Level 176
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One of the many shelves inside Level 176.

Level 176 is the 177th Level of The Backrooms. This Level seems to be an infinite Grocery Store.


This level is a refilling Grocery store. Every time you take something it will refill the spot instantly. Level 11 Facelings can be seen here occasionally shopping around. The lights can go out randomly and all the Facelings disappear, this will happen once in a while, sometimes all the shelves will be empty and won't restock for a while when this happens. Radio static can be heard over the speakers and will fade from time to time. In this level you will have a looming feeling of paranoia, like something bad will happen, you will also feel disconnected from yourself.

You can hear falling items on shelves, wind blowing, rain, thunderstorms, shopping carts, and footsteps following you, sometimes you can feel people staring at you but no one is around. The checkouts will be empty and there's no staff. An announcement can be heard every so often on the overhead speakers saying random things and also the signs can be seen with random words. Things will always be changing on the shelves. Rarely, you may find a door that says “Employees Only”, enter the door to get to the lounge.

The Lounge:

The lounge is an area in Level 176 which is a series of couches, and tables which seems to be an infinite hall. This hall’s couches are safe to use, and sometimes you can hear chatter in the background.This place is very mysterious, and sometimes you can see human-like Entities, for a split second in your vision. This place is safe to wander, and to set up a group, but there are none at this moment. Rarely, a door would be found that leads to a storage room, this storage room has a garage door, with a truck that comes and goes every time the food stocks are low, following this truck will lead to Level 11. If you open the Truck, no one is inside, and the truck will not start, but if you spend a long amount of time in this truck, you will pass out, and wake up on Level 50. The Shelves in the Storage room are usually empty, with little food and drinks on it’s shelves, most likely due to them being in the main store. You can see items on those shelves disappear from time to time, these objects will appear on the shelves in the main store area.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known Communities or Outposts on this Level at the moment.

Entrances And Exits:


To Enter, you must find a billboard of a new Food Store opening in Level 11, and No-Clip through it to get to this Level. Another method of entering is to find a painting of Level 176 in Level 29 and enter it. You may also find a box of food in Level 20, eat its contents to bring you to Level 176. The food in the box is safe to consume. Entering a convenience store and waiting for a few hours in a staff room in Level 138 can also lead to this level.


To Exit, you may find a hole in the Bathroom Area that will lead to Level 34. If you find and read a food shipping list in the Lounge area, you will end up in Level 17, if you follow the truck while it is leaving, you will end up in Level 11. Sitting in The Truck for too long, will bring you to Level 50. Finding a door with black goo will lead you to Level 20. If you venture 100 Miles into this level, the store will make a smooth transition into Level 177.

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