Level 2
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A photo of Level 2 featuring a being. The fate of the person who took this photo is still unknown.

Level 2 is the 3rd Level of the Backrooms, and the last one you could feasibly start out in.


Level 2 consists of millions of miles of industrial maintenance tunnels, gray floors and concrete walls adorned with locked doors containing pitch-black windows, ventilation ducts with odd noises coming from them, and pipes that contain viscous black fluid. Occasionally, you can find computers and rooms.

Most of the time, the noises in the vents are caused by Crawlers, one of the Beings you can find on Level 2. You can also find Mark in employee bathrooms on this level. Other beings here include Smilers, Child Facelings, Clumps, Hounds, male Deathmoths, Insanities, Bursters, and Skin-Stealers. If you come into contact with any being in this level, your only choice is to run in the opposite direction, as they become hostile on sight here. If your in a group and you encounter a being, you can attempt to kill it. One of the beings is seen on the photo to the right. It is thought to be one of the lesser hostile beings.

The hum-buzz of electric lighting is much stronger than Level 0 or Level 1. In some areas in Level 2, the heat can become unbearable, reaching 43°C (110°F) or higher, so taking water with you is advised. This level can be claustrophobic due to the tightness of the tunnels and can cause insanity after long periods of time. There are useful supplies on this level, so if you're prepared to fight, staying here for a bit can prove to be beneficial.

The Hub can sometimes be accessed from Level 2.

Colonies And Outposts

The Survivors:

  • A group recently discovered in this Level.
  • They are currently exploring Level to Level.
  • Contains about 35 people.
  • The leader of this group is "Austin".
  • Very friendly, and are open to trade.
  • They hold their supplies in wooden crates found in Level 3.
  • They were the first to discover the Insanity.

Office Space EL3A

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Entrances And Exits:


To Enter, simply explore Level 1, and you will randomly end up here.


To Exit, Contrary to popular belief, not all of the doors on Level 2 are locked. You can go through some of them to go to Level 3 and Level 4. You can also find ways back to Level 1.

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