Level 156
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A photo of the corridors of Level 156, taken by an unknown user.

Level 156 is the 157th Level of The Backrooms.


Although Level 156 is not very well documented, it is similar in design to Level 0. Level 156 consists of randomly segmented rooms and hallways (mostly hallways). Level 156 is smaller than most other backrooms, the walls are tan sheet-rock walls with a smelly, although not moist, dark-grey carpet. In some hallways, you may find small white doors which lead to nothing but a wall, or small windows which are blocked off. You may also find pipes leading from the ceiling to the ground and/or going across the wall. In some rooms you may find piles of trash or random cans of beans scattered about. Most of the hallways and rooms are lit with at least 2-3 lights on the ceiling but there are some rooms that have no light, and those who enter these types of rooms with a light source, their light source will immediately turn off and not be able to be turned back on until the person exits the room. These rooms are the most filled with trash and smell notably terrible.

The information about the entities in Level 156 remains largely debatable. Some say there are no entities on the level, while others believe they've heard distant roars (which hints at the presence of Howlers), but for now there is no confirmed entities on the level.

Colonies And Outposts

There is only one known colony in Level 156 as of now.

The Settlers:

  • Consists of 36 people.
  • The Settlers are very friendly and are willing to accept anyone who wants to join.
  • Has a small defense force if there are entities in Level 156.
  • Open to trading.

Entrances And Exits:


Those who enter this Level usually fall asleep on Level 0 and then wake up here. Others say that they have entered a door on Level 0 and ended up in Level 156.


To exit the level, one of the small white doors in the hallways usually return back to Level 0, or sometimes Level 1. None of these, however, have been confirmed to work.

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