-locked elevators which access the lower levels where all of the archives are housed. A small yet highly trained security presence exists across The I.M.B.H., though staff and researchers mostly reside within this section of the level.

Down within the archives are multiple rooms, some climate controlled for the sake of preserving the specimens or items kept in them. Others are corridors upon corridors of drawers and cabinets for housing smaller artifacts and paperwork kept as historical references. Bigger artifacts are kept in specialty storage meant to accommodate larger items, featuring a special lift to transport them to whichever exhibit floor they are needed on at the time.

Digital, audio, and video records and artifacts that have been digitized can be accessed through a separate, secure server room featuring computers and PCs capable of processing data in safety. Records such as a copy of the M.E.G. database are kept for safekeeping within the I.M.B.H.’s Valentine Archives.


The Interdimensional Museum of Backrooms History can be found through the appropriately labeled double doors within The Hub. Entering them should harmlessly transport wanderers to Level 216 without any issue. To leave, one must simply leave through the same doors they entered. Doing so will either transport wanderers to Level 57, Level 164, and Mr. Castellos's very own Level 222.


Q. Which major group controls Level 216?

No one! We museum staff are an independent group of researchers who function for the betterment of human understanding of The Backrooms.

Q. What if I want to make a donation?

If you or someone you know wishes to make a donation, please contact our staff at moc.liamsmoorkcab|ude.HfoMB#moc.liamsmoorkcab|ude.HfoMB.

Q. How can I apply to work at The I.M.B.H.?

Simply contact staff in person or at the email above and we will then contact you back with further information.

Q. Are tours in other languages, or for the impaired offered?

Yes, some of us museum staff are multilingual or can hire translators, interpreters, or visual aids for tours upon visitor request, or with reservations.

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