Level 196
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The only picture of level 196, taken on Floor 11.

Level 196 is the 197th of The Backrooms, this level was discovered by an anonymous explorer who is probably deceased.


Level 196 is an area similar to a hotel building from the 1980s. The lights on the level are off for the most part, but the lighting on the level comes from frequently found windows. The windows of the level show a white void shining, if you are very close to these windows, it is likely that you will suffer effects that will damage your sanity, so bring almond water so as not to become insane.
If you explore enough, you can find almond water bottles and sandwiches inside plastic bags on the tables in some kitchens, although these sandwiches are mostly rotten, it is possible to find others that are in good condition to eat, it all depends on your luck.
The level is divided into floors, the level changes little by little, in general, every 10 floors the level will become increasingly dangerous and unstable. It is not recommended to stay long inside the level, since if you spend a long time in this level, you will automatically clip up a few floors. It can potentially be dangerous if you go above Floor 10 or Floor 20.

Floors 1 to 10

On these floors the level will remain almost safe as long as you stay away from the windows. It is still a hotel from the 80s, with its respective characteristics already mentioned above. The level right now is currently a Class 0 danger level. The lights never flicker and this part is mostly devoid of entities. As I said before, there are only Windows that harm you.

Floors 10 to 20

Danger starts lurking here. The level is not so safe anymore, but still pretty safe, more like a Class 1 Danger Level. Now, the basic few neutral entities that are only hostile if provoked are here. Right now, it is easy to survive. The only problem here is a bad sanity drop here, and that the floor is different. Some parts of the rugs are ripped off so it shows the bare cement floor. The higher up you go in these floors, the more carpet ripped off you see. Also, some lights flicker rarely and Windows can be seen more often.

Floors 20 to 30

These are floors that no new explorer should go to. There are more entities and a few can be hostile even if they are not provoked. Usually there are windows on every single side room that looks like it leads outside. The lights flicker on and off every less than a second, and the rug is ripped so much the floor is almost barren, rug is rare to find at this point. The tiles are revealed below, which can collapse randomly. Still, the level is a Class 2 Danger Level, so it is not so bad yet.

More floors are yet to be discovered.

Colonies And Outposts

There are no known colonies or outposts at this level.

Entrances And Exits:


You can enter this level if you enter a building of Level 11, you will have a medium-low probability of accessing here. If you have more than about 7-12 failed attempts to enter Level 1 you will be transported to this level.


To exit, there is a rumor you have to go to Floor 500 to exit. This is not confirmed though and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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