Level 197


Class Variable

  • Mysterious Properties
  • Scarce Information
  • Sudden Changes in Environment

The Crystal Caverns is the 198th level of the Backrooms. It is a large cave system with an abundance of crystals that have various unique properties and effects.


Level 197 is an expansive crystal cave of undetermined size. Its walls are large and form a spacious cavern, with crystals hanging from the ceiling and growing from the ground. These crystals have anomalous properties that can affect wanderers in different ways, which can be either beneficial or dangerous depending on the zone a wanderer is located in.

There are currently four known zones in Level 197, which have been named as follows:

  • "The Turquoise Zone"
  • "The Amethyst Zone"
  • "The Ruby Zone"
  • "The Onyx Zone"

Zones are sections of Level 197 that are filled with different minerals. There have been rumors of zones that are made of other minerals such as diamonds, emeralds, or topaz, but these claims are unconfirmed.

More information about the different zones can be found below. Due to the major differences between zones in Level 197, every area has been given its own Survival Difficulty, BOC list, and Entrance/Exit lists. Every zone will also have a new section labeled "Zone Formation" to inform wanderers of area geometry and possible spaces to avoid.

Zone 1 - The Turquoise Zone

Zone 2 - The Amethyst Zone

Zone 3 - The Ruby Zone

Zone 4 - The Onyx Zone

UPDATE: New Data Detected

On 14:16 of 04 May 22, the M.E.G. discovered a new zone to Level 197 with the help of the Eternal Repository. With this disclosure, and the possibility to find more zones within level 197, a new document has been created to store new data.

Visit the Supplementary Document here.

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