Level 210
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Class 5

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Level 210 is the 211th level of the backrooms. It was Discovered in 2019.


Most of the darkness that surrounds this image is part of the void.


Level 210 is a single long hallway with doors on either side. The two ends of the hallway contain small areas with elevators, surrounded by a pitch black void. Everything on this Level is black and white, although its possible the Level makes the wanderers who come here turn color-blind. The hallway is about 500 ft long. The doors all lead to rooms similar to that of an office building, decorated with fake plants and computers. The computers are not functional.

The areas at the end of the hallway have the appearance of a small room with only an office light. Walking out into the void is almost always a death sentence. If you are here, head for the elevators.


Level 210 is infested with Smilers. Under normal circumstances, keeping eye contact with them is your best hope for survival. However, in this Level, they will watch you from just about every angle, even if you can't see them. Your best bet is to look down at the ground, and keep your eyes closed as often as possible. You will be safe when you reach the elevators.

Entrances And Exits:


Can be assessed from Level 209. In addition, there is a chance that if suddenly everything becomes black and white, you've entered a room on this level. Walking out will lead you into the hallway.


The elevators can take you to whatever Level's button you press, including Level 211. They are on either side of the hallway. Walking into the void that surrounds Level 210 is almost always a death sentence, and you'll likely be mauled to death by the hordes of Smilers. If you manage to avoid that , you'll end up in Level 6.

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