Level 182
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One of few photos taken of Level 182, this one being of an empty, derelict stairwell.

Level 182 is the 183rd level of the Backrooms. While it is likely wanderers have been finding their way to this level for quite a while now, most of the few confirmed reports regarding the level date back to around the year 1998.


Level 182 seems to resemble an abandoned complex of buildings, their original purpose unrecognizable due to severe dilapitation and neglect. The full extent of this complex is as of yet unknown, though it is theorized that at some point the complex gives way to a forest environment, as pockets of woodland can be found scattered throughout the decaying buildings. Most of the buildings that make up the complex rise to an average of 12 stories tall, and extend below ground into a complex maze of tunnels and basements that run approximately 400 feet deep.

Level 182 is considered off-limits by many major groups in the Backrooms, due to a suprisingly large infestation of Penumbras. Most of the Penumbras on this level have organized themselves and are believed to have total control over the level's vast building complex. Wanderers are advised to steer clear of this level due to the fate that befalls most who enter.


Image depicts an underground corridor found within Level 182. Image was recovered from an anonymous escapist (See Interview Log 02/05/11).

The few reports on-hand that shed some light on Level 182's conditions are startling to say the least, suggesting that the Penumbras that dominate the level have round-up and subjugated any and all humans who enter. One confirmed report on this matter suggests that the imprisoned wanderers in question are "herded like cattle", kept in large crowds that are regularly rotated through the complex to perform slave labor, repetitive exercises, or other exhausting tasks.

Interview Log 02/05/11

The following is an interview with a wanderer who supposedly managed to escaped captivity on Level 182 and successfully found their way to a M.E.G. outpost. As this wanderer has asked to remain anonymous, they will be referred to as "Ms. W."

Begin Log: Time Unavailable
Interviewer: M.E.G. Researcher Shields
Interviewee: "Ms. W."

(Recorded from an interview room at Base Alpha)

Researcher Shields: Could you go into detail about the conditions you lived under in Level 182?

Ms. W: Uh, yeah… Well, when we first found our way into the level, we wound up in some kind of courtyard outside. We were surrounded by those old ruined buildings on all sides.

Researcher Shields: You were with others when you arrived?

Ms. W: Yeah, there was six of us, I think. We hadn't seen any Penumbras yet, so for most of our first day we just wandered around, exploring the buildings… I think about halfway through that day two of the folks in our group split off to try and retrace our steps. We never saw those two again.

Researcher Shields: When did you come into contact with the Level's Penumbra population?

Ms. W: It was early the next day. We woke up to them holding us at spearpoint. They shackled the four of us and had us march through the buildings for the rest of the day. Before sunset they'd led us to a whole crowd of people… There was easily hundreds of people all in that one group.

Researcher Shields: What happened from there?

Ms. W: Give me a second… I don't especially like remembering this…

Researcher Shields: It's okay, take your time. Just keep in mind that we need any and all info on this level we can get.

Ms. W: Okay… Well, they'd move us around on a regular basis. Every other day they'd stop us in a courtyard or any room that was large enough to hold all of us. They'd most often have us work on things like repairing the buildings, setting up alarm systems, laying down barricades, stuff like that. If you didn't work, or didn't do a good enough job, they'd send you underground.

Researcher Shields: Underground?

Ms. W: The basements. I spoke to someone who came back from being sent underground. They never come back like they were when they went down, they… Those wraiths1 do something to them down there, experiment on them, twist them all up, force them to breathe in these chemicals… Most of them come back covered in scar tissue, wearing these weird cloth masks. I don't want to think about what they might look like under there.

Researcher Shields: Is that where the pictures you gave us came from?

Ms. W: Yeah, the one I spoke to gave me them. When they come back, they're always different. Some of them are quieter, some of their movements are all spastic. One thing for sure, they follow any orders the wraiths give them to the letter.

Researcher Shields: Is there anything else you can tell us about what they had you do?

Ms. W: I… No, no, I don't want to remember this stuff anymore… I just want to forget it all already.

End Log.


Yet another image provided by the anonymous escapist "Ms. W". It is unknown what exactly the image depicts, but it's believed to be of some form of conditioning performed in the underground section of Level 182.

Colonies and Outposts

The Sephredell Protectorate:

  • Name of the Penumbra society that dominates the level (according to other Penumbras).
  • Little to no information is known on this group.
  • Other Penumbras claim the population of this group is upwards of 10,000.
  • Group is known to have presumably tens of thousands of wanderers held captive.
  • Best to avoid contact at all costs until contact is established, or further info is available.

Entrances and Exits


Details aren't exactly concrete on how one enters Level 182. Presumably, entrances to the level can be found on a variety of levels, always indicated by a dark green door, made of rotting wood and set inside a rusted steel frame. Quite often, these doors are also marked by a carving of a pair of antlers above a broken sword. Doors like these have been found in Levels 16, 19, 27, 54, and 108, just to name a few common locations.


As of yet, the only known exit is by finding a trapdoor made of the same green, rotted wood that the level's entrances are made of. Leaving through one of these doors will likely put you in Level 10.

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