Level 214
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“And deep within your thoughts, you discover me.
Skin encased in stone.
Basking in the sun of a vacant world.
Reach out and open your eyes.”
- Our Lady of Confession


Our Lady of Confession oversees her garden.


A fragment of what once was a larger level, Level 214, also known as “The Confession Garden” is a small 13 by 13 square meter space, suspended within a “skybox.” A stone pathway and sectioned-off garden plots with wrought iron fences make up the majority of the layout, while daisies, rose bushes, and a hazelnut tree takes up the remainder of the space in the garden.

There is an audible breeze within the garden, though the flat sky of Level 214 does not move or shift. The bright sun within the level's skybox does not fail to remain stationary and unreachable. Temperatures remain stable and constant, never exceeding 30 degrees Celsius. This allows the various flowers within the level to grow and remain in bloom.

Those who visit Level 214 are said to experience an unusual sensation of serenity regardless of the state in which they enter the level. The cause of this sensation cannot be determined, and theories have led to the conclusion that it might simply be an anomalous effect of the level itself or something caused by the entity which maintains it. This has caused many to draw similarities between Level 214 and Level 369, including the fact that only one wanderer can be within the Confession Garden at any given time.

Picking the flowers within Level 214 is an impossible task, and attempting to trim or cut any branches, leaves or flowers only results in broken blades and clippers. It is presumed that the level’s caretaker–Our Lady of Confession–keeps everything as it is. Normalcy is constantly maintained within the garden at all costs.

Direct correlations can be made between Level 214 and Level 600, including other groupings of flowers that could’ve been found in Level 600 and the styling of the structure walls attached to the Confession Garden. “Our Lady of Confession,” who inhabits the level, has also claimed to have been in Level 600 before current times, though as stated above, no survivors of conflict on Level 600 are said to recognize her.

Survivors of conflict within Level 600 cannot recall ever seeing the garden of Level 214, though many claim that it does indeed feel somewhat familiar to them in some way. The bodies of those featured within the reflections of Level 214’s border windows have remained unidentified, but veterans of aforementioned level's conflict swear that those shown within the reflections are people who they once knew.

Our Lady of Confession

Within the remaining fragment of Level 214, a singular sentient, humanoid entity resides which calls herself “Our Lady of Confession.” It is unknown how long she has existed within the garden, although she claims to have been the sole force maintaining its existence. Regardless, Our Lady of Confession is presumably unable to move, taking the form of a statue of the Virgin Mary holding a child. She is approximately two meters in height and is composed of a material similar in appearance to marble.

Inquiring about why or how Our Lady of Confession maintains the garden’s existence usually provokes a response similar to: “I am the tender of pastures and the shepherd of truths; this is my domain.” This, along with other abilities that Our Lady of Confession possesses, has led members of various groups to conclude that this entity is somewhat omnipotent.

Behaviors observed and experienced by Our Lady often pertain to her requests of wanderers to hear their deepest secrets and truths. Various patrols from The Eyes Of Argos frequently visit Level 214 to extract knowledge from the sole entity of the garden, though they appear to operate at a price. Our Lady will offer knowledge or answers to nearly any question but at the cost of the aforementioned confessions. It is also known that she is aware of lies, and will subsequently (and passive-aggressively) request that the wanderer be honest with her.

Despite her foreboding nature, Our Lady of Confession is said to enjoy casual conversations with wanderers who visit their level, though it is unknown how they speak. Her voice simply radiates from the stone form of her body, a lulling whisper like that of a mother. Oftentimes, the subject of her conversations can vary, though they are prone to gossiping and revealing the truths of other various wanderers, regardless of how private they might be. Because of this, it is rarely advised to reveal any personal truths to Our Lady of Confession.

Our Lady of Confession is confined to her level, though this does not stop her from giving entirely real-time knowledge on whatever is asked. Coordinated efforts between M.E.O.D. researchers (and other anonymous members of other Groups of Interest) led to this discovery when Our Lady was asked the whereabouts of a target individual, and gave pinpoint, exact details. With this, it can be assumed that she is to some extent omnipresent.

Further Interviews and Logs pertaining to "Our Lady of Confession." can be read below:

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Due to the fact that no more than one wanderer can be within an instance of Level 214 at any given time, no outposts are present. Regardless, the space within Level 214 is far too small to accommodate any large structures.

Additional Notes

"The children never learned, but I did."

Entrances And Exits


  • A metal garden gateway will rarely appear within Level 369, allowing wanderers to enter Level 214.
  • Other similar gates can appear within Level 10, bringing wanderers to Level 214.
  • Finding a fenced-off section within Level 165 will take wanderers into Level 214.
  • Trying to exit the maze within Level 84 can cause wanderers to enter Level 214, although chances are slim.
  • Floral shops on Level 11 can at times transport wanderers to Level 214, but as with the aforementioned entrance from Level 84, chances of this occurring are very low.


  • Exiting the gate people enter through will take wanderers to Levels 369, 165, 10, or 84.
  • Jumping off Level 214 and falling into the skybox will take wanderers to the Blue Channel or Level 371.

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