Level 205
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Level 205 as seen from Level 11

Level 205 is the 206th Positive Level of the Backrooms discovered on ██/██/████ by several runaway members of the F.O.J.


Level 205 is a flat plain of grass approximately 100km2 in area without any unique features. The edges of Level 205 is lined with 10m tall chain-link fence nearby to the outer edges of Level 10 and Level 11.

Level 205 is usually barren of entities (except for the Volpes). However, some may attempt to take down the nearest fence from Level 10 or Level 11.

Level 205 has over 30 fossilized items from prior to 1950. Examples of Level 205’s items can be viewed below.

Notable Uncovered Items

Item 205-2 - The Cervid Skull

Threat Level: AMBER

Item 205-2 is a elk skull of abnormally large scale with antlers 26cm long. Weathering of Item 205-2 can be observed across the object through signs of outdoor exposure, bleaching of the upper surfaces and lacking of a second antler and lower mandible. Cervid is assumed to be sapient due to a hostile behaviours to the discoverers of itself, lunging at said discoverers, stabbing their feet and legs with it’s teeth and clamping onto their victim’s leg when covered alike to a beartrap.

Item 205-7 - Most of a Spinosaurus

Threat Level: GREEN

Item 205-7 is a live fossilized spinosaurus skeleton approximately 7 metres tall and 13 metres long. Item 205-7 is capable of locomotion (e.g. sprinting at 52km/h at fastest). Item 205-7 is typically docile in nature with an aggressive nature when provoked. Item 205-7 is entirely capable of living on it’s own, without a need of nourishment, locomotion, or rest.

Item 205-13 - War Fossils

Threat Level: BLACK

Item 205-13 consists of over 15 fossilized tanks, failed aircraft and machinery in the style their counterparts from the 1930s. Item 205-13 instances are somewhat sapient and aware of their surroundings scaling at 83 IQ. Item 205-13 instances have been observed play-fighting, destroying both structures, and in some cases attacking humans, insanities or other entities of the Backrooms.

Item 205-13 is required to be contained in Level 205 to minimise damage of other Levels. If containment is breached by an instance of Item 205-13 it is to be destroyed immediately before damage can occur to Level 11, Level 10 or other levels.

Item 205-24 - Mimic Skeleton

Threat Level: GREEN

Item 205-24 is a sapient human skeleton capable of mimicking any creature’s skeletal structure. Item 205-24 has an approximated height of 243cm and a weight 40kg. Item 205-24 has an ability to dislocate all bones of the body at will including the rib-cage, skull and spinal cord. Item 205-24 alike to Item 205-7 does not need nourishment or rest.

Item 205-24 usually inhabits a passive behaviour with older inhabitants of Level 205. With new inhabitants who hadn’t existed in Level 205 for 7 days, Item 205-24 exhibits a docile behaviour only attacking when provoked.



In 20██, 6 members of the F.O.J. disagreed with the rules put into place and was exiled from Level 2’s F.O.J. Outpost. After 10 consecutive days of looking for a viable group to settle in, they ended up in Level 11. 2 exiled members were curious about a chainlink fence across a boundary of Level 11 and climbed into Level 205.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

No Bases, Outposts or Communities exist in Level 205 as of date of latest update. Level 205 is only populated by 6 runaway members of the F.O.J. The B.N.T.G. is debating about creating an Outpost in Level 205.

Entrances & Exits



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