Level 212
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Class 4

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Picture illustrating computers in Level 212

Level 212 is the 213th Level of the Backrooms, discovered on 4/12/2020.

Level 212 appears as a large computer lab with a total of 212 computers out of which 5 work and 207 are nonfunctional.


Level 212 is a huge computer lab. The working computers serve as your primary exit when in Level 212 and should therefore be located immediately upon entry. When you enter this level, you will start feeling the following symptoms:

  • Dizziness
  • Nauseousness
  • Headaches
  • Stomachaches

This is natural, and there is nothing to worry about! It is worth noting that there is a clock, a pathway down to "The Storage Room" and four windows (one of which overlooks the outdoors). There seems to be a hallway outside from here, and despite our best efforts, there has been no success in opening the door to the hallway manually. The only way to open the door is with the Software in Computer 5.

If you decide to go to "The Storage Room" (not recommended) there will be huge amounts of radiation, Entity 3, Entity 10, Entity 42 and Entity 17. If you decide to destroy the window, you will fall to a void for 20 minutes and after 20 minutes, you'll land in Level 115. It's not recommended to touch the floor with your hands because there is radiation. If you stay in this Level for 19 hours, the air will become toxic to breathe. If you manage to stay alive, the ceiling will give way and crush you.
Level 212 has low amounts of oxygen, this means that you could die from suffocation,
Additionally, you can experience the following symptoms when you're on Level 212

  • Hallucinations
  • Hypoxia
  • Poisoning
  • Death
  • Electrocution

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

Due to high levels of radiation and an entity infestation, no communities/outposts can be established here.

"The Storage Room"

The storage room is just a huge room that contains destroyed computers and some cleaning objects. It is similar to Level 0. It has a dirty and stained carpet, and buzzing lights. Entities seem to avoid being here, the reason is unknown. The only entity that can be found here is Entity 169, but it's uncommon.

Noclipping here is believed to lead to a trap created by the level. Trying to no-clip here should be avoided at all costs as it could lead to death. The only known way to exit this room are the following:

  • Going through an exit door and go to the main area of Level 212
  • Going through a window and going to the main area of Level 212

These are the only safe ways to exit to the computer lab. If anyone exit by no-clip, they can be considered dead.

"The Clock"

The Clock is an object that can sometimes be found in Level 212. This Clock is very powerful and could create a disaster for The Backrooms. However, it's very difficult to use. If you grab the clock, you'll be unstoppable. The clock can destroy levels in the correct use. It is confirmed that the clock was hidden by some M.E.G agent.

Changing the time to "12:12" will destroy a random object in any level of The Backrooms, usually simple things such as a piece of wood or a little rock.

If you decide to use the clock do not change the time to 23 : 05. It's very dangerous. Starting to use the clock from the hour 23 is very unstable and could lead to a massive destruction that could kill you in seconds. The clock can only work with a piece that Script 5 produces.

"The Software"

The software seems to be the thing that control the Level. This software is the only confirmed way to open the door to the hallway, if you manage to exit to this hallway you can manage to exit this hallway, you can go to the exit door, although it's not recommended. The Software is very complex, and if you do something wrong, you could end up making the level more dangerous than it is already. However, by using the Software you can enter a secret area of the Level. If you enter to a script of the software, it may teleport you to "The Storage Room". The Storage Room isn't dangerous at all, but it's uncommon to get here.

The software is naturally found on Computer #5, but you can summon it and it can appear on any computer.To summon it you have to enter 5 scripts. These scripts are sometimes seen written in the ceiling, walls and sometimes those are written on a whiteboard, they can appear in the Level randomly.

The Scripts

The scripts are pieces of code that can be inserted into the computers. These scripts are used for summoning the Software in any computer other than computer 5. Many of the scripts contain files such as videos, images or sounds. It is unknown how they appear after writing them but it is necessary to have those items to find an exit.

Script 1

This script contains audio file of birdcalls that seem to be from a maccaw parrot. Possible links with Entity 7 are unknown.
This script may be found on a whiteboard.

Script 2

This script is just a normal and common script, this script just has letters, codes, labels, numbers, etc.

Script 3

Script 3 is a map of an unknown world. This map has sections labeled "Continents" and "Water" drawn on it. The map can be printed on "The Printer". You may find it on a window. You can also find some videos, but these videos are distorted and make no sense at all.

Script 4

Script 4 seems to be a picture of the Sun. People who have seen this picture feel a weird sensation about it. After this photo is printed you can find codes and things normally found on a script. This script can be found on a chair usually, but in rare occasions on the door to the hallway.

Script 5

Script 5 is a script that produces an important object for The Clock to work. This object is orange colored triangle like shaped object. After you get this part, you should insert it on the clock for it to work.

The Summon

The Summon is what happens when you manage to summon the software in any computer: a powerful radio-magnetic force will appear will throw you across the room. You'll go unconscious for 3 hours or so. After you wake up you'll probably see most of the room destroyed. What happens in the ritual is unconfirmed. Trying to record the scene will result in a corrupted file. At this point the magnetic force will appear to be so strong it would crush every metal around it.

"Upside Down"

This stage can happen after you activate a script on "The Software". After you activate this script named "Down!" the whole room will turn upside down. Everything will fall to the ceiling. You should be careful when doing this because the ceiling in this Level is very tall, and if you fall roughly you can go unconscious.


Level 212 was discovered on April 12th, 2020. It was discovered by someone in Level 0 who just entered The Backrooms and turned on a computer, he accidentally used the "#212" software and got here.

Entrances And Exits:


  • Find an old computer spotted on Level 19 and turn it on.
  • Find a computer on Level 0 and go on a software named "#212".


  • There are some parts of the floor that can lead to Level 115, these parts are known to be black and slippery
  • There could be a glitch while teleporting to Levels in the computers, and it will take you to the blue channel or the purple rooms.
  • In extremely weird cases it will take you to Level Alpha.
  • There is only 2 computers confirmed to go to safe levels, the computer 1 and 3, those lead to Level 6.1 and The Hub, the other ones lead to Level 12, Level 0 and Level 1.5.
  • Use computers to exit and enter either safe levels or dangerous levels (Depends on the computer you use) you will end on a the level that the computer you used had decided to take you.
  • Jump through a window facing to the garden and land on Level 115.
  • No-clip through the floor.
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