Level 206


Level 206 contains:

  • Visual depictions of skeletons, as well as catacombs.
  • Written depictions of violence.
  • Written depictions of mutilated bodies.
  • General visceral description.
  • Death. (Obviously)

If you are disturbed by any of these subjects, read at your own discretion.

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The east-west spanning hallway within the head of Level 206.


An all-encompassing map of Level 206's architecture.


Level 206 is a recently created, finite and specifically organised array of catacombs and stone-like, claustrophobic hallways which are all intentionally built to the approximate dimensions of a humanoid skeleton for transport across The Blue Channel.

Its structure, whilst quite proprietary, is one comprised solely of hallways either made of pulverised bone indistinguishable from stone found in caves, or of larger and overtly obvious bones that coat select walls within the level. The lattermost walls are predominantly comprised of limb bones like the Humerus, the Ulna, and the Radius.1

Other bones are also present that act as extra padding to these walls, the most notable of which being skulls, which are seen to be stacked across in horizontal lines, as well as being sunken into the bone walls themselves. For the walls that are not overt displays of remains, the general structure of the different hallways is similar to porous and volcanic stone that ancient European Catacombs would usually be constructed out of. However, as referenced prior, the material of these rooms is the exact same as the bones from the other, more overt hallways.

As well as these bones, Level 206 is lit via an infrequent array of irregularly placed industrial and fluorescent lights, all surprisingly constructed out of ordinary, traditional materials. These wires, whilst insulated in rubber, are exposed to wanderers, usually trailing along the ceiling or high up on the walls. As well as this, objects like exit signs, regular signs, switches, stone slabs, and electrical panels also exist and are dotted along the scape. These, however, are disconnected from the above lights, and tampering with them yields no results.

Through a process executed by the native entities of Level 206, certain unusually smaller bones within the bodies are broken, molten and fused together to create the porous stone comprising the hallways. These walls, despite their base material being of otherwise dried and brittle bones, run extremely deep, allowing for an almost infinite application of force to be applied to any of 206's perimeter architecture without it suffering major damages.2

The air within Level 206 is unusually musty and almost has a fog-like appearance, most likely caused by the chalky nature of the level's structural makeup. The air itself is not inherently a risk to health, however, prolonged exposure to the dingy and claustrophobic air may prove a health risk to those already befallen to lung-based health complications.

Areas of the body

As previously described, Level 206's layout follows that of a humanoid skeletal structure. This design, as figured out by approximately seven different explorations, is that of an attempt to create a pseudo-living organism capable of vague navigation throughout The Blue Channel.

There are no sentient entities that are known to be the manager for Level 206's construction, as the only living life connected to the level (besides the human-majority groups that have explored the scape) are the usually aggressive, simplistic entities that undergo the level's construction. For this reason, the true motive for the construction of this body is unknown to the M.E.O.D, and a vast amount of what is documented has either come from multiple hours of investigative, on-site research, or simply just speculation done by experts in the field.

The Skull


The east-west spanning hallway within the head of Level 206.


A view of the Blue Channel out of the eye of the skull.


The general map for the shape of Level 206's skull.

The Skull of Level 206 is divided into four main areas of interest. Those being the horizontal corridor,3, the vertical corridor4, the eyes, and the wells. The lattermost of the above list encompassing both the equivalent of the ears and nasal systems.

Both of the hallways that comprise of the head are long, singular corridors comprised of the pulverised and fused bone material described above. The east-west singular hallway is where wanderers entering the level will end up, as all four entrances to the level are located within this hall. Whilst offering little in visual decoration besides old and dry bones scattering the floor, there are two large openings within the wall close to the centre of the east-west hallway that overlook a spiral shape in a wall behind, accumulating into a circular hole that looks outward and into The Blue Channel. This wall faces opposite the north-south/vertical hall that connects to the next of Level 206, and the holes are placed at such a distance so that said holes aren't visible if one is standing within the vertical hall. These holes only go to anywhere between the thigh and knee, depending on one's height, and can be climbed into to get inside of the eye.

