Level 188
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Class 5

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Level 188 is the 189th Level of the Backrooms. Discovered 5/2/2009. This is considered a hot-spot of the entities known as "The Windows". Survivors have called it the Courtyard of Windows.


Level 188, pictured from inside one of the higher windows. How this photo was taken is unknown.


Level 188 takes the form of a large building with a pentagon shaped courtyard in the center. There are about 90-200 windows that appear on the walls at any given time, though most of them are in an "inactive" state. The window blinds will cover the inside of the window, while active windows will have some sort of light source and an entity inside.

The large walls that line the courtyard of Level 188 do not contain any rooms, as if there were no windows present the walls would be barren with no entry or exit point. It is impossible to determine if the walls are infinitely thick, or have some sort of space behind them. The sky appears to go up into an infinite darkness, although one person claimed to have seen Level 24 from the courtyard.

What many assume to be grass on the floor is actually a type of moss that grows through the concrete floor. There is also a set of pipes on the side of one of the walls. The liquid the emanates from these pipes is not safe to drink. It is theorized that the large wooden circle in the center of Level 188 is a trap door that leads to another level, but this has not been tested.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known bases, outposts and communities on this level.

Entrances And Exits:


The only known way to access Level 188 is to enter a window that has appeared in The Hub. However, this is extremely dangerous, as most contain an unknown figure that can attack unpredictably. There is a small chance that entering a window in The Hub will lead directly to a window in Level 188.


Leaving Level 188 is possible, but extremely dangerous. Each time you enter or exit a window, the chances of returning unscathed gets slimmer. The most consistent way to leave Level 188 is through the same window you entered in, but most likely you will be unable to exit. Your best chances of survival would be to avoid all windows. They are always a trap. Say your prayers and only try to go through the window you came from. If you see confetti flying out of a window, there is a party in there! =)

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