Level 195
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A photo taken in Level 195 .

Level 195 is the 196th level of the backrooms. It is one of the most theorised levels as to what it is.


Level 195, also known as "The Backrooms Cemetery" or mostly called the "Hall of Tortured Souls" is one of the strangest backrooms levels out there. The level itself is quite long, and is mostly comprised of empty hallways and rooms. There is no human-friendly environment. At rare times, Level 195 has some small, claustrophobic mazes, and at other times some strange pathways, as if they come from a videogame. Everything has a very distinct colour, as it looks like there is no shading, and everything is very bright. Some wanderers claimed that it felt "like they were walking through a computer code". Others stated that this felt like a Limbo-esque experience. The walls can be walked through easily. However, the most notable thing in Level 195 is the names. Everywhere on the walls, names can be seen scrolling down quickly. This caught the eye of backrooms theorists, who made theories that these names are the names of people who have sinned and died in the backrooms, hence the names "The Backrooms Cemetery" and "Hall of Tortured Souls"; the names are those souls being tortured. But, hey, it's just a theory, a backrooms theory. It's very easy to go insane in Level 195. Much research needs to be made for Level 195, as many of its other properties and entities are still unconfirmed.

Colonies And Outposts

There are no known Colonies or Outposts on this level due to the sheer difficulty of staying in the level.

Entrances And Exits:


Level 195 can be entered by holding CTRL+SHIFT+ALT in any computer in Level 389. It can also be entered through Level 666 if you somehow escape and noclip through the floor


To exit, go through all of the walls of the Level until you make your way to a red void. Continue walking until you pass out, and you will wake up in Level 0, where it all started.

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