The eye is constructed of similarly pulverised and fused bones, and unlike the usual structure of real eyes, is a rectangular and boxy space that can only fit about one person in its width. Here, as much as it is heavily advised against, one can choose to clamber out of the somewhat tight eyehole and exit into The Blue Channel. For reasons that will be elaborated, doing this is heavily unadvised, and will lead to inadvertent death.

As described, the north-south hallway connects to the east-west hallway between the eyes. The vertical hallway within The Skull seamlessly transitions into the neck of The Spine, which is the next area wanderers will arrive at should they decide to venture further down.

The Spine


The intersection after following the other hallway down from the top area.


The central hallway of Level 206's spine, shown here connecting to the fourteen ribs present on this level's geography.


A further continuation of Level 206's map, displaying the rough overview for The Spine.

The Spine, being the most central area for all of Level 206 and acting as somewhat of a hub for the other areas, is complex area of the level , as well possessing the danger of the hip and leg structure below.

Connected to the previously described hallway by a four-way intersection,5 The Centre is the closest draw to a "room" within this level, however its otherwise larger space is divided by walls of a similar height to those in the eyes within The Skull.6 Thus creating a main pathway that's almost slimmer than the hallways that have come before it, but one that still feels wider than a majority of other rooms in the level.


The end of one of the many side hallways that connect to The Centre.

As has been stated prior, The Spine has multiple offshoots that all connect to different individual ribs. Unlike traditional ribs, however, these hallways do not connect and interlock to form an actual cage that would prototypically be used as a way to house organs. Instead, these hallways go in practically a straight line, with each one progressively getting shorter and shorter when looking at the different ribs from a north-south direction.

Despite the gradual shortening in length, the rib structures all possess the exact same structure. Their walls, unlike all previously described walls up to now, possess that of a stereotypical and expected catacombs. The walls in question are that of various large bones, as well as countless skulls in various states of withering and fracturing.

No matter the hall that individuals choose to venture down, each hallway culminates into a flat dead-end, the end wall possessing the exact same composition as the other two walls on either side of the corridor.

The Arms


A general representative image of what the shoulders and elbows in Level 206 look like.


The left forearm of Level 206.


An overview of the layout of both of the arms inside of this level.

The Arms are, at least relatively speaking, one of the most complex areas of Level 206. Possessing a comparatively complex room layout that, as one may expect, follows the general designs of a traditional humanoid arm bone structure. Much like the ribs of this level, a majority of the arm structure, with the exception of the hands, have their walls almost completely coated in arm, leg, rib, and skull bones. With the only fused bones being used for both the ceiling and flooring of these areas.

Access to The Arms is done by following either the east or west routes when at the intersection that connects The Skull to The Spine. Each of the horizontal corridors each lead to two identically laid out sets or rooms, with the only differences being the general placement of bones within the rooms that openly display them, and the fact that both arms are mirrored to upkeep symmetry

The first and third rooms of each side of The Arms each resemble cylindrical, bone-filled rooms, being the shoulders and elbows of the body respectively. Despite their almost identical appearances, the shoulders and elbows share one notable difference between their different architecture. For the shoulders, the doorway into the lower portion of the level is placed at a 90 degree angle to either the left or the right depending on which side one has chosen to go down.7 For the elbows, the doorway will be placed on the opposite side of the room, directed at a 180 degree angle.

The second and fourth rooms of The Arms are similar in design to the hallway intersection that connects all areas of Level 206 together, and act as the bridging points between the shoulders to the elbows, and the elbows to the hands. These hallways drag on virtually in a singular, straight line from room to room. The forearms, however, are somewhat of an extension to this rule, as the forearms of 206 follow an s-bend pattern before connecting to the base of the hand.


The base of the left hand, seen as one would when entering in from the forearms.


The third joint of one of the fingers within Level 206.

Below the arm structures is a compound room, used as a nexus point for the various fingers of each hand. The roof within the main hand area is somewhat lower than of most previous rooms, requiring certain taller individuals to duck when passing through its area. It is also distinct by the fact that its construction is not that of the overt, large bones. Instead, the hand, as well as its subsequent fingers and thumbs, are of the previously well established fused and unrecognisable smaller bones.

