Level 2.1
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Class 4

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Level 2.1 is a Sub-Level in between Level 2 and Level 3. It is the home of the Hikari.


A hallway in Level 2.1.


Level 2.1 is characterized by maze-like tunnels made of concrete bricks. It is estimated to be about 70 - 100 miles long. It is lit up by random assortments of light sources, including light bulbs and torches. There are also areas that are completely devoid of light. These areas are the safest. There are also sections of the tunnels that break off into caves. The rock structures are also made of concrete.

The only known entities on this level are the Hikari, incorporeal beings that possess light sources and use them to kill people that walk near them. If a light flickers, avoid it at all costs. It is wise to bring some rocks in case you have to destroy a light source, but this makes the pathway dark for everyone else. Only do this if absolutely necessary. Hikari that possess a torch can only be removed if the flames are extinguished with Almond Water.

The Concrete Caves

Some hallways in Level 2.1 will have openings that lead into cave systems. These caves have the exact same physical appearance as a normal cave, but are made entirely out of concrete. The caves can also sometimes have rivers of wet concrete, that flow in a similar way that molten lava would. The caves are devoid of light, which makes them safe from the Hikari, but also tricky to make one's way across.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this Level.

Entrances And Exits:


Level 2.1 can be accessed by no-clipping in an extremely hot area of Level 2. If you are unable to clip through, go back to another area of Level 2. Staying there will quickly kill you.


Some holes in the concrete can be around 5-6 feet tall, these are the exit points. These holes will lead to Level 3, but they are difficult to find. These exits are only in areas of Level 2.1 that are pitch black with no nearby light sources. Feel around until you feel an opening and go through. If you explore deep enough into the concrete caves, you will eventually end up in Level 8.

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