Level 18.1 — "Lucid Hell"
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I can feel the sweat dripping down my forehead, my heart beating faster and faster. I'm standing in the middle of a huge clearing, surrounded by towering trees and darkness creeping in from all sides. I'm sure I'm dreaming, but I can't wake up. I'm too scared to move, too scared to open my eyes.

The air is still and quiet, and I can hear my own breath, ragged and heavy. I can feel the cold air brushing against my skin, and I can hear the wind howling through the trees. Fear is taking over, and I'm starting to feel like I'm losing control.

I take a few steps forward, and the ground starts to tremble, like there's something stirring beneath my feet. I can see the shadows dancing in the moonlight, and I feel a chill run down my spine. I'm certain that something is coming for me, and I'm too scared to look.

Suddenly, I hear someone calling my name. I look up and see a figure standing at the edge of the clearing, shrouded in darkness. I can't make out who it is, but I know I'm their target. I take a deep breath and start walking towards the figure, my heart pounding in my chest. As I get closer, I can make out the figure more clearly. It's a woman, and she's wearing a white dress. I can see that she's smiling, but there's something in her eyes that terrifies me.

I stop in my tracks, my fear paralyzing me. I want to turn and run, but I can't move. The woman takes a few steps closer and I see that she has outstretched her arms, as if she's inviting me to come closer. I'm too scared to move, and I can feel my heart racing.

Suddenly, the woman then starts to shimmer and change shape, and I realize with a start that I'm looking at myself. I'm standing in front of a mirror, and I'm looking at a reflection of my own fears. I'm staring at my own nightmares, and I realize with shock that I'm the one who's been trapping myself.

I take a few steps back, my mind racing. I can feel the fear melting away, and I'm starting to understand what's been holding me back. I take a deep breath, and I finally realize that in order to free myself from my own nightmares, I have to confront them head-on. I take a deep breath, and I start walking towards my reflection. I'm ready to face my fears and take control of my own life.

As I walk closer, I feel a wave of courage and strength building up inside me. I'm no longer afraid, and I'm ready to take on whatever lies ahead. I can see the fear in my reflection's eyes, but I know that I'm in control now.

The reflection starts to fade away, and I'm left standing in the middle of the clearing. I take a deep breath and look around me. The darkness is starting to lift, and I can feel the warmth of the sun on my face. I knew that my nightmares were over, and I'm finally free.


Class φ - Phi

  • Unsafe and Unstable
  • Psychological Torture
  • Imaginary Entities…?

Level 18.1 stands in stark contrast to one's beloved memories, an antithesis to all that is adored and treasured.



The moment of reckoning had arrived, when everything changed irrevocably.

Level 18.1, ominously referred to as "Lucid Hell," is a presumably infinite, nefarious hellscape. The sub-level itself is shrouded in an eerie, dark mist, evoking feelings of dread and despair. It is an abomination that descends upon one's cherished childhood memories, a cruel and unforgiving force that seeks to destroy the joy and innocence of one's past.

As one emerges into Level 18.1, a wave of nostalgia washes over them. The environment looks bizarrely familiar, like a dream they had experienced prior, similar to Level 18. Everywhere the individual looks, they can feel the nostalgia of their childhood and the familiarity of home. It is as if they have traveled through time and returned to the past, despite the looming darkness.

Wisps of wind swirl through the air, creating a fleeting moment of serenity as one roams through the labyrinth of their memories and dreams. The gentle breeze carries a hint of nostalgia, transporting the individual to a more peaceful time. As the wind caresses the skin, a sense of tranquility and joy washes over, providing a brief respite from the troubles of life. The individual is able to forget the cares of the world and embrace the beauty of their innermost thoughts.

For a moment, at least, the world appeared to have ceased. Everything around us was still and silent, as if all of life had suddenly been put on pause. Nothing moved, nothing breathed, and time itself seemed to have frozen at that very moment.

As the bright sky in Level 18.1 darkens to a menacing full moon, the looming dread of stress and paranoia emerges from one’s memories. All of those precious, cheerful recollections will suddenly become chilling nightmares, akin to those hauntingly similar to the twisted nightmares of one's childhood—or those experienced within the dark and menacing confines of The Backrooms. This irreversible catastrophe can not be avoided—it will only be regressed if the individual can, unfortunately, return to Level 18.1 after exiting. Otherwise, it will remain a permanent, devastating mark1 within the hapless wanderer.

Continuing with the transformed memories, one may experience a palpable sense of unease and dread, as if the air is charged with an invisible current of tension. An overwhelming sense of paranoia and anxiety grips the heart, threatening to squeeze the very breath from one's chest. Stress levels spike to the point of feeling like one is standing at the edge of a precipice, teetering on the brink of the unknown. With these insidious effects, it is trivial for the level to control the wanderer's thoughts and feelings, manipulating them into making decisions that they would never have made otherwise. This can lead to an overall sense of entrapment and failure, leaving the individual feeling powerless and unable to take charge of their own destiny.


Level 18.1 has the power to somehow bring one's darkest fears and phobias to life, unleashing a terrifying and remorseless nightmare upon the unsuspecting wanderer that ultimately leads to their horrendous demise. This insidious process of exploitation is one of manipulation, luring the individual into a false sense of security, believing they are amidst their dearest childhood dreams and/or fondest memories. This deception is both subtle and powerful, leading the targeted wanderer further beyond into a world of darkness, where they become trapped, powerless to escape.

