Level 160
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Don't you remember? How could you forget?

You remember it, don't you? The days in which you used to play with your friends till dusk set in? Don't you remember the games you used to play? Tag? You were always so good at it! Hide and seek? You were totally unbeatable! And the friends you made whilst playing them? You couldn't even count them on your hands! What you'd give to get back to those days again; nothing can beat the good old days, right?

Your desire to relive these memories grows with each passing day. You can't bear to keep waiting, can you?

Your friends? They're also here, all of them are waiting to see you again! Waiting for their dear friend ●●■°▪︎, whom they miss so, so much!


You loved it so much, did you not? You would spend hours swinging on it, gazing at the open sky.

You were never bored during those days. It's all so different from now, where everything is monotone and grey. All those years you spent having fun, they're gone now, lost to time. But it does not have to be that way. I can give all of that time and more to you, just so you can experience it once more!

How could you possibly forget all of those hours you spent with Emma? The girl which you used to share your swing with, the girl who you used to sing the sweetest melodies for, the girl who without fail, every single day, came by to hear you sing your heart out for her? She is here, and she is waiting for you, humming to herself those lovesick tunes you would chant for her. Are you that quick to dismiss her existence and forget her like that? She has not decayed yet; she is still here, waiting for you to come back to her and love her like you promised her you would.


This wasn't supposed to happen. You were so young, you didn't have to see all of them go that way, not at that age at least…

Why was it you? Why couldn't it have been someone else who experienced such guilt? You should've decayed. Decayed just like the rest of them did.

You lost everything, right there and then, in one moment. You stood hopelessly in an infinite stretch of azure under the burning orange sky. You couldn't do anything about it. The crash was not your fault, it was his.

They loved you until the very end, and they continue to love you here, where you can experience their love anew: They yearn for you to come to them once more. All you have to do is accept my pact, and I will grant you everything that you have hitherto lost to fate. I will fulfill every single one of your desires. I promise, I will never put you through such torture again. You will not experience those memories here.


It wasn't your fault! It wasn't your fault! It wasn't your FAULT!

You were hollow, you had nowhere to return to, no place to call home, no person that you could call FAMILY. Yet you persisted onwards, hungry, thirsty, tired, injured… you never stopped, never stopped for anyone or anything.

That's when you met her.

She saw you trudging to her from a distance. She had just finished making dinner for her children; surely, she could spare a morsel for you, right? Do you still remember that?

She took you to her house, she shared her food with you, gave you new clothes, a shelter — she even went as far as keeping you with her and letting you call her 'Mom'. And yet, you still have the nerve to say that this was a bad memory?


You're so close! You only have a little bit more, I know you can make it!

You want a new home right? Somewhere where you can feel at peace, away from all the demons that plague your mind? It hurts me so, so much to see you suffer the way you are doing now. I beg of you, accept my offer now, and end this torment!

You know where to find me.

Don't you wish you could escape back to your dear friends, who are waiting for you oh so eagerly so they can tease you and play with you once more? Your darling Emma, who wants only to be caressed by her lover once more? Your poor mother, who has spent hours upon hours crying in bed, yearning for the day which you come back through the front door into her open arms? She is waiting for you there as well. She has just finished preparing your favourite soup, laid out on the table and ready for you to eat with the other members of your family — and you dismiss her just like that, only because you can?

They all wish for you to reunite with them as much as you wish to with them. You cannot hide your thoughts from me, you are still just a child in the grand scheme of things. Your hands are shaking, you have tears in your eyes. I know that feeling, dear; you miss them. You miss them oh so much, and you wish you could go back to them. I can grant this wish, I can fulfill it. I can give you an escape from this special hell which you have roamed for so long now.


That dreadful day…

Do you remember it? That accursed day where you almost ended it all? You had no hesitation within you. Losing everything once more had put such a strain on you. You did not try for revenge, you did not fight against those that had brought such misery upon you; you jumped, abandoning the world you had lived in for so long in just a few seconds.

You were expecting silence, or perhaps the sound of water gushing around you as the currents swirled around your mess of a body. You expected that you would close your eyes, let your jaw slack, and embrace the cold grasp of death as your soul left this mortal plane. But it did not come for you. Instead, you found yourself in a place worse than hell, a nightmare comprised of all of the jumbled up memories human consciousness could muster. You have gotten used to it now, but it can be better. This place is a haven, where all of these bad memories can go to rest for evermore. It will be ok, you can come to me now, and we can bind ourselves in pact, so you can finally have that happily-ever-after which you always deserved. Don't you wish to be happy?


The city of promised memories.

You've finally arrived. It wasn't that hard, see? There's just one more place you need to go through. I will be waiting for you inside. I knew you could do it from the moment which I put my eyes on you, my dear ●●■°▪︎.

All of your hardships have been forgiven, and you may forget them now that you are at ease in your self-made heaven. Hurry up now, your friends are waiting.

I am so proud of you, my little paragon.

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