Level 181
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Mined-out chunk of gems.

Level 181 is the 182nd Level of the Backrooms. This level is ours. Please do not enter. Only specified members are authorized within the mines.


Level 181 consists of the mines in which we collect the gems for our weapons and jewelry. The cave system is vast, stretching for miles in each direction. Despite being underground, it's rather cold in here. Bring a jacket or layer up before entering, we wouldn't want one of you to get frostbite. The cave is made out of grey rock, with an average tunnel height of about eight feet.

I assume if you're reading this, you were assigned to mine here. If so, there are a few things you need to remember while mining. First off, keep something with a clock on you at all times. Time dilates and contracts based on where you are in the mines. Tunnels labelled with an S are safe to mine in. Do not enter any tunnel labelled with a W, D, or C as these tunnels are dangerous to enter. You are permitted to enter areas labelled with an A only if all S tunnels are currently being operated on.

You probably want to know why you are mining these gems and how, right? These gems have mysterious properties similar to those in our Savior's collar, as they allow telepathic communication between possessors of the gem, just like his own gems. These crystals are surprisingly tough, comparable even to diamond. They appear to look like emeralds, and are very easy to spot embedded in the grey rock this level is made of. Mining them shouldn't be all that hard, just mine out the gem and wash off any rocks that are on it with some Almond Water — They're soluble in it.

Besides looking nice, these are great materials for weaponry. We've actually got a lot of these stockpiled just in case we get into any major conflicts and wars. Non-members are not allowed within this level and will be quickly escorted out. Please notify a supervisor if you encounter an intruder.

Mining Protocol:

Here is a comprehensive guide on what is expected of you within the mines. If you have any remaining questions, please contact a supervisor.

  • Please enter Level 181 with mining gear provided to you or find some within the level.
  • All tunnels have a sign placed at their entrance noting their classification. Refer to the guide above to ensure tunnel safety.
  • You may work alone or with a group. As long as you are mining, you may do as you wish.
  • Once your 18 hours is almost up, please carry all collected gems out of the tunnel and back into the central area. Please drop off crystals in the collection area. The gems are very light so carrying them should not be an issue.
  • Please return all mining gear when you exit the level.

Bases, Communities, and Outposts:

The Visionaries of Berry: Mining Outpost

  • Us, obviously.
  • No permanent population, members are assigned to work here for allotted amounts of time.
  • We are not willing to trade or provide amenities to those who are not allowed to be in the level.

Entrances And Exits:



Only members of The Visionaries of Berry are permitted to view this information.


There are currently two known exits:

  • After spending 18 hours within the level, you will be teleported back to the level you entered from. It is important to not be within time-altered tunnels because the amount of time you will be in the level scales with the dilation/condensing.
  • Finding a puddle of water and jumping into it will lead you to Level 43.

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