As the individual's nightmares and/or phobias become ever more entwined, Level 18.1 looms fatefully, releasing an array of its psychoactive essences that unleash a potent concoction of fear, dread, and terror. Vivid, horrifying, and relentless auditory and visual hallucinations, born from joyous dreams, fill the air with a distorted and/or hysterical view and sound, reverberating and resonating akin to a chaotic glitch. If the wanderer is exposed to these harmful essences, they will begin feeling impotent, making them vulnerable to an onslaught of sinister entity attacks.

Psychological Torture:


No! It can't be! I must be dreaming! Is that really my beloved Daisy I've been searching for? Answer me, Daisy! Please!

The wanderer's journey brings with it not only the most terrifying of nightmares and fears, but also a host of psychological effects that can warp the mind and consume the soul. Many forms of these psychological torture techniques seek to crush the subject's sense of self. They strip them of any control over their environment, imprison them in solitude, overwhelm them with a sense of omnipotence, or instill feelings of weakness and despair, forcing them into psychological regression and removing any sense of identity.

If one happens to recall a person or loved one that made a huge impact on them in The Frontrooms, Level 18.1 will attempt to alter and distort their appearance and behavior. This transformation typically results in a malformed and unrecognizable version of themselves, displaying a gruesome resemblance. The chosen individual would bear eyes of blazing red, as if possessed by some otherworldly force; defying the laws of physics, they would remain in place without any eye sockets to contain them. The chosen person shall bear a sinister, intimidating grin—devoid of teeth or tongue—that will send shivers down the spine of all who behold it. If the suffering wanderer dares to creep ever closer to them, the chosen figure stands as a silent guardian, refusing to strike or move—a living statue of tranquility.

The chosen soul will stare blankly at the wanderer, their gaze unwavering as they utter words that the victim would come to deeply regret when they were in The Frontrooms. The repercussion of the chosen soul's unwavering stare and regretful words on the wanderer can be disorienting and unsettling. The individual may then feel as though they are being judged and may experience feelings of guilt or shame. Furthermore, the wanderer may feel confused and discouraged, as if they are alone in their struggles and unable to move forward.

Another common method is indirect torture, in which the victim is forced to witness the torture of another person, often a loved one. This preys on the victim's affection for and loyalty to a partner, relative, friend, or comrade-in-arms. Their real pain induces vicarious suffering in the targeted psychological victim, who is thus loaded with guilt, although spared physical harm that might affect their ability to properly function.


Despite the many mysteries and secrets that lurk in the depths of Level 18.1, no known entities currently exist in this foreboding realm. It is speculated that the fear of the unknown and the dangers lurking within Level 18.1 have kept all but the bravest of souls from venturing into the depths of this place. Entities found here may be nothing more than mere figments of our imagination—illusions that we have created, conjured, and conglomerated out of thin air.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities:

The Promised "Mysterialand"


The tranquil days of my past now seem like an eternity ago, a distant memory that I can never reclaim.

"Mysterialand" is a mythical place of joy and freedom, existing in the minds of children and dreamers. It is the perfect place before one's nightmares and phobias arrive, a place of magic and wonder. A place of adventure and excitement, an area where anything can happen and nothing is impossible. A place of play and friendship, and a town of safety and comfort. It is a place of dreams and hope, where all fear is forgotten and a person can feel free. A city specifically of peace and harmony that allows a person to be content and worry-free, and a palace of solace and refuge. The key purpose of "Mysterialand" is to provide a place of fantasy and escape, where children can find joy and freedom from the troubles of the real world. It is a place of magic and imagination, and a place where courage and creativity are rewarded.

The delightful people of "Mysterialand" are a joyous and welcoming bunch. They are always smiling and are constantly willing to lend a helping hand. They are kind and generous, and they always strive to make sure everyone is happy and comfortable. They enjoy spending time with each other, playing games, and exploring their surroundings. The cheerful civilians of "Mysterialand" are always willing to learn, and they are full of stories and wisdom to share.

The Cursed "Memoryland"

"Memoryland" is a place of fear and restriction, existing in the minds of the anxious and timid. It is the worst location after one's nightmares and phobias arrive, a place of horror and dread. A place of danger and worry, a territory where danger lurks around every corner and nothing is certain. A host of loneliness and betrayal, and a district of terror and insecurity. It is a legion of nightmares and despair, where all hope is lost and a person can feel trapped. A region of chaos and disharmony that forces a person to be constantly alert and worried, and it is an area of misery.

The deserted landscape of "Memoryland" is now devoid of its previous inhabitants. There is no more laughter or joy to be found here, only the echoes of what used to be. No one lives here anymore, no one to share stories or spread wisdom. All that remains are the relics of a once lively place, now silent and empty.

Entrances and Exits:


  • If one dares to conjure a childhood nightmare while wandering through the darkest depths of their subconscious throughout The Backrooms, they will find themselves inexorably drawn to Level 18.1. There, the darkest of terrors await. Take heed when entering Level 18, for this treacherous entrance is fraught with danger, and more likely to lead to a harrowing experience than any other level.
  • Rarely, the gentle embrace of slumber can transport one to the gloomy depths of Level 18.1.


  • With no exits found recently, the odds of escaping are slim—but if a miraculous exit is discovered, one would theoretically end up in a completely random and safe level. A familiar voice, like a siren call, echoes throughout the depths of your nightmares, beckoning you back to safety. Feel the darkness of the night surround you, and let the voice guide you back to home.

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