Level 159
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Class 3

  • Unsafe
  • Unsecure
  • Medium Entity Count

One of several roads located in the outskirts of Level 159.


A gas station found in one of Level 159's more empty sections.

Level 159 is the 160th level of the Backrooms.


Level 159 is a large American-styled town, measuring an estimated 3,000 square kilometers in size. Building designs within the level vary, though the majority seem to share heavy resemblance to 80's-90's American infrastructure. Other than its buildings, Level 159 is composed of primarily flat terrain and patches of miscellaneous trees and shrubbery, all dead. Additionally, Level 159 often demonstrates low temperatures and extreme weather. Snowstorms are exceedingly common in Level 159, which results in most surfaces being snow-covered at almost all times. Any efforts to remove snow are usually fruitless, as the near-constant snowfall results in any open spaces quickly getting covered again. Despite the continual snowfall received, surfaces in Level 159 never seem to have coatings of snow deeper than 4 centimeters.

Level 159's climate is extremely unpredictable and almost everything about it can change on a dime, though usually not to an extreme degree. Temperature fluctuates at random intervals, but it never seems to rise above 0 degrees Celsius, or fall below -19 degrees Celsius. Level 159 also seems to have an extremely erratic weather pattern that goes from extremely cloudy to super clear in a matter of minutes. The presence of clouds does not seem to have any correlation to the snowfall of the level. Entities native to the level appear to suffer no ill effects from the low temperatures and heavy snowfall. All other living creatures are still negatively impacted as would be expected. The temperature within all undamaged buildings stay consistently 10 degrees Celsius warmer than exterior temperatures. Weather and large temperature changes outside buildings seem to be level wide, and affect all of Level 159.

Entities found within Level 159 include Hounds, Smilers, both male and female Deathmoths, and an extremely wide plethora of entities unique to this level. Entities native to Level 159 greatly vary in a myriad of ways, which can even include sentience. Most sentient entities seem to display levels of intelligence and emotion normally seen within humans. Much like humans, they also have demonstrated the ability to exit through via the same methods often used by wanderers. Most entities don't solely fit in a single category, so a list has been created below the description in order to help you distinguish the types of entities you may encounter. Most entities are capable of fitting inside multiple types within the list.

Level 159 is also home to a vast array of unique locations and environments, most of which are immune to the extreme cold of the rest of the level, maintaining a temperature above 0 degrees Celsius. It is advised you enter all these locations with extreme caution and avoid them if possible, as most of these locations contain threatening substances and or dangerous entities, though there are a few exceptions. More information on these locations has been provided below the entity types list.

Entity Types:

Unique Environments and Locations:

Bases, Outposts and Communities

M.E.G. Outpost: "Frozen City"

Frozen City is a medium sized M.E.G. outpost constantly staffed and maintained by 3 M.E.G. employees and several volunteers. Similar to most other cleared out gas stations, food and drinks stocked on the shelves of this outpost seem to regenerate at random, making it one of the few semi-reliable sources of food within the level. Food and drinks are equally distributed to all staff in the outpost. Due to the easy access of food and water, Frozen City seems to be one of the most popular stops for wanderers within the level.

Van Dieria

Van Dieria is a small rustic settlement with a population of 368 wanderers and entities. Entities make over 2/3rds of Van Dieria's population. Other than its front and back entrances, Van Dieria is entirely walled off from the rest of Level 159 as a safety precaution against A.M.E's. Van Dieria barely has any sort of government, as their population is too small for it to be deemed necessary. All decisions made within are decided by a community vote taken by long-term residents. The meaning behind Van Dieria's name is unknown.

Entrances And Exits


Opening any ice coated metal door within Level 1 or Level 4 will take you directly into Level 159. Going on a tram bound for terminal C within Level 36 will take you to an small abandoned airport within Level 159. Attempting to enter a shopping mall in Level 11 has a slim chance of teleporting you to The Forgotten Mall.


Upon entering any donut shop you will be taken to Level 11. Upon entering an arcade building with a "Roller Rockin' Pizza!" above its entrance, you will be taken to Level 40. Walking back through the door you entered through within 10 seconds will return you to your previous level, attempting to reenter after this period will result in the door slamming shut. Entering a manhole inside Level 159 will take you to Level 34.

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