Level 199
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An artist depiction of Level 199.

Ancient and venerable, the Oneiric Forest has been a major part of the backrooms' folklore for a long time. The promise of a natural paradise that can be accessed through dreams may sound tempting to many, leading to the commercialization of all sorts of drugs and concoctions that give supposed access to Level 199 in Level 11. Coupled with all the false reports, this has made the documentation of the level especially complicated.

Level 199 is described as a huge myriad of rivers, lakes, valleys and even mountain ranges in the distance. It is said that a dense layer of green flora grows everywhere, composed of plants that the human brain is not even capable of imagining. As for the fauna, few reports mention the sighting of other living beings, which could possibly be either hallucinations or Orbs.

It is clear that the level is characterized by its great natural abundance, yet the wanderers always mention the presence of ruins, apparently artificially raised structures that have been long forgotten. This seems to suggest that Level 199 once had the presence of sapient entities in large numbers.

Time works abnormally in the boundaries of this level, what may seem like weeks inside ends up being minutes outside and vice versa. There are reports of wanderers who stayed inside for months. Surprisingly, they did not need any external support as Level 199 seemed to supply their basic needs.

The Twisted Garden


Drawing of a pyramid crossing a medieval wall in The Garden.

Wanderers who went deep enough into the level mentioned that the artificial structures became more and more common, little by little, to the point of reaching what we have called "The Twisted Garden". This is an area where buildings of all kinds and styles intertwine in a tangle of chaos, almost as if they had grown like wild plants. The buildings intersect, crossing each other to form a crooked city.

The Garden is full of dead ends, corridors that lead to falls into the void or rooms that although visible from the outside, can not be accessed in any way. The city has a system of canals, but the water does not run through any of them. Instead, water follows the paths formed due to erosion, these streams run through buildings, squares and even some of the walkable alleys.

It is unknown if the city was inhabited or if it was even artificially constructed, the signs of an unknown language in the streets seem to indicate that it was, but this city does not seem in any way functional. Some believe that the city suffered some sort of cataclysm in the past, but nothing is certain for the moment.



Drawing of an orb made by a wanderer after waking up from Level 199.

Orbs are the only "entities" that occupy Level 199, it is unknown if they are some kind of plant, animal or even living beings. These orbs manifest as a series of glowing strips that fold back on themselves to infinity. They can be found all over the level, but become more common the closer you get to The Garden.

Wanderers who encounter them claim that the creatures guided them to The Garden, specifically to the area that appears to be its center. Hundreds of orbs fly around this point, even the buildings bend towards it as if it exerted a force on them, however, wanderers mentioned not feeling this pull when they were in the nearby areas.

In the center stands a small tower, old yet intact, seemingly unaffected by the chaos of the city. The wanderers who were brave enough to reach the top speak of a pedestal that seems to be missing a piece. It is possible that the decadence of the city and the lack of its inhabitants is due to this absence.

Memoirs of Isidro Martínez

Bases, Outposts, and Communities:

Given the oneiric properties of the level and the fact that no wanderer has ever encountered another wanderer during their stay in the level, it is thought unlikely or even impossible that there are any outposts in Level 199.

Entrances And Exits:


Since this level can only be accessed through dreams, the only thing we can do is to give some tips that may help your way into it.

  • Sleeping in Levels with a high natural presence like The Crimson Forest, Level 37 and Level 797.
  • Be calm, anxiety, remorse and other negative emotions can influence one's ability to get in tune with the level.
  • Many merchants sell substances that supposedly help to access Level 199, we have not been able to verify the efficiency of any of them.


Consequently, the only way out of Level 199 is to wake up. This can be somewhat difficult, as some wanderers have mentioned feeling "anchored" to the level.

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