Level 178.1
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Level 178.1: "Smaerd Otoyk" by: YellowISlolYellowISlol

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Class 3

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Smaerd Otoyk is a Sub-Layer of Level 178.

Level 178.1 is a looping traditional machiya house with hot springs. Unlike Level 178, Level 178.1 is upside down, but otherwise is functionally identical to Level 178, breaking multiple laws of gravity.


Level 178.1 is a looping machiya house whose walls and floors are crafted from wood. The entire floor is upside down, yet still functions identically to Level 178. This breaks multiple laws of gravity and physics, and makes leaving or exploring this floor difficult. This area holds a variety of entities, all of which are connected to the entrances of Level 178. The only known method of entry is by swimming down a hot spring in Level 178. The Level has multiple sections: a courtyard with a hot spring in the centre, a wraparound porch, kitchens, the main area, showers and bathrooms, and bedrooms. All of these areas line up with the areas of Level 178, and look identical to these areas, with the exception of being upside down.

This Level is directly connected to Level 178 in a very specific way. Any entities that enter Level 178 or find themselves in 178 will be transported into Level 178.1. There is currently no way for Entities to leave Level 178.1, and as such, they spend their time aimlessly wandering Level 178.1. They tend to be drawn to areas where specific hot springs are present, which are filled with Cashew Water. The most common Entity present in Level 178.1 are Wretches.

Cashew Water is an object found on Level 178.1. Cashew Water is rarely formed in hot springs. Cashew Water drips down slowly, causing many entities to be attracted to these hot springs. In order to bottle Cashew Water, simply take a bottle/container which was once filled with Almond Water and throw it into the hot spring. About 5-10 seconds later, the bottle will pop out the hot spring, filled with Cashew Water.

Cashew Water reacts in a very unique way on this level. If any wretch is splashed with Cashew Water on this Level, they will begin to be much more docile, similar to Facelings from Level 11

Throughout the floor, standard wooden ladders can be found, which are required in order to leave Level 178.1. Ladders will typically be found in the kitchen, specifically, in the kitchen closets. However, they have been reported to be found in all room types on this floor. In order to exit this floor, take the ladder to any hot spring not filled with Cashew Water. Then, proceed to climb up the ladder and enter the hot spring. Swim up until you reach air again. This will cause you to emerge in Level 178.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Worshippers of The Moon

  • A group of unknown people, all of whom are incredibly hostile.
  • Identifiable by their cloaks, which they wear at all times.
  • They devote themselves to the gathering of Cashew Water to distribute to other Groups.
  • Can be found rarely all around the floor.
  • Will use Cashew Water on Entities or you if they see you.
  • Converge randomly to discuss Cashew Water or Entities.

There have been sightings of other people traveling in groups on the Level, all of which behave similarly to each other. They all seem to behave similarly to Entity 15

Entrances And Exits:


To enter this floor, find a hot spring located on Level 178, and swim down until you fall through.


To exit, locate a ladder anywhere on Level 178.1. Once a ladder has been found, find a hot spring, and be sure to verify that the contents are not Cashew Water. Once verified, simply swim back up the hot spring until you reach Level 178.

M.E.G. Report Log:

It has been observed that whilst on Level 178.1, a unique transformation occurs within people turning into Wretches. Whenever a person goes through the process of becoming a Wretch, they will be incapable of fully transforming. These unique transformations cause an "incomplete" transformation. In many ways, they will resemble a Wretch. They still behave similarly, and still attempt to attack others. However, they will look and act much more human, to the point where they can be indistinguishable in the dark. The most dangerous property of these specific kinds of Wretches is their resistance to Almond Water. While Almond Water works on most entities, this form of Wretch will only be temporarily stunned by Almond Water at the worst. Typically, the show no reaction to Almond Water, or else act as if normal water was splashed onto them. For this reason, it is considered much safer to use Cashew Water on any Wretches located on Level 178.1.

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