This room, as is prototypical with human hands, connects to four three jointed fingers, and one two jointed thumb each. However, depending on which side of The Hands one may have chosen to explore, the direction of the hallway that is at a 90 degree angle to the previous hallway, as appose to the 180 degree angle difference the other four share, will instead be flipped.8

Each of the fingers and thumbs are built to almost identically designed, pulverised bone rooms. They contain lights that are tucked back within indents in the walls, and are illuminated via the same industrial lighting found present elsewhere in the level.9 At each end of each section of the finger/thumb, there is a turn in the doorways between one identical hall and the next which tilts inwards towards The Spine. This, however, only continues on for a total of three joints (or two if one is travelling through a thumb) before the passageways come to an abrupt end.10

The unfinished lower structure


A photo of the enshrouded Below, pictured from within The Centre.

Venturing below the spine leads individuals to by far the most dangerous lower portions of Level 206's body, the area below The Spine. The lower structure of Level 206 is one that is barely lit, with all lights stopping approximately 6 meters after the final set of doorways that enter into the ribs. As with all of the central structure up to this point, the lower structure is made of the ground-up, pulverised bone structure that a large majority of this level is made of. If one is to illuminate the lower areas with a flashlight, due to the above mentioned lack of any prebuilt light, one will eventually see the singular and thin hallway begin to widen outwards into a large atrium-like area.

In this area, which has been correlated to being similar to hips, is where the native entities known as The Sieved Flesh reside. The entities, which have a thorough description written below, mainly reside within this area of Level 206's body. Here, they store the flesh and meat off of either dead bodies they noclip into this level, or from living beings that they lure.11 The stench of the lower structure is unmistakably putrid and rotten, filled with the smell of rotting flesh that emanates from the exuberantly large piles of organic material that almost fills up the entire floor of the hip structure.

Though it has only ever been achieved once, and was a process that subsequently lead to the death of the individual who tried it, then two hallways of identical design to the upper and lower arms can be found at the left and right side of the southern portion of the hips. These, as one may guess, are the openings for the legs, which at this point in time rest in an unfinished state.


Level 206's lowermost portion, specifically the right leg. Presenting a direct view out into The Blue Channel.

As was only discovered on one of the more recent expeditions to Level 206, the traversable skeleton currently rests in an uncomplete state, with everything below the thighs being nothing more than stray bones needed for building material, and general open space that leads into The Blue Channel. Descending down this far into Level 206 is not recommended, as The Sieved Flesh will most likely wish to kill and store any living being they come into contact with in their lair area, on top of the fact that Level 206's current geography ends at this point, and jumping into The Blue Channel is practically suicide.

It unknown what, if anything at all, will commence when 206's skeleton is finished.

The Sieved Flesh

Level 206 is exclusively home to an abundance of fleshy, grotesque formless blobs of organic components, all formed from both the bodies they rob, and the various humans they kill both in and out of this level. These creatures are the ones responsible for building and expanding Level 206, and have been doing so for a currently unknown amount of time.

These creatures are fleshy, partially rotting collections of flesh and viscera, and have no set or defined structure besides their spiked, drill-like feet, which are comprised of various fingernails, as well as incisor and canine teeth. These formations hold a surprising amount of structural integrity in comparison to their otherwise slime-like bodies. These formations of needle legs are used for quick moving and initial digging of buried bodies, as well as to be able to attack or harvest living creatures of their contents. To do this, these creatures will usually put two of their many legs side-by-side and imitate biting to graze and oftentimes rip off pieces of their prey. These creatures also have developed a form of superheating within these teeth, which is used both for construction and offensive means.

As well as the above uses, the main purpose of these entities is to steal dead bodies and random wanderers from various levels via noclipping them into whichever areas of the level are currently requiring construction and maintenance. To remove flesh from dead bodies, they will usually superheat the corpse's organic parts to melt the various surface features, as well as gut out the torso and head of its organs. When needing to maintain the walls that are of pulverised bones, they will do this via grinding up and superheating the smaller bodily bones until they mesh and blend together to create one uniform megastructure, and any seams are usually hidden via layering thin amounts of more bone mixture atop the recently created architecture.

