Been walking around this countryside level some more.

Gets me thinking, seeing all these abandoned things…

Do you ever wonder how entities see us?

Like, the entities we don't talk to?

I wonder if they wonder where we came from.



Exit: 2/5
Somewhat Difficult to Exit

Environment: 2/5
Some Environmental Risk

Entities: 0/5
No Hostile Entities


An image of Level 184, showing part of a farm that has been rusted and overgrown.

Level 184, also known as the "Field of Forgotten Forts", is a picturesque yet desolate expanse of countryside scenery, interspersed with abandoned structures.

Being pleasantly scenic and devoid of hostile entities, its landscape lends itself well to the establishment of outposts and communities. There is an abundance of natural resources, fertile ground, and even some building materials.


The landscape of Level 184 is considered eerily peaceful by most, due to its desolate and long-forgotten buildings contrasting starkly with the ever-flourishing rural backdrop. The plants on the level grow, reproduce and die as they would in the Frontrooms, indifferent to the rotting and degradation of their neighboring structures.


The grain fields, showing two abandoned structures and a road sign.

Grain Fields

The grain fields are vast swathes of wheat, barley, and, on occasion, other grain plants such as rice. These grains can be harvested, consumed, and even transported to other levels as food. They can be used in producing oats, boiling rice, beer, and numerous other common food staples.

In these areas, the most common buildings to find are boxy wooden sheds and houses. More often than not, they are completely dilapidated and destroyed, making their interiors impossible or unsafe to access. As they are unfurnished, in the few accessible buildings, little of note has been found — even lacking flooring, instead exposing the dirt ground, sometimes leading to plants growing inside of them.


Another structure within the canola fields.

Canola Fields

The canola fields are for the most part identical to the grain fields, with the presence of bright, sunny canola being the main difference. There has never been a report of a non-building object1 being found in this area; however, the presence of such objects has not been ruled out.

The most common buildings to find in the canola fields are fully abandoned farms, complete with old, dilapidated houses. These are usually quite barren on the inside, with little furniture to speak of. The houses are the most furnished, albeit the smallest. The furniture includes chairs, dining tables, and a kitchen. Oftentimes, these contain useful items such as kitchen utensils, but all food recovered from them thus far has been rotten.

The canola seeds from this area have been used to create canola oil, a versatile cooking ingredient. The canola pods are harvested by the M.E.G., but the separation and processing of the seeds are delegated to the B.N.T.G., who sell 75% of the oil produced.2


A car spotted on other ground.

Unkempt Plains

Uncultivated plots of land, without crops or large buildings, make up the remaining regions of the level. These are grassy and unkempt, but the ground may have the potential to be used for farming.

Buildings are seldom seen on unkempt plains, but some structures are — namely, fences and walls. Stone walls and metal fences separate the plains into randomly segmented plots, intersecting blindly through the landscape. These provide cut stone and weldable metal, which could prove valuable in the construction of future bases and outposts.

Bases, Communities and Outposts

M.E.G. Grain Harvesting Outpost

  • This newly-established agricultural outpost aims to use the grain fields of Level 184 to produce:
    • Rice and Oats - These are used as rations for teams going on long expeditions.
    • Beer and Flour - Most of this is distributed to the B.N.T.G. for sale or use in production.
  • The outpost is currently manned by 7 people.
  • It currently operates from a semi-repaired schoolhouse.
    • Current repairs have included re-tiling of the roof and patching up of the walls.
    • Further renovations are underway.

M.E.G. Canola Harvesting Outpost

  • This newly-established agricultural outpost aims to use the canola fields of Level 184 to produce canola oil.
  • The outpost is currently manned by 8 people.
  • It currently operates from a cleared-out shed.
    • Ivy has been removed.
    • The door has been re-attached and repainted.

Entrances and Exits


  • This level can, albeit rarely, be entered seamlessly through other levels which resemble it, such as Level 10, Level 811, or Level 205.
    • There is also a specific entry point in Level 10, by finding a patch of canola among the wheat.
  • This level may also be entered through Level 170 by finding an especially degraded concrete structure, walking into it, and turning around. Level 170 will be gone, replaced with Level 184.


  • Walking down a road in the direction of the road signs will eventually lead to Level 11
    • Walking in the opposite direction will lead nowhere.
  • After one has entered an abandoned structure, an attempt to leave may result in transportation to another level. So far, transportation has been recorded to: