Level 158
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Class 5

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This image shows "The Courts" of Level 158. Strangely enough, no entities can be seen in the photo.

Level 158 is the 159th Level of the Backrooms. It was discovered on Friday 13/11/2020. It is a dark basketball court that repeats infinitely


This Level seems to be an infinite basketball court with multiple sections. The basketball court is full of entities, and is very dark. There are a lot of locked doors that require keys, and one has been opened. The doors lead to another strange level which was left unnamed, and has very limited information the only thing we know about it, is that it's an enclosed area similar to Level 12, but with entities. The keys can be found laying on a very high pole, and can be knocked down with a basketball.
This level can also decrease your sanity, so Almond Water is recommended.

Level Sections:

The Back Area
The Back Area is a part of the basketball court where there are only seats, nothing else. This place is where most keys are hidden, and also where a lot of entities can be found. This place is very dangerous and should be avoided, because the size of these rooms are very large.

The Basket Room
The Basket Room is a room that has basketballs all over the floor, making it hard to navigate through. This is where most Crawlers will hide. This section is also pretty dangerous, but overall, a pretty safe place in Level 158.

The Empty Room
The Empty Room is a room that is empty, only the basketball styled floor exists here, and this room is larger than most other ones. This section is also completely devoid of entities, and is a safe place to stay, but the downside is that this section is much darker than the other sections, and is where your sanity will start decreasing very fast. Almond Water is also recommended here.

The Court
The Court is where you will most likely find yourself, and where you always will spawn when you enter the level. Here you can find basketball hoops, Basketballs, and seats. The sizes of these rooms may vary, but are typically about the size of the average basketball court. Entities can spawn here, but not as many as other sections. One of the safer sections of Level 158.

The Blood Rooms
The Blood Rooms are rooms where almost everything is covered in blood. In this section entities will spawn at crazy rates, and only very experienced weapon users should go here, but even then, this is a very unsafe place. Containers can be found here that store basketballs, and inside, keys can be found. The bad part is that Crawlers spawn in the Containers quite frequently.


Entities found here include Smilers, Dullers, Facelings, Insanities, Skin Stealers, Crawlers, and Screamers. They are very common throughout this level, and it is recommended to bring a weapon, and some protection. Some sections also have a lot more entities than others, while some sections are completely devoid of entities.


"The level has a lot of entities, I'll name them all here: Smilers, Dullers, Facelings, Skin stealers, Insanities, crawlers, screamers are all I found. I came from Level 7 by no clipping through the ceiling, and I havent found an exit. It's an infinite basketball court, it repeats. There are a lot of locked doors, and they need keys. I dont know where the keys are, but I think if you go in the back of a certain room, behind the entities, there is a key. I dont have a gun so I dont think I'll be able to make it behind, someone else might have to try. It also seems there are "sections"; I'm gonna list them here:
The Back: the back is a part where there is no basketball area, but only the seats, and this is where the keys most likely are.
The Full Room: this is a room that is completely filled with basketballs, makes it hard to navigate.
The Empty Room: this room is fully empty, only the "basketball styled" floor exists there.
Normal room: this is where you normally are in the level, and is a basketball room with 1 basketball, 1 hoop, a back area with seats, and sized may vary.
The Blood Rooms: these rooms have blood all over the floor, the balls, and the hoops.
I think the doors may lead to an exit, but we need to find out."

Colonies And Outposts

There are no known Colonies or Outposts on this level.
(it is thought to be possible to create a Colony or Outpost in The Empty Room)

Entrances And Exits:


You can enter this Level by No-Clipping through the ceiling of Level 7.
You can also enter this Level by breaking an egg in The Hive.


If you find yourself in The Empty Room and you go to the edge of the court, you can no-clip through the wall and end up in Level Achromatopsia

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