Level 171
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Class 1

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The only known picture of Level 171.

Level 171 is the 172nd Level of The Backrooms. Level 171 is currently unconfirmed.


Level 171 takes on the appearance of an endless empty hallway. It goes in a sine pattern, and there are exit signs every 7 meters, although this hallway shows no signs of an exit. It has only been explored by u/PlsGameEndMe, so information is limited. There are lights on the ceiling and the walls don't appear to be breakable. The only Entities that can be found here are occasional Death Rats.

Colonies And Outposts

There are no Colonies or Outpost on this Level

Entrances And Exits:


To Enter, there have been reports of people opening doors in Level 3 that led here. There have also been reports of a building with a sign above the entrance that read "Defratton City Hotel" that also led here in Level 11, which is how u/PlsGameEndMe ended up here.


To Exit, simply walk back out through the entrance door.

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