Level 16
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A darker area of the hospital leading into the original area.

Level 16 is the 17th floor of the backrooms, it was discovered by Reddit user u/iNerdykiddo


Level 16 was originally a medical facility known as the “J. Barry Medical Institute". On May 12th, 2003, the entire facility noclipped into the Backrooms for seemingly no reason, along with every patient and staff member inside, according to eyewitness accounts. It appeared as if it, "simply fell through the ground, like there was nothing underneath it".

Since the hospital's noclip event, the building itself began to change in its layout, and sprawl out into new hallways and rooms, resulting in the building growing by about 1200%, currently estimated to be about 10 square miles. Despite this, the general aesthetic of the building is largely the same, being decorated with similar office/medical supplies, framed pictures, foggy windows, etc. Apart from the "original" part of the hospital, the Level has almost no power, and is consistently dark. A majority of the technology on the Level is outdated and dysfunctional, with or without power.

Colonies And Outposts

"The Hospital Staff"

During the initial crash into the Backrooms, a large portion of the hospital staff and patients were crushed by debris or fatal injuries, especially from many being in sensitive medical conditions.
A group of survivors, both former patients and hospital staff, that live in the original area of the hospital, 29 people.

Entrances And Exits:

Traveling too far into Level 15 will lead you into Level 16. The original exit doors to the hospital lead out into Level 17, but will rarely take you to Level 10 or Level 11. Wandering too far out from the original hospital can lead you to Level 109 or Level 114.

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