The Sieved Flesh are known to reproduce in a mostly asexual fashion, as they possess the eerie ability to be able to imbue life into the flesh mounds they leave within the hip area of the body. The selection of what flesh becomes personified is selectively chosen by the entities themselves, usually working on their own or in pairs to create new copies of themselves.

The whole body

It is unknown at this time why Level 206 is being built by The Sieved Flesh, and as such the danger it could bring is still unknown. Frequently, even after 6 months since the first knowledge of Level 206, bodies from graveyards and random areas where people have died are still being robbed, albeit on a smaller and less daily schedule after the first documented exploration.

As well as this, the exterior dimensions of the skeleton are non-Euclidian, and do not match the interior designs of the hallways. The interior dimensions of the hallways been altered, mainly within 206's skull, to accommodate being able to walk across the entirety of Level 206's features with ease. From the outside, which is a view only witnessed twice by now deceased explorers, Level 206 resembles that of a normal skeletal layout, albeit nearly 12x the size of an average human body. The joints of the different bones are all connected to one another, and look as though they swing and move in large, sweeping motions whilst the entirety of the level plummets in a downwards direction.12

Due to the fact that this organism is in motion, and has sometimes been witnessed to move in directions other than downwards, it is believed that Level 206 is being built as some sort of inter-level transport vehicle. It is unknown whether the final result will be sentient, yet alone even alive, however the M.E.O.D. plans to keep Level 206 in an active watchlist, awaiting what further developments lie ahead for it.


Level 206's existence was initially discovered in late 2025, when reports of a loiterer within a graveyard on Level 9 unveiled various open and defiled graves with the contents of the deceased within them stolen. After two investigators were sent out to investigate, Sally Warwell and Sky Wilkins,13 several more cases on Level 2, Level 29, Level 94, Level 121, Level 125, Level 138, Level 309, and Level 436 happened as well, under identical circumstances to the initial case on Level 9.

After gathering enough evidence about the commonalities of these locations, being the fact they were extremely lived-in levels, multiple three person exploration teams were sent to Level 11.1, Level 186, Level 194, Level 230, and Level 26014 in order to try and catch another grave robbing before it occurred, and noclip into the level alongside the desecrating entities.

After being pulled in by the noclipping abilities of The Sieved Flesh, the field investigator15 was able to explore the left arm, the spine, and the left side of the head of Level 206 before becoming overrun by Sieved Flesh. However, much to the initial panic of the other two members of his team, the investigator survived via fleeing to Level 205.

After this initial exploration, Level 206 was explored a further six times between the dates of 01/12/2025, and 18/03/2026,16 which is what lead to the discovery of the other three exits, the exploration of the right arm(despite its identicalness to the leftmost one), the discovery of the under construction areas, more understanding of The Sieved Flesh, and other important aspects to understanding the mechanics of Level 206.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Due to the lack of supplies, limited space, and the fact that Level 206 is a general hub for the recycling of humans, Bases, Outposts, Communities, as well as general towns and villages have not and will not be established.

Entrances And Exits

Level 206, prior to the various explorations where easier access and egress was discovered, was initially only accessible via the grave robbing described within the history section. However, after the first documented exploration of Level 206 was completed,17 four "wells" were discovered that each lead to another level. Those wells, the side of the hallway they exist on, and their physical descriptions are listed below.

Before the actual entrances and exits are listed, it must be noted that The Blue Channel is technically an exit if one chooses to either leap out of this level at the uncompleted legs, or via climbing out of the eyes. This method of exit is not recommended, mainly due to the speeds that the 206 body travels at will cause wanderers who leave the skeleton to become quickly abandoned within the blue void, and eventually perish.

Level 165

  • The exit for Level 165, as with all currently known exits besides the technical exit of The Blue Channel, is placed along the horizontal corridor that all wells and entrances/exits are on. The well for 165 is hidden behind the neck corridor used to enter the skull,18 and can easily be identified due to an almost sweet aroma from the various plants of Level 165 emanating down the well.
    • As with all entrance wells to 206, with the exception of 205's exit due to a lack of geography in the aforementioned level, the well to enter Level 206 from 165 is hidden against two of the perimeter fence corners. It is placed rather close to a rainbow door that would otherwise lead to Level 255, however its position behind multiple oak trees still keeps its location somewhat hidden from those not diligent enough to see it.

Level 169

  • Similar to 165's entrance and exit, the exit to Level 169 from Level 206, and vice versa, is found within the rightmost section of the horizontal hallway within The Skull, existing at the very end of the hallway at the ear. The exit to this level is usually covered with blown-in sands from the dry deserts, making it easily identifiable from a distance.
    • Though it can be easily confused with the portion of the Level 288 that resides within the centre of Level 169, the entrance and exit to/from Level 206 can easily be identified as being separate from The Well due to its geographical position. The well on 169 is hidden between/behind an array of slim canyon pillars towards the eastern area of 165's finite land.

Level 205

  • Level 205, as with all of this level's wells, acts as both a mutual entrance and exit to/from Level 206 through a singular well that exists within both levels. Within Level 206, the well exit exists within the leftmost corridor, tucked behind the wall closest to the entrance hallway from the spine. This aforementioned well, should one decide to enter it, will deposit ones self into Level 205. It must be noted, however, that using this method of exit the thin nature of the well may cause injury if one does not use it at the right angle, of if one moves too much whilst inside of it.
    • On Level 205's side, the well exists approximately 400 meters from chain-link fence on the southern side, with the second nearest neighbouring fence being the eastern one at 850 meters. When using this method of exit, the same precautionary methods must be taken.19

Level 37

  • Within the same left corridor as the above entrance and exit, though specifically at the end of the hallway, is a singular room at a somewhat lower elevation to the rest of the level.20 Here, a well to Level 37 is placed, residing in the place of an "ear". Its casing is entirely flooded, as is the surrounding ground around it, making the only way to use this exit swimming. Should one do so, one will arrive at Level 37.
    • Within Level 37 itself, the well is practically impossible to find. To the best knowledge of investigators and in congruency with the well exits on other levels, the well on 37 is one of a kind. Due to the infinite and often non-Euclidian nature of this level, finding the well after leaving it is practically impossible. Because of this, the well on Level 37 is not a practical entrance to Level 206, and shall not be considered as such.

. . .

Hey, Fritz?

Lake? I didn't think we'd speak, certainly not on direct line.

It's an easy way to message you, really. I wanted to talk.

About what? I'm all-ears.

Have you looked at the draft on the level we explored? I think it's called Level 206 now?

Oh, yeah I did actually, my mind's still racking over 118 that I almost forgot that that got published. What's up about it?

Nothing about the page itself, just… Worried, I guess. I thought the explorations would come to more than what's been discovered. What we know is a lot, but there's still things that our explorations don't know.

You're worried about that?

In case what we don't know about 206 is dangerous, yeah.

This is something flying across the Blue Channel, clearly being made by someone, for possibly sinister reasons. We know a lot, but the who made it is still a question on my mind, and to what end this body is being used for when it gets completed.

God, I haven't even thought about what it could do when it's completed-

Hey, Lake, calm down. It's okay! I get you're worried, there are a lot of things going on right now, and we're not in a good place to be able to sort it all out, but… I know things will be okay.

Even if we could be dealing something apocalyptic?

I'd say calling it that is a bit of a stretch-

Well we don't know what else it could be! This thing could be like if 811's machines got repaired and activated, for christ sakes! Doesn't that worry you??

It does! Believe me! I took the time to quickly message a few people, and… apparently more investigations are gonna be underway. Mainly to see how the lower portion of the body is gonna be built, and also to observe its entities more.

That doesn't sound like it'll get us any closer to knowing the scale of what's going on with it.

You're right, it won't. But without a big boss or anything controlling what's going on behind the scenes, we're kinda stumped on that. Best we can do is wait, I suppose. I'm sure answers will come.

I guess.

I get the feeling you're still nervous about it… Look, if the answers turn out to be really bad, or if something cataclysmic happens, I trust we'll be okay. If nothing else, we're protected?

You have far too much trust in the M.E.O.D.

I have enough to know their acts are genuine, and that they have our backs. Why don't I come see you? Are you at home? We can talk and manage things that way.

Yeah, I'm just at home. It's not too far for you to come, is it?

Not at all! I'll be there in an hour or so, cya